“Perhaps people should check my source on this?”

It’s not everyday that a blog gets a mention within the session a legislative house. Last night David Trimble, now Baron Trimble of Lisnagarvey, name checked Slugger several times on the floor of the House. It was during the second reading of Justice and Security (Northern Ireland) Bill. He was drawing attention to the incomplete support by Sinn Fein of the PSNI:

H/T Nevin!

The noble Baroness also mentioned the McCartney case. I speak from memory—my source on this is the website under the name of Slugger O’Toole; perhaps people should check my source. Slugger O’Toole’s website noted a day or two ago that, among those who had assented to the nomination of a Sinn Fein candidate, one Mr Alex Maskey, were two persons alleged to have been in the pub where Mr McCartney was on the occasion of the assault on him that resulted in his murder and who have not given statements to the police. A number of persons who were there have given statements but, according to Slugger O’Toole, those persons have not. The fact that two persons who were there in the pub who have not co-operated with the police are so close to the Sinn Fein candidate that they signed his nomination paper would not give one any great comfort.

The two people concerned did, belated, hand statements into the Ombudsman, none, so far as we know, have yet been given to the police.