Police Ombudsman to launch second collusion investigation

The BBC are reporting that the Police Ombudsman’s office will investigate claims of collusion between members of the PIRA and the security services. According to the report the Ombudsman will initially look into six apparently unspecified – beyond a reference to the involvement of Freddie Scappaticci – incidents over a 20-year period. But given that the previous investigation, Operation Ballast, took three and a half years to complete, not entirely satisfactorily, and that one inquiry into similar claims has been ongoing for 4 years – and just ran into some difficulty – there has to be a question about whether the Police Ombudsman’s office is an appropriate vehicle for such examination of the past nevermind whether some of the now insulated security services, even with a new chief, will be fully co-operative. Or, for that matter, any other interested parties..From the BBC report

The scope of the investigation could be expanded if there are further credible allegations.

But Ms O’Loan said she was not yet labelling anyone as an informer.

“On the republican side, the allegations are that there was protection of republican criminals,” she said.

“And in some cases the suggestion is that there was a republican informant involved.”

Investigators have already been in touch with the police – and will soon be contacting the Army and intelligence agencies.

They will ask for information about some of the IRA agents alleged to have been working for them.

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  • Harris

    This will be a complete waste of tax payer money, as most already know about the likes of Stakeknife and their collusion.

  • Yokel

    Truth truth!

    Either we drop all the probes or we open the whole damn thing up.

  • MickMcDowell

    Get the truth out there. If MI5 or army intelligence or RUC special branch were running informers who were murdering citizens of any state the truth needs to come out

  • Dougal

    Can we handel the truth?

  • Yokel

    No we can’t and thats the problem.

  • Aaron McDaid

    I suppose some people are going to say that investigations of RUC/IRA collusion are some sort of counterweight to investigations on RUC/UVF collusion. But the reality is that all such investigations are good PR for republicanism – they showing how desparate (elements of) the British government were to keep the people of NI divided and in sectarian struggle.

    If you want to find something to make SF look bad, you would need to find evidence of the IRA running killing agents in the British Army or something like that.

  • “showing how desparate (elements of) the British government were to keep the people of NI divided and in sectarian struggle. “

    I would just have interpreted it as showing that they took the threat from the IRA very seriously.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Dougal: “Can we handel the truth? ”

    I dunno… lemme get bach to you…

  • ^^

    Perhaps you should make a Liszt ?

  • joeCanuck

    Very witty Dread.

  • Aaron McDaid

    I suppose that’s just speculation and interpretation on my part, so maybe I shouldn’t have bothered saying it.

    My main point is that all the collusion allegations have involved the British Army running agents and doing so with no regard to life. There haven’t been accusations (that I’m aware of) of the IRA running agents in a similar fashion inside the British Army or RUC for example. Therefore, those unionists which are in denial will find no comfort in accusations of the British government running agents in the IRA, although they will try to spin it otherwise.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Have a heart, JoeC… if he’s gonna put the ball on the tee, it *HAS* to be hit… its a rule somewhere…

  • heck

    Just wait for the unionists to come out of the wood work saying there should’nt be an investigation because it will embarrass SF leaders. My view is “bring it on!”.

    If they are investigating Scap and his murders the I hope they also name his handlers and prosecute them. After all if they can arrest someone for a 26 year old murder then the should be able to bring these bastards to justice.

  • Nevin

    “If they are investigating Scap and his murders”

    So she’s not going after the big fish, Gerry and Martin?

  • Ingram


    quote”So she’s not going after the big fish, Gerry and Martin?


    The truth is the Ombudsman is more likely to run bollocky buff down the falls road hand in hand with Peter Hain than to genuinely investigate Republican collusion.

    She knows and has known for some time about Freddy, want to take a bet that this charade is all about nailing one individual(its not Freddy) that both she and the HMG have been wanting to stitch up for some time.



    PS. Parcifal. Will pass on my losing bet to Mick shortly.

  • watcher

    Its all very well opening this up, as the truth should be told about all Brit agents/informers and how they were protected and who exactly protected and still is protecting who.

    However, in relation to Starrs, Dignam and Burns, who were the policemen who covered up their involvement in the murder and burial of Margaret Perry? Even a very anti-Provo priest was at that time, and is still convinced that these three were being protected by the SB in relation to Margarets murder.

    Why were they protected? Better still, why did the Provo leadership take so long to act against these three when long-time activists in the Lurgan/Portadown area were seeking them to be “interrogated” at least 2 years before they were abducted and shot.

    A very dirty case, particularly as one of the three is suspected of setting up his own brother and two others to be shot. I hope Mrs Dignam realises that her own son was not an “innocent abroad” before this whole can of worms is finally opened.

  • Nevin

    “We provide an independent and impartial complaints service for members of the public about the conduct of police officers in Northern Ireland.” .. Nuala O’Loan, PONI website

    She cannot be serious :<)

  • heck


    you have me confused, who are you hinting at? I normally read you stuff with interest but this has me

  • susan

    Watcher or Ingram, do either of you think there is any chance of Ombudsman’s office looking into the murder of Eoin Morley?

  • heck


    Maybe I’m cynical but the british establishment has no problem throwing RUC special branch officers to the wolves but they will draw the line at english politicans and military and intelligence officers. After all to them the RUC were just expendible micks.(dispite unionist protests that they are loyal brits.)

