Last Hearts and Minds before the election…

For the last Hearts and Minds before the election, and “Gerry Adams tells us why we should vote for him. We hear the gossip from the campaign trail, and two passionate young reporters tell us why they feel the voting age of 18 is unjustly depriving them of a say in how their society is run”.


  • Pete Baker

    A timely reminder of the defintion of “futuring”

  • Doreen

    It was not easy for Gerry Adams tonight with two prime candidates seriously off-message. How times have changed in some ways.

    But not in all: I remember hearing Willie McCrea saying over 20 years ago that Sinn Fein’s idea was “Britain get out and leave your cheque book”. That was Mr Adams’s most passionate message tonight.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Adams wasn’t so deft dodging that awkward question over whether or not he’d report dissident republicans to the police.

    Mind you, I wonder how Ian Paisley would deal with being asked about reporting known loyalists to the police.

  • Jim Royale

    Votail SF my arse!

  • Jon H

    I think Mr Adams showed us all his true colours when he failed to answer the question in regard to if he found a republican with a gun.

    “Republicans have to work with law and order and with the police” except it would seem in the case of one michelle gildernew who it appears would not work with the police.

    I would also like to commend the young reporters on the show who done a great job.

  • “Mind you, I wonder how Ian Paisley would deal with being asked about reporting known loyalists to the police.”

    Are u serious? Paisley has his faults but you can rest assured he would report any UFF members etc he was aware of to the police. Not so sure about any rogue UPA members that may be around though …

  • Henry94

    I thought Adams was completely right about Thompson’s scratched record approach. Gerry Adams doesn’t dictate to the community about their response and relationship to the Police. Let’s see how it evolves.

    It’s not about what Gerry Adams would do but about what everybody does. There is a huge historical and emotional element to reporting republicans with guns. It is folly to expect it and everybody knows that.

    But the reality for those who would take up guns is that they are trading on a loyalty that was earned by others. It will disappear very quickly if they use any guns.

    If they want to wave guns around for American tourists or calenders they might get a pass for now but shoot anybody and the old school tie will count for nothing.

  • Chad

    “Gerry Adams doesn’t dictate to the community about their response and relationship to the Police. “

    There’s that head-in-the-sand mentality from the Shinners again. Everyone in the Nationalist community is fully aware of what would happen if they spoke in support of the police or critised SF. Nowadays it is a lot more subtle but it is there. Demonisation, being labeled as a Brit-loving Gael, ostracised or worse. The only broken record on that show was Gerry but better a broken record than broken legs and knees I suppose!

  • Henry94


    Everyone in the Nationalist community is fully aware of what would happen if they spoke in support of the police or critised SF.

    The SDLP do both on a regular basis. Dissidents criticise Sinn Fein all the time. Your point doesn’t stand up.

  • Pól

    As a supporter of Sinn Fein and their current policy I think Gerry should have just bit the bullet on this and said he could not recommend to people that they do this due to history, old friends and the memories people have of the treatment and unfair trials received by republicans in the (recent) past.

    If the DUP dont like it who cares – they are not going to share power anyway. This hypothetical nonsense is not washing with anyone (otherwise why have a vote at the Ard Fheis – that was all based on hypothical crimes after all!!).

    This will not impact the 6 county elections but I would not be suprised to see it influence the 26 county elections – the southern electorate will be scared off by this sort of thing as in their eyes there is no difference. Northern nationalists have a more nuanced view of the situation.

  • Chad


    “The SDLP do both on a regular basis….”, ” Your point doesn’t stand up.”

    More Shinner shite talk. In recent weeks and months (and not just the dim and distant past) there are many stories of SDLP MLAs, councilors and supporters who are being attacked verbally and physical in their homes, places of work and on the street.

    Have you forgotten already about Pat Ramsey?
    Have you forgotten about the Disappeared?
    Have you forgotten about the abductions?
    Have you forgotten about the torturing?
    Have you forgotten about the kneecapping?
    Have you forgotten about the murders?

    Instead of treasonously trying to defend or ignore the indefensible, you’d do better to get a spade and start by looking to see if any of the Disappeared are buried in the same bit sand you have you head buried in. The Shinner sycophants on here would sicken any true Irish Republican.

  • Pól


    If you start bringing dissapeared into it sure we will say that we should never support the police due to collusion.

    Threats in recent past have come from dissadents not Sinn Fein.

    Sinn Fein has said anyone who wants to join the police should be supported.

    End of story.

  • time will tell


    As a former member of Sinn Fein I can state quite clearly that Henry you are lying through your teeth and you know it.
    If you don’t realise that your telling lies then you shouldn’t be allowed to be a member of any political organisation because you are too stupid and naive to have any say on the formation of any society.

    Sinn Fein is a one man party now no better than the Russian communist party under Stalin, everybody wants to please the BOSS, nobody knows where he’s going but they’ll follow anyway because he’s the Boss and it means they don’t have to think just follow.

  • Henry94

    time will tell

    I can see you are upset. Unfortunately from your post that is all I can see and if you have a point it appears to have been lost in the emotion of it all. Straighten up man.

  • parcifal

    time will tell,
    can you pls link to the stories where RSF are being nobbled by SF physically for daring to oppose the leader, and then we might discover who is telling the truth. You or Henry94.

  • Borron Von Bloomfield

    Adams is a joker. Trying to wriggle off the hook when asked about supporting the police if he had knowledge of someone from Republican circles who was carrying a gun. It took nigh on ten minutes before the question was parked all together. So what’s the answer Gerry? Loved the bit where Thompson pointed out that Gerry and his cohorts were simply the SDLP in disguise.

    Well done to the two young reporters from Headliners. I thought they were brilliant and it was very refreshing to see them and not the usual tired old faces.

  • Red Mist

    As a former SF voter I would like to offer an opinion on something I have known was coming for sometime but is only really becoming obvious now.

    That is that SF rhetoric and practice are coming apart at the seams. The more time that elapses the more it will tear apart and the more likely it is that people in the Republican heart lands will see that they are pulling away from us.

    Adams’ poor performance on Hearts and Minds. Nobody is fooled by this ‘I won’t respond to hypothetical questions’ act. People know what it means. It means that Adams will not speak forthrightly because he is frightened of its implications come Wednesday. If he says that he would report republicans with weapons, wave good-bye to any chance of holding the line in marginal areas. Wave good-bye to much core support which has been sustained on a steady diet of lies and winks and nods that the ‘great one’ doesn’t really believe all of these things but that he is just ‘playing the game’. It seems the game has played him.

    Another one. SF stance on the non-payment campaign. Absolute joke. Raymond McCartney released a scathing statement about the non-payment campaign and those advocating it. He says that it will only heap financial misery upon the poorest. He doesn’t get it. The water tax is THE financial misery being heaped upon the poorest. Since then Kelly et al have been releasing a ‘stream’ of statements taking a decidedly more wishy washy line but nonetheless opposing the non-payment campaign.

    Then we have an absolutely moronic statement by Mitchell McLaughlin advocating that workers refuse to deliver bills and civil servants refuse to process them. So we have SF refusing to back a non-payment campaign because it is dangerous, will get people in trouble, and will heap financial misery on the poor. But Mitchell has the bare faced cheek to make an ultimately cowardly appeal for workers to take all of these risks and all of the burden of combating these charges onto their shoulders. Why doesn’t Mitchell, the brave soul we all know him to be (sic), take the risk? Why palm it off to the workers? What about the financial misery they will face if fired? Maybe he can ask guidance from his fellow Derry man Raymond McCartney.

    Their policies will continue to move further away from the people who expect to be represented by them. They are determined to be viewed as responsible and reasonable and the hell with radical. This may not be overtly obvious to all yet but in the short-term it will be. I expect them to take a few hits this Wednesday but the following election will be decidedly more grim for them.

    I for one will be voting for the anti-water charges candidate in West Belfast, at least he stands for something.

  • Chad


    Your Provo apologising stance is as naieve as it is sickening for the decent people of Ireland to read.

    “If you start bringing dissapeared into it sure we will say that we should never support the police due to collusion. “

    It is pretty sick to suggest that the treasonous actions that lead to the Disappeared is in some way “justifiable” or “no worse than” state collusion!

    Is that the current Shinner shite being told the numb-nutted Irish who were not directly affected by the Provos. “hey there was a war on…, bad things happen in war…, people get killed…, state collusion happens…, people need to be abducted from their family, tortured and murder, never to be seen alive again…, shit happens!”

    “Sinn Fein has said anyone who wants to join the police should be supported. End of story. “

    You wish!

    The bottom line is that Irish men are dead today because of the treasonous actions of the Provos. You might be able to dismiss or ignore this… Maybe it doesn’t mean shit to you but thankfully there are many who remember and we haven’t gone away you know!

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  • Aaron McDaid

    Another issue on H&M last night was the call by some for the voting age to be dropped to 16. The arguments in favour usually about how people can do plenty of other things, like pay tax, before 18.

    One alternative position is to say that the other ages (age of consent et cetera) should be increased to 18. And maybe children should be able to work tax free? No taxation without representation.

    But there’s a different more serious flaw in their argument. What they fail to do is explain why the various ages should be similar in the first place. Why should all rights and responsibilities arrive at the same time? One could argue that voting rights should be delayed until the person is a bit more grown up. Criminal responsibility kicks in at 10 or so, therefore 10 year olds should have the vote?

    I think the voting age should be increased to somewhere between 21 and 25. The various rights and responsibilities should arrive at different ages. The right to vote can affect other people to a greater extent than the other rights, so it should be one of the last rights granted.

  • Lyra McKee

    I would just like to thank those who have commented on here about the report Ciaran and I did on H&M, about lowering the voting age. We really appreciate it, delighted to hear you liked it!!! And we appreciate the criticism too, thanks for that as well, we’ll remember that for any future reports we do!

  • smirkyspice

    Lyra you and Ciaran were brilliant! please tell me there are more like you out there – it gives me great hope for the future of this wee country 🙂

  • Cryinjazz

    Lyra, well done to you and Ciaran. You two were great and it’s great that you have the confidence to come on here and discuss it with others too. That takes guts. I have to say that your report has generated some debate among us “oldies” as to the pros and cons of lowering the voting age and, sure wasn’t that the idea.

    I’m all for it myself !!

  • Aaron McDaid

    I concur too. Well done to Lyra and Ciaran. I may be no fan of decreasing the voting age but freedom of speech (and to be listened to) belongs to everyone of all ages.