Hain’s special advisor resigns to concentrate on main task ahead..

As Mick noted below, Guido reports that the Secretary of State for Wales etc, Peter Hain’s special advisor Phil Taylor has resigned. The reason being given is that he will be campaigning for Mr Hain in his bid to become deputy leader of the Labour Party and to remain in his current position would be in breach of the Code of Conduct for Special Advisors.. as Guido had earlier pointed out. Although Guido’s also claiming that he has evidence that Mr Taylor was already doing just that.. Hmm.. If only others reacted in the same way when they were found to be in breach of their code of conduct.. We await the report on the Attorney-General’s Inquiry

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  • Has he resigned to spend more time playing darts?

  • Nevin

    Special Advisers

    Lord Laird asked Her Majesty’s Government:

    What is the job description of Mr Phil Taylor who is a political adviser in the Northern Ireland Office.[HL1344]

    Lord Rooker: Phil Taylor is subject to the Code of Conduct for Special Advisers, which contains a detailed description of the role and duties of special advisers. A copy of the code is available in the Library.”

  • Nevin

    “Mr Hain’s special advisor sought to explain the context of his terse October emails to the Consumer Council in an affidavit to the recent court case taken by the body on the tap tax consultation process.

    Mr Taylor claimed the call for a delay effectively meant that the issue would be left to the Assembly and “was an attempt to prevent this legislation coming into force”.

    In one email to Ms Gill on October 3, Mr Taylor said: “I think you know that at no time did we ever discuss the fact that you intended to call for the whole Order to be shelved until devolution (when u [sic] know full well the parties will not take it forward).

    I don’t think there’s anything left to discuss. We will be robustly rejecting your ridiculous call. . .

    A NIO spokesman today said: “It is essential that water reform proceeds on time otherwise there will be a massive hole in the budget for next year.

    “That is why it cannot wait.

    “Of course everyone wants these decisions to be taken by locally accountable ministers, but until devolution is restored, direct rule ministers must continue to make and implement decisions that are in the best long-term interests of Northern Ireland.”” … David Gordon, Belfast Telegraph, 06 Dec 2006

  • mickhall

    I bet getting at special advisors like Taylor has got the real crooks in Whitehall and Parliament bricking it. Guido is increasingly becoming like those silly BBC consumer programs such as Watchdog, that go after the minnows in the world of business, whilst leaving alone the real con men and thief’s to get on with their chicanery.

    Some pikey gets caught on camera for over charging some poor sap for Tarmacadaming their drive, whilst the real crooks get a free government pass to stay out of jail.

  • Pete Baker

    Possibly, Mick. Not that those special advisors necessarily behave as if they are such minnows..

    But, additionally, I have pointed out that our very own Secretary of State for Wales, etc, already has a High Court ruling that he has breached his Ministerial Code of Practice.

  • Picador

    It’s a pity BOSS aren’t around to sort Hain out (apologies to South Africans).

  • Yokel


    What lovely sentiments…

    He was probably not considered important enough to kill by BOSS.

  • mickhall


    I am not critiquing you for posting up this thread, far from it in fact, my main criticism was of Guido, the problem I have with him and almost all those who imo wrongly call themselves libertarians, and go in for outing people, is that in reality their right wing conservative politics is their main motivating force.

    I am all for politicians being exposed for the hypocrites many of them are, but it defeats the object if one claims to be a libertarian but only attack one section of the political establishment. For example Cameron and his aristocratic pals are so open to this type of ridicule, yet they seem to be holy grown for the likes of Guido and co. Which is a bit like Bush was when these types first emerged in the US.

  • Pete Baker


    There is a difference between those actually in government, right now.. and those who may be at some point in the future.

    We’ll see how everyone behaves then.