    I’m sure Ingram will confirm that his spook bosses tried to have their agent, scap, kill his buddy Kevin Fulton to cover up their activities. Even though Fulton had served in the British Army and was an undercover agent in the IRA. To them he was just one more expendible paddy.

  • susan

    There’s times it’s no crime to be cynical, heck.

    I did a random google search and came across this link to an earlier Ombudman’s Report on the murder of Eoin Morley:


    The link to the ombudsman’s report was on cryptome, which I believe is Ingram’s site; I’d never been there before.

    The report is something to read, heck. The inconclusive conclusions at the end of the report make me suspect the Morley murder may not be one of the six cases currently under investigation now, but the pages leading up to the conclusion are difficult reading. It would make sense that Fulton is the person identified only as “A”, but I’m in no position to confirm or deny it.

  • gerry

    Susan why has internet explorer blocked your link from downloading on to my computer? Is the link correct?

  • susan

    Gerry, I usually use Safari on a mac, not internet explorer, but the link does work for me. Let me go find the page I found the link on — back in a sec.

  • susan

    Here, Gerry, hope this helps:


  • gerry

    Thanks Susan

  • watcher

    Susan, I was able to get through to the link and read the Police Ombudsman’s report. I was surprised (or maybe not)at it’s contents particularly as I can’t remember any media interest in the report, even though it was dated as being published in 2005. Can anyone else remember any media stories on this report?

    As with Dignam, Starrs and Burns and what they knew about the murder of Margaret Perry, its also clear to many in North Armagh that the peelers knew as much but never acted. Why? Its also the clear that for several years before Margarets murder, these three were under suspicion by locals in relation to a number of criminal acts but nothing was done by either the RUC or the IRA at a higher level. Was this because someone more senior was touting and if any detailed questions were asked about certain events in north Armagh by the IRA internally, the finger could be pointed at 3 scapegoats by the person who was doing the real damage because of his internal security or organisational role across the North.

  • Nevin

    It seems that one of the big fish is in the frame, Martin:

    “When quizzed by reporters about the murder controversy, Mr Adams said: “I don’t want to comment. I don’t want to feed it. They are investigating something I know nothing about.”

    Following our story, PSNI Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde told the Policing Board in a private session that the Sinn Féin leader was under investigation.

    The Sinn Féin president has always denied being involved in the IRA despite widespread claims to the contrary from fellow republicans and security force members.”

  • susan

    Watcher, I had the exact same thoughts and emotions ploughing through that Report. I don’t remember anything about it when it came out, either.

    Matthew Teague, the American reporter for The Atlantic Monthly who interviewed both Kevin Fulton and Eilish Mrley last year, reported that Morley had been a very low level member of Fulton’s bomb squad within PIRA when he walked away from the movement at the age of 22. When Teague asked Fulton point blank if he killed Morley, Fulton did not take the opportunity to deny it, saying only “No comment.”

    The Morley family would have the same pain as the McCords, but none of the high media profile or presence. Ray McCord is a person of singular tenacity and courage, but there’s also political mileage out of exposing — rightfully — the misconduct and collusion between UVF informers and their intelligence handlers. Absolutely no one gains, however, from focusing on the Morley murder. If Fulton pulled the trigger he did so as an employee of British intelligence, (by that time reporting to Evans, according to Pete Baker’s “What About ‘Bob” thread today) but he was also acting as a member of PIRA and PIRA claimed the responsibility of the murder the day after it occurred.

    Morley was as disposable to those he’d once served as Fulton was to the Brits. No one’s ever going to march into the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day or fire off a volley at Milltown in honour of the banal, even venal ruthlessness of a long war of attrition. THere are politicians and journalists who would be interested in a murder that gives a black eye to both the Brits and PIRA, but would they devote the time and the resources to the murder of a former republican volunteer?

    I’m sorry, Watcher, I’m rambling. In regards to your very good questions about Dignam and the two others, according to this article in the SUnday Business Post: http://archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/2007/01/28/story20598.asp tape of Dignam’s PIRA interrogation and confession came to light. And the existence of that tape certainly goes to support what you are saying.

  • ingram


    My site is not Cryptome, that belongs to Mr Young.

    In relation to the Ombudsman, I have no faith in that office.

    Heck. Fulton



  • susan

    Ingram, thank you for that clarification. I may not visit your site, but I did buy your book. Read it, too. Susan

  • Petey

    Republicans have never denied informers existed within the IRA. I forsee the DUP, UUP and even the SDLP attempting to place this sort of “collusion” on a par with the Brits systematic control over Loyalist paramilitaries.

  • gerry

    All this has gone on, and yet today its gerry mcgeough that is in police custody. Has the world gone mad? Fulton openly admits involvement in murder and terrorism yet nothing? I listened to Radio Free Eireann, where they discussed Adams who has had reports in the papers of having his fingertip prints left on a vehicle involved in murder yet he was never arrested. Martin McGuinness perjured himself to the bloody sunday inquiry, yet no one is behind bars except mcgeough. Why? Because he is a political opponent of Provisional Sinn Fein, thats why.