On Radio Slugger last night…

In case you missed it, you can pick up the download from BlogTalkRadio (mind it will just start playing when you hit the link). Adrian Eastwood reported a surge in money moving in the election yesterday (their Slugger ad began running then, which suggests there is more value in that space that we anticipated), with the biggest single sums backing three Green candidates. Suffice to say, that if Ciaran Mussen pulls off the improbable, Mr Eastwood will be paying back £500 on odds of 66/1… We think his money is safe, barring a major charm/musical offensive to overtake most of the field..

That was followed by a wide ranging analysis from rising new media pundit, Sammy Morse. Picking out the impossible detail from the tight races in North Down and Lagan Valley. The ructions in The SDLP in South Antrim, and the broad offensive by the DUP. We had hoped to have Gordon Lucy, but a technical hitch meant that we couldn’t get him in. Next week we hope to have both make a return.

Gerry McGeough features in the second half of the programme and gives a broad outline of his campaign, and what he hopes to achieve by it. The super council elections certainly feature strongly. McGeough says towards the end that though they are aiming to capture a seat, they will begin building on whatever the voters deliver, when it is finally delivered sometime on March 8th.

Join us again next week when the show goes live on Wednesday evening…


  • BonarLaw


    “Country: Ireland” ?

  • Well, I had a choice. It seemed to me at the time that that was the best descriptor, even though strictly speaking, it is a UK Blog – thus our inclusion as one of the most influential blogs in Britain acolade from the Guardian a few years back. And the British New Statesman Awards.

    But most of our focus is Ireland – the island.

  • gerry

    Extremely interesting show, great analysis by sammy morse, the most interesting I’ve heard so far. McGeough came accross as much more reasonable than a lot of his other broadcast, the talk among the three was very very good. Sammy did make some poor predictions for the UUP which was surprising, and the DUP in the 40’s, well that would be something.

  • Nevin

    “Well, I had a choice.”

    Your choice was between the United Kingdom (aka Britain) and (the Republic of) Ireland, Mick. It seems to me that most of our focus is Northern Ireland; there’s limited mention of the Republic that you opted for.

    The island of Ireland is a nationalist context; it’s not the common ground shared by unionists and nationalists (and others).

  • Mick Fealty


    The same could be said of the other, though I accept that there is a strictly non political reason for choosing UK – as you (and I) have defined it. As I say, I had a choice, and for good or ill, I made it.

    Maybe you could bring it up on today’s Open Election Thread?

  • blab

    Interesting show.

    Felt Eastwood was a disappointing guest. Sammy was excellent though he has very strange voice.

    Thought you let McGeough have a free run. Maybe that is your intention – give the candidates some air time to put their case with out someone doing a Paxman on their ass. I felt though that there were issues you did not touch – like the connection between his republicanism and his social views – I guess he would say he is both a traditional catholic and a traditonal republican but some exploration of that would have been interesting.

  • Mick Fealty

    Those are fair points blab… I have intended all along to open the comments before the show to allow people to raise questions like that… but it is proving difficult to get the guests confirmed sufficiently in advance to be able to do that…

    It is my intention though to let our interviewees speak for themselves, and top out their own arguments… That, when we get it right, should provide it’s own challenges… But am most decidedly against the kind of aggressive Paxo style interrogation that rarely yields the ‘new lines’ it so often promises…

  • the DUP in the 40’s, well that would be something.

    It would take a perfect storm for them, and it’s not likely, but it’s not impossible either. I’m leaning towards 37 myself, but there are 44 seats in play for them if the UUs really go down the plughole.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Another good show Mick, I see Barney Rowan is now down to 12/1 today for a seat in North Down. From 33/1 less than a week ago and 16/1 last night there must have been quite a few punters taking a chance on him. With Anna Lo at what I see as a decent priced 5/2 a £10 double on these two would give a good sweat for a £555 return!

  • jeep55


    Funny thing is that I have jotted down 37 for DUP as well! However I had a chat with Dawn Purvis’s canvassers this morning. They feel the DUP are not running quite as chipper as has been reported. There is no anti-St Andrew’s candidate in East Belfast and she says the PUP will pick up an anti-DUP protest vote. It’s not over yet – if she makes it my our estimates are out because we both expect 3 DUP to be returned in East Belfast and she is hardly going to take that last seat off the UUs or Alliance.

  • zardoz

    In every interview i’ve heard Gerry McGeough comes across as an articulate,affable and educated man. Hardly anything he says i disagree with. I have to check in to his ‘Hibernian’ articles to remind myself he is actually an utra-right wing nutcase. Sorry Gerry!