On Slugger Radio tonight…

Tonight we start a little later than scheduled, at 9pm. We are lucky enough to have Sammy Morse and Gordon Lucy to go through the constituency battles that catch their, bring us up to date on the local detail and give us their views on where the battlegrounds for both Unionism and Nationalism lie… We hope to have Adrian Eastwood to talk about the odds he’s offering this time. And later we hope to be joined by one the independent candidates competing for the Republican vote in Fermanagh South Tyrone, if he gets in from the canvass in time.


  • starbuck

    just listened there now to the programme.

    was that a slip at the very end ? happened after the watershed though ! ; )

  • SuperSoupy

    More Mr Morse please – excellent stuff Sammy.

    The politician interviews have been a little weak for my liking, not a hard question yet and bringing it on for the latter stages would seem unfair to those not already given an opportunity for an extended PEB.