McGeough reported to have been arrested

UTV reported that the Press Association were saying independent republican candidate Gerry McGeough, interviewed by Mick here, has been arrested in connection to an investigation, presumably by the Historical Enquiries Team, of a 1981 murder attempted murder of a UDR member in 1981. I’ll add reports as they appear. Updated susan pointed to this BBC report which states – “Police said they were questioning a 46-year-old man over serious terrorist crime dating back several years.” Adds BBC now noting a second, linked, arrest in Aughnacloy. And BBC now has some comments from SF

Sinn Fein MP Michelle Gildernew called for Mr McGeough’s release, describing the arrest as “political policing”. Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams also said Mr McGeough should be set free. “He was campaigning openly and attended one of our meetings. He should be released,” he said.

More From what I can gather, and Gerry Adams just referred to the arrests on RTÉ’s Prime Time, the man arrested in Aughnacloy appears to be, unlike Gerry McGeough, a member of SF. Last Update That would be the husband of a Sinn Féin councillor in Aughnacloy – Belfast Telegraph reportAccording to the BBC report

“Police became aware that this individual had re-entered the jurisdiction some time ago but it was not possible to effect an arrest immediately because of the complexity of the investigation and the need to recover and re-examine evidence dating back many years.

“Police acted as soon as the required operational processes had been completed and the appropriate resources were in place.

“The rationale for the arrest and its timing was based on the police obligation to investigate serious crime,” a PSNI statement said.

As he left the count centre..

And the second arrest?

From the Belfast Telegraph report

Sinn Fein MP for Fermanagh, South Tyrone, Michelle Gildernew and Monaghan Sinn Fein councillor Brenda McAnespie described the arrests as “a disgraceful stunt”.

“Two of my constituents were arrested this evening,” said Ms Gildernew: “Gerry (McGeough) has been living openly in this constituency for some time, he’s a neighbour of mine, we live in the same townland and he could have been arrested at any time.

“I believe this is a stunt and it is an example of political policing and Gerry should be released immediately.

“Another constituent of mine was arrested in Aughnacloy. His house was raided, his sister was assaulted and on the warrant it said he was a dissident republican, which is absolutely not true. He is an active member of this party.

“This is one of the worst examples of political policing and the reason why we have to get rid of the people that are involved in creating this kind of mayhem on the day of an election.”

  • mickhall

    Nor do I know on what objective evidence Mick Hall can post that Vincie McAnespie’s arrest was “probaby window dressing.” THe circumstances of the arrest sound deeply traumatic to his entire family, and of course he lost a brother in the conflict in the late eighties.


    If you are looking for an objective opinion go hire a barrister, do not whine too, or about me, for I am totally subjective in what I write and unlike organizations like the BBC who put out there middle class prejudice as fact, I am firmly in the camp of the men and women of no property from whence I come.

    To suggest that the demands made of SF that they accept the writ of the RUC and the UK justice system is based on the needs of the working class nationalist communities is infantile. The reason the DUP and UK government are making these demands is because by acquiescing to them SF have legitimized the UK State in Ireland and all but absolved it of the crimes it has committed in the northern State-let since that wretched entity was created in 1922.

    True SF now has an electoral mandate for their own subjugation, but that is for them, Irish Republicans will I am sure continue to oppose the writ of the UK State in the north east of Ireland, as well as opposing all those who help administer the north on behalf of Perfidious Albion.

    I would have thought instead of lecturing me about the traumatic effect the police raid had on the McAnespie family you would have been better off speaking to the RUC/PSNI about this, but just to put your mind at rest I am well aware of the traumatized families such behavior by the police leave in their wake, but the real question you refuse to consider is why did the police behave in such a neanderthal manner.

    As to your condemnation of me for not being objective in my post, the fact that I used the words “in all probability” made it clear that I was drawing a conclusion, not reporting as absolute fact.[from the past behavior of the RUC/PSNI I might add] .

    But you new that already did you not Susan? for I had got up your nose with my criticism of those who use the term ‘civic policing,’ and you were working on the perfectly reasonable criteria of one jab in the ribs deserves another, accept you wished to dress this act in finery, much like the PSNI likes to do these days when it behaves in a grass, stupid or ignorant manner.

    I wish you well.


  • susan

    You know, Mick, I’d been trying to find a moment all day to thank Rory for his post, but to explain I don’t find you heartless or unconcerned about “the people” at all, wildly different though many of our conclusions are.

    Your post seems a bit thin-skinned for one, who, in his own words, is “firmly in the camp of the men and women of no property from whence I come.” If you’d actually any of read my posts, you’d see I spent far too great a part of last night considering why the police acted as they did. Nonetheless, I wish you well.

    Rory, don’t write off Fuiseog, either — he’s young, and I see greatness in his future. At least, I think it’s greatness I see, could be I’ve just scratched my cornea again. ;o)

  • The Dubliner

    “It’s simple, EastTyrone remembers, and, I should have thought, transparent – McGeogh and McAnispie were arrested in order to provide a pretext for Paisley to claim that this now shows sufficient co-operation from Sinn Fein with good ol’ ‘Laura Norder’ to now allow the DUP to take up power sharing with Sinn Fein.

    While this is potentially embarrassing for Sinn Fein there is no reason that it should be – they are not accountable for HMG’s machinations to assist Paisley to do what he was told to do at St Andrews.

    It is not surprising that McGeogh has not been seriously questioned as it is extremely unlikely that any charges will subsequently be made against either of the two arrestees and even more unlikely that any prosecution could succeed.

    Blair’s need to avoid honesty and resort to trickery to make the DUP live up to their promises should not be confused as rebounding to the discredit of Sinn Fein and all republicans do themselves and the nationalist people a great disservice to perpetuate this line out of spite at Sinn Fein’s confident endorsement.” – Rory

    So, according to you, Tony Blair directly interfered in the ‘aboveboard’ policing and judicial system in NI and ordered McGeogh to be arrested in order to trick Paisley into thinking that PSF touts shopped him to the police and that this latest act of touting by PSF shows that they are loyal to Her Majesty’s police service, despite obfuscating about the difference between civic and political policing?

    As you see it, not only is the police service a corrupt puppet of the British government, but the British government freely commits crimes by unlawfully ordering violations of the rights of its citizens, and also uses MI5 to achieve its own political purposes of furthering the political interests of the pro-state PSF party.

    Yet, using this as your argument, you then deduce the conclusion from it that PSF is doing the right thing by endorsing a police service, a government, and a statelet that you have just condemned as utterly corrupt. That’s actually quite funny, but you will never see why, Uncle Tom. 😉

    “The dissidents care not one whit for the people. They are like all zealots – blinded by the glory of their own righteousness and would take the world to hell rather than grow up and examine the objective historical conditions.” – Rory

    That risible lecture would have been better if you didn’t precede it by your zealous rant above, or found your stooge self able to condemn the abuse of the civil rights of two citizens, free from the fear that to do so would properly put the interests of “the people” before the interests of PSF.

    Try harder, kid. No star this time.

  • The Dubliner

    By the way, Rory, if you are going to make derogative ‘poisoning the well’ statements about those you disagree with such as “Their abiding characteristic is one of immature irresponsibility.” Then don’t immediately follow such asinine statements with “immature” exhortations to others that dissenting voices should be ignored in a debate simply because your “immature” temperament prefers the censorship and exclusion of those you don’t agree with, such as “To waste any more time engaging in debate with them after their resounding rejection by the people would not only be futile but wrong. They no longer deserve the courtesy.”

    Further to my helpful advice to you about constraining your use of sanctimonious hypocrisy as a substitute for reasoned argument, I also suggest that you acquaint yourself with the proper definition of democracy and use it in place of the one which informs you that the majority have the right to silence the minority. Your understanding of democracy (or the malpractice of it in NI) is very similar to the one which your former unionist masters practised at Stormont. It is revealing that PSF also believe the in absolute supremacy of the majority and its right to treat the minority with ‘discourtesy,’ isn’t it? How Orwellian of the ‘revolutionary’ pro-state stooges, eh? 😉

  • Ian

    “McGeogh and McAnispie were arrested in order to provide a pretext for Paisley to claim that this now shows sufficient co-operation from Sinn Fein with good ol’ ‘Laura Norder’ to now allow the DUP to take up power sharing with Sinn Fein.”

    Quite the opposite, in fact. From today’s Belfast Telegraph:

    “Mr Paisley indicated that if he had been First Minister last week he would have stepped down over Sinn Fein’s criticism of the police for Mr McGeough’s arrest.”

    But it was okay a couple of years ago for Nigel Dodds to criticise the police for arresting Ihab Shoukri and his mob during their show of stremgth in the Alexandra Bar in North Belfast?