It’s coming home…

Or maybe not.. The public has, however, spoken. And Ireland’s entry for the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest is.. “They Can’t Stop the Spring” as performed by Dervish. John Waters wasn’t happy when his song wasn’t considered last year, but this year his attempt, co-written by Tommy Moran, has made it through.. Lordi it ain’t. All together now.. Crush the flowers.. Crush the flowers..

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  • paul

    I know they are a big group but is it just me or does she sound seriously out of tune.

  • michael


  • susan
  • smcgiff

    The song was inspired by the ’68 Prague revolution – that’s what you get when you’ve an Irish Times journalist writing the lyrics.

    I’ll be generous and suggest the organisers didn’t see last year’s competition winners.

  • Rory

    My God! That was truly awful. It can’t get much worse. This is a price too high to pay for European unity. Come back, Dana, all is forgiven.

  • Diluted Orange

    Is this the same backing track that’s on the Sinn Fein election podcast?

    What I want to know is when do Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet come on stage to do a nice little stereotypical jig?

  • Henry94

    It’s a good song. Probably too good for the Eurovision.

  • Send Cathy Jordan Back to Roscommon

    Truly terrible and reinforcement of the fact that Dervish’s singer wouldn’t be able to sing a decent melody if it slapped her in the face with a wet haddock.

    Bring back Johnny Logan

  • Rory

    Maybe if we all say enough rosaries and light enough candles and complete enough novenas to St. Jude then Father Ted will be posthumously persuaded to return and, instead of this embarrassing dirge, give us a reprise of his immortal Eurovision classic, “My Lovely Horse”.

  • smcgiff

    Unionists might like the wording he used in the song – IIRC, he was referring to our two islands together, albeit loosely.

  • MÓG

    Not a bad effort there. Should do quite well.

  • patrique

    She is seriously out of tune, the backing is reasonably good, albeit a trifle stage Irish, until it becomes outright Eurovision.

    I got my son to write a better song while I was typing this.

  • Greenflag

    ‘They Can’t Stop the Spring” ‘


    I don’t want them to stop the Spring I want them just to start the Spring or even better the Summer 🙂

  • Wilde Rover

    I see RTE is still mixing in laxatives with the food for the greyhounds before the big race, as the comments after the song would indicate:

    “Well Frank McNamara, what did you make of them?”

    “Well, I really liked none of them.”

    Everything’s going to plan then.

    Who can forget the days when Ireland’s unbridled joy at winning gave way to the contempt of familiarity?

    Indeed, I seem to recall one nervous Eurovision during one of the crucial stages of the peace process when everyone was sick to death of winning the damn thing and having no home-produced programmes for another year.

    Every “Irlande Douze Points” was like another fatal stab, and Douze Points from Royaume Unis could have ended the entire Peace Process.

    Of course, in an act of inspired diplomacy they didn’t.

  • Crusty Burke

    Listening to Eimear Quinn performing “The Voice” during the show reminded me how good we used to be when we would try and win the Eurovision. This politically correct “we are all one now” dirge is just embarrassing and will no doubt land us with a well deserved “Nul Points”…

  • Sean Brennan

    This is a beautiful song murdered by a songstress who just plain and simple ‘can’t sing’. She should give it up and instead we should ask Eimear Quinn to sing it in Helsinki.

    Otherwise, we may as well throw our hats at it and save ourselves the expense of going there to lose.

    Rarely have I heard a worse singer.


  • Penelope


  • jamesboy

    A prediction: this will be in the bottom three. Simply awful – a song lacking in energy sung by a singer lacking in ability. A dirge which will give Terry Wogan and his sense of humour a lot of roo for comedy!

  • raciel

    kick her in the gee