Hain revokes Kenneway’s early release

It’s not entirely clear how this all ties together, or indeed if it completely does, but the Secretary of State for Wales etc has been exercising his prerogative again by revoking the early release licence of John Kenneway – one of three people convicted of the December 1997 murder in Maze prison of Billy Wright – stating that he believes Kenneway to be “a danger to the public”. According to the Belfast Telegraph report, Kenneway was arrested two weeks ago “reportedly for suspected drink driving and a subsequent clash with police.” However the report also mentions that the NIO have said that he has also been charged with new offences.. although they have not specified what those charges are. Meanwhile the inquiry into the murder of Billy Wright will continue after his father, David Wright, waived the option of seeking a quashing order following the High Court ruling that Peter Hain had acted unlawfully in changing the terms of reference of the Inquiry.

Of course, despite the bullish statement from the Secretary of State, Peter Hain has been known to reverse his decisions on early relase licences.. while refusing to fully explain why.

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  • Why has Wright senior suddenly decided to go along with the Inquiries Act, which he had been opposed to for so long, and fought against at great cost to the taxpayer?

    Why is he now happy for parts of the inquiry to be held in secret?

    Don’t tell me Billy Wright was an informer too!

  • Aisling?

    Not so much an informer, but to use today’s terminology, Billy was a “covert human intelligence” resource acting with the knowledge and support of at least one former Head of Special Branch, who before his promotion, was in charge of the RUC’s Southern Region (County Armagh, Down, part of Tyrone and Fermanagh. Better for that to stay secret behind closed doors courtesy of the Inquiries Act.

  • Picador


    Don’t tell me Billy Wright was an informer too!

    You honestly mean you didn’t know.

  • To save time and effort, lets just name those who have never been informers Loyalist/Republican, one hand should do!!

  • Pete Baker

    Instead, let’s keep the speculation to a minimum.. and try to keep to the actual topic.

    If anyone has anything to say on the actual topic that is.

  • If Mr Kenneway made threats of an unfortuate manner whilst drunk, then Hain is taking no chances of them coming true.

    Because of his background and the unstable climate another Michael Stone-esque moment must be avioded at all costs.

    Taking Mr Kenneway out of circulation may prevent an incident, on the other hand it may be just to even things up now Michael Stone is under lock and key.

    Does Mr Kenneway have a similar history to Michael Stone, mental health issues etc?

    Dependant on the charges, Mr Kenneway may be realsed after the elections/26th March?

  • BeardyBoy

    What are the rules governing this?

  • Pete Baker
  • Aisling?

    F*** this shift work, but re:the Wright Inquiry or cover-up as it is now going to be; someone should really start a thread on Frank Murray and his colleagues. Nuala O’Loan’s recent report would be tame in comparison as to what these guys got up to.

  • andy

    wasn’t he the manager of the pogues?

  • darth rumsfeld

    Brian Kennaway’s been locked up. No more turgid droning about the orange Order being crap since he lost influence.

    What’s that? Oh. Pity.
    I’ll get me sash

  • Ingram

    David Wright is a very old man who is not in good health.

    It is simple , be pragmatic or face the real possibility of him pushing up daisies before any real meaningful inquiry takes place.

    Death does not wait for inquiries, when the bell rings you have no choice.

    Ding Ding