Northern Ireland’s first Green MLA…

All that talk of real issues and manifestos and finally an issue based party is now just 44 votes away from breaking Northern Ireland’s highly problematic glass ceiling. It looks certain that Brian Wilson will be Northern Ireland’s first Green MLA in North Down. Just two elected so far, with Alliance taking the second seat. The DUP’s Peter Weir should come home shortly. Sitting UUP MLA Alan McFarland will likely have a tough fight on his hands with Alan Graham of the DUP.

  • Scotsman

    FYI, the Scottish Greens are generally seen to be in favour of Scottish independence, if that’s any guide to the greens in NI.

  • confused


    You think they are thus a closet NI Independence party?

    Truth is they won’t tell any of us what their policy actually is. Notice the lack of Greens on this thread! About typical of them. You have to really try to find anything concrete about the local Green Party.

  • [i]In my opinion the council should do the collecting of the various separated goods and it is a service they should provide included in the rates[/i]
    already happens in Cork City. should have explained further, they collect once every second week.

    the service is free to pensioners.. not sure how much further that extends. only the socialist party kicked up a fuss about it in cork (labour are weak in cork… really weak) and Ireland has no true left wing party just centre this and thats.

    Two big issues in the green party.
    one, North South nationalist etc.
    apart from “full implementation of the good friday agreement” on the greenparty website and remembering reading somewhere else that the northern greens support the good friday agreement despite its flaws and shortcomings. People are wholly confused on this issue. Brian Wilson used to be a member of the alliance party if that’s any kind of indication of what to go by.

    two: the main website ( is a side job of someone on the press team, thats why its a bit of a mess and has some broken links (there is too much scattered information on it. also the northern Ireland one is run by peter Doran,
    [a href=””]Peter Doran[/a]
    the whole web coverage is a bit of a mess. still better than most parties in the south. and so much better than the UKUP

    I suppose I am a little flippant when it comes to green taxes… but really 15c or 10p ? you can buy a decent reusable one for a euro/70p… that is not going to break anybody, bin taxes seem to be quite crappy in your locality maybe you should look to the private sector, there should be alternatives especially in a city.

    as for being a young green… I’m old enough not to be forgiven for my stupidity… but much younger than the alliance party (31 is not young IMO)

    and I realise that there is so much work to be done internally in the green party. so much. but we’ve come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. and our growth will continue at a steady rate in the years to come.