DUP in driving seat…

IAN PAISLEY Snr just topped the poll in North Antrim – the future First Minister is home and laughing. And the DUP’s Peter Robinson (East Belfast), Nigel Dodds (North Belfast), Jimmy Spratt (South Belfast), Jeffrey Donaldson (Lagan Valley) and Gregory Campbell (East Londonderry) have all topped the polls in their constituencies. Could the DUP get three seats in East Londonderry?

  • Christopher Eastwood

    And did you hear the rantings from him there now on BBC1? Incredible. I wouldn’t get my hopes up about March the 26th, thast’s for sure.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Anybody just see Papa Doc on the beeb? First we had DUP represent the majority of the people, then going into with SF would be the ruination of democracy, then Noel Thompson and the BBC have don’t represent the DUP voters and it’s all Peter Hain’s (and Gerry Adams’) fault if everything falls through!

    The rest of the DUP (barring Jim Allister –quelle surprise) have been on message, softly, softly, not saying anything committal. Who is ‘on message’ here? Who runs the DUP? Is it the pragmatists or the firebrand? Are Robinson, Donaldson, Wells et al rolling eyes and going “There goes the big man again!”? This is not an anti-DUP diatribe, I’m just confused and would really like someone to explain the nuances.

  • Yokel

    DUP in driving seat whilst unionism as a whole loses seats….

  • Christopher Eastwood

    The point is that the “nuances” are unexplainable.
    They’ve ran their campaign on a “trust us” ticket, which boils down to creating voter confusion. No one knows exactly when they’ll be satisfied, if ever. It’s duplicitous in the extreme, but it looks like it has worked. They put themselves forward as the only ones with sufficient moral fibre to assess Sinn Fein’s performance carefully enough.

    Amongst the DUP-voting public, some are hoping (and expecting) for devolution to go ahead on March 26th, and there are some who aren’t. But here it is:


  • Christopher Eastwood


    If you want me to give you my take on the huffing and puffing, it’s all about bringing home the doe. He’ll take it to Tony Blair – “unless we get a load more doe, we’re not sitting anywhere with anyone come 26th March”. If this is, indeed, the reasoning behind his recent outburst, then it’s GREAT for ALL of us 🙂

    We’ll have to wait and see. What’s new!

  • vote on the newsletter vote: Will the DUP and SF form a devolved government by the March 26 deadline? http://www.newsletter.co.uk/ – Gerry’s got a lot to do going on current results

  • hotdogx

    I have no respect for the DUP, the only reason they could find to get people to vote for them was to tell people vote for us there will be a sinn fein first minister if they didnt vote DUP.
    They had to be forced through the peace process they stalled it at every turn.The guy who will represent NI abroad is an obsessed leader of a church he invented himself who insults the pope infront of the entire european parlement when most of europe is catholic. Unionists are sheep and it has become maintenance of the union at any price. How can people vote for them, the uup were reasonable at least, This all goes to proove that unionism is an imotional position and not a logical one