Rowan to top poll in Holywood…

Lot’s of gossip, but few reliable facts so far. Most of the guestimates I’m getting are just that. Fair Deal is taking point on the real figures. Marion Smyth in North Down was spotted with a large smile on her face when the Crawfordsburn box was opened. Some concerns amongst the Greens that they had under worked their one realistic chance of a seat, but spreading their effort too thinly elsewhere seems to have been allayed somewhat recently. Again, according to Alliance tallies, Brian Rowan has taken 50% of first preferences in Holywood. But he may struggle elsewhere in the constituency.

  • mitch345

    don’t read anything into the look on marion smyth’s face. she’s naturally a smug bitch anyway

  • Dessertspoon

    is that a contravention the man/ball rule???

  • IJP

    Sorry, Mick, I wasn’t clear.

    Brian Rowan had 50 votes on my tally, not 50% (or anything like it).

    Also, the box was specifically Holywood Primary School, which is just one of five wards in the Holywood DEA.

    My tallies indicated Farry actually topped the poll in the Holywood DEA, and in fact Alliance outscored any other party including “Rowan” – despite Rowan’s presence no doubt eating into the “traditional Alliance vote” (you know what that’s code for!)