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I BET a few heads turned today when Old Bailey bomber Gerry Kelly and hunger striker Raymond McCartney turned up at the Policing the Future conference. However, the atmosphere was probably calmer at the Waterfront Hall than in Lisburn, where UKUP leader Bob ‘Multi-seat’ McCartney confronted DUP leader Ian Paisley in the ‘city’ square. Mark Devenport blogs: “Denied a head to head debate the UK Unionist leader pursued the DUP leader with cries of “where’s the never, never, never” and “never, never, never, yes, yes ,yes”. Like a liner which cannot alter its course, the Doc kept moving, refusing to take Mr McCartney under his notice. However his colleagues, who included Peter Robinson and Jeffrey Donaldson, variously taunted the UK Unionist as “a motormouth”, “a maverick” and “a vote splitter”.” Meanwhile, a Sinn Fein source thinks Mitchel McLaughlin might take a South Antrim seat from the SDLP rather than Alliance’s David Ford – but if the DUP really are advising its voters to transfer to Ford ahead of the UUP to keep Mitch out, it will be an interesting battle towards the end of the count!

  • John Farrell

    Looks like Raymond McCartney and Gerry Kelly might be Sinn Feins nominees on Policing Board. Personally Id say ex-cop Billy Leonard would be ideal

    Was actually thinking the other day how much this place has actually changed. It used to be Unionists got all the top jobs on quangos. Then in effort to be “fair”, Alliance Party figures like Bob Cooper, Will Glendinning, Lady McCollum etc were the chosen people.
    Now we have moved on to being gender fair
    Bertha McDougall
    Nuala O’Loan (Catholic but respectably “English”)
    Jane Morrice (some Euro crap I think)
    Monica McWilliams (you name it)
    and now in Patricia Lewsely first overtly nationalist.
    As the “extremes” get elected, we can reasonably expect a few new quango members from the centre.
    Retirees such as Eileen Bell and Sean Farren and Jim Wilson maybe.
    As well as a few who fail to get elected in March, thru bad vote management or bad luck from ALL four parties…name your own but I wont put the “skud” on McLaughlin, A Maskey, Hanna, Attwood, MClarty.
    Power sharing should not be in the narrow context of Stormont. Theres a lot more troughs out there for them to get their snouts into.

  • No DUP there mentioned there, John.

  • Irish Republican in America

    “Old Baily Bomber Gerry Kelly”…


  • Plum Duff

    Was this encounter in Lisburn yet another Damascene conversion for Bob McCartney as he discovers Pappa Doc has sold Bob’s principles down the river – like the time when he ‘discovered’ Cedric Wilson was a ‘serial protester’? Any more and he’ll be calling himself ‘Paul’.

  • interested

    Bob was wandering around Lisburn like a lost sheep with his one (paid employee) follower his only companion.

    From what I seen at a distance it was Bob attempting to harass a crowd of DUP members canvassing, not having much success and then finally fleeing after getting a metaphorical ‘handbagging’ from a few old ladies.

  • darth rumsfeld

    …but the real question of this election must surely be..
    has ANYONE seen UUP peer Lord Ballyedmund out on the stump for his candidate in South Down. Mick will pay £%5 to any accredited sighting :0)
    (don’t panic chum)

  • No Darth, the question of this election is whether Sinn Fein Derry candidate Martina Anderson – who’s also the party’s unionist outreach officer – will campaign in the Waterside.

    She can hardly be reaching out to unionists if she doesn’t canvass them!

  • nmc

    Bob has a point.

    never, never, never, yes, yes ,yes

    While his views are not similair to my own, I appreciate his consistency.

  • whether Sinn Fein Derry candidate Martina Anderson – who’s also the party’s unionist outreach officer – will campaign in the Waterside

    I’m sure she’ll canvass in Gobnascale.

  • John Farrell

    Sammy……I cant see any important DUP type losing a seat and having to take up a Quango type job but I think its at least possible that Attwood, Hanna (SDLP) McClarty (UUP) and A Maskey, McLaughlin (SF) among others could be victims of vote management going wrong or a downturn in party fortunes.
    As to the people I named already on quangos…my point was that the appointments have spread beyond the narrow Alliance Party appartachiks so favoured in the 1970s. …O’Loan, Lewsley,Morrice, McWilliams….and McDougall. While McDougall may or may not be an actual member of DUP, I think a reasonable person might claim she has “their confidence” and breaks the mold for Alliance types.
    My point clearly stated was “As well as a few who fail to get elected in March, thru bad vote management or bad luck from ALL four parties…name your own” I cant actually think of a high profile DUPer in mortal danger of losing a seat.
    Can you?
    In the category of retirees from the centre, I named Bell, Farren and Wilson….from the three centre parties.
    There are certainly DUP retirees (Hilditch and Beare for example) who might end up on quangos.

    The NIO office model of the “centre” has moved from the Alliance Party to embrace AP, SDLP and UUP.
    But if Stormont moves to the extremes, apparently because WE the people want that to be the case, then I dont think NIO should be doing a balancing act in appointing MERELY failed or retired Centre politicians to well paid quangos. They need to include the extremes and that includes Sinn Féin and…..I repeat AND the DUP. I wonder what Paul Berry is doing after March 7.
    Appointing the extremes to Quangos is no more than their just rights. After all we have LORD Stoker, LORD Morrow, LADY Paisley……….and I cant actually think of a bigger Quango than the House of Lords.

  • darth rumsfeld

    sadly for “Ulster’s first working class MP” (copyright Bob Stoker circa 1996) Bob isn’t yet a peer, and presumably Reg is ahead of him in the queue….

    and don’t worry about Martina Anderson. Sinn fein have a capable substitute… Willie Hay.

    I’ll get me sash

  • John Farrell

    Darth (if thats your real name lol)….thanks for correction. I meant Wallace Browne.
    Lateral thinking….Wallace Browne…Dracula…Bram Stoker….bobby Stoker…..easy mistake to make

  • Dympna

    I have been unable to discover if anyone was killed at the Old Bailey as a result of the activities of the policing and justice spokesperson.

    Does anyone here know?

  • John Farrell

    As I recall a passer by dropped dead with a heart attack.
    If Im also correct, the Active Service Unit was apprehended on board a plane with eight or ten consecutively number tickets….a factor in the less politically correct times of the 1970s as the “Paddy Factor”.
    As I recall one of the group turned prosecution witness against the others was found not guilty and went to live in South Africa..cant think why.

  • Picador

    Laying the boot into Gerry Kelly, eh?

    Still, I noticed no-one has called Raymond McCartney a double-murderer yet. I guess that’s progress.

  • I believe those convictions were quashed last week. Pedantic, moi?

  • sean

    Irish Republican in America

    “Old Baily Bomber Gerry Kelly”…

    I agree. “Treasonous Irishman, Gerry Kelly” would have been more accurate.

  • SuperSoupy

    Do the SDLP (others?) always canvass without the current register?

    They just did the new development I live in and were knocking every door despite the fact around only 50% are registered here.

    Also they weren’t marking a list of those in so their method doesn’t seem to allow for return visits.

    It seems an incredibly inefficient method and one that doesn’t factor in call-backs.

    Maybe I’m just used to a more organised approach. Is this a norm?