Psst.. Don’t tell Gordon.

Not content with preparing an apology for every photo-opportunity that appears in his in-tray, the Secretary of State for Wales etc, Peter Hain is to offer bread and circuses free TV licences and bus passes.. among other things – exact definitions of who would qualify, and subsequent cost to public funds, yet to be revealed.. This time last year the same Peter Hain declared – “I want to see public expenditure targeted on those areas that will enable Northern Ireland to take its place as a highly competitive region with a growing and vibrant economy where public services are delivered in the most cost effective way to meet the needs of the community”. But, of course, that was then.. and here.. How is that campaign going, btw?..


  • parcifal

    yippee, wonder if he’ll be able to deliver any of these goodies.

  • Plum Duff

    Dear God,

    I would also like to apologise but, in my case, it’s for Peter Hain.

    I would like to apologise for his naked and overweening ambition.

    I would like to apologise for the way he’s using our problems in