East Belfast: first results…

THE DUP deputy leader topped the poll in East Belfast and paid tribute to the Alliance deputy leader, Naomi Long, who came second, also above quota. Peter Robinson said those Alliance voters who had previously lent their vote to the UUP now had no reason to. Ironically, Robinson’s lower vote is good news for the DUP, pointing to good vote management in the constituency – bad news for the UUP’s Michael Copeland. Good news too for the new PUP leader, Dawn Purvis, who has impressively improved upon recently-deceased David Ervine’s vote. Prediction: DUP gain one from UUP here.

  • interested

    Looks like a stunningly bad day for the UUP in East Belfast.

    PUP look set to retain the seat and DUP to take 3. Why dont I feel sorry for Michael Copeland then?