Claims from the Tallies

What party talliers are telling slugger and late night rumours. (UPDATED 1.30)Slugger is aiming to give full coverage of the actual results rather than tally and late election day rumours but here is what we have heard so far.

In South Belfast there was apparently a heavy presence of West Belfast SF activists indicating a hard fight is on for the 6th seat.

In North Antrim, some concern in the UUP that the turnout was down in areas where they are strongest.

In Lagan Valley, a UU tallier says that the power of Donaldson’s name seems to be overcoming the DUP vote management strategy. In terms of the UU race there, McCrea ahead (possibly on a quota) with Bell the second strongest UU candidate. McCartney not polling well. The tallier hasn’t seen many nationalist boxes but of what he has seen SDLP voters seem to be transferring poorly to SF. UPDATE: Donaldson to be elected on 1st count with a large surplus is the prediction. On a review of the full tallies, a UUP tallier is predicting 4 DUP, 1 UUP and 1 SF, possibly 3 DUP returned on 1st count. The UUP may be able to pip DUP to fifth Unionist seat. SDLP attracting transfers but have lost the battle in nationalist areas (4 to 1 in the Lagmore boxes).

UPDATE: In south Belfast DUP vote management working for their two candidates.

UPDATE: From SDLP tallies in North Down, McCartney and McFarland in trouble, Greens may take McCartney’s seat.

UPDATE: SDLP tallyman in Strangford predicts 4 DUP 1 UUP and 1 SDLP. Anti-SA Unionist very poor result.

UPDATE: UUP tallyman from FST. 41,839 votes , 71.68% turnout. No change likely, very poor dissident performance.

UPDATE: North Down – SDLP tallyman predicting Easton to top poll. South Belfast – Confusion rules with party tallies disagreeing. South Antrim – Alliance predicting gains for SF and DUP in South Antrim.

UPDATE: North Antrim – In BBC interview Paisley claims DUP vote up 5% in North Antrim, 3 expected to be returned on 1st count with 4 seats likely.

NOTE: Please treat all tally information with some care especially early in the count and the usual pinch of salt on rumours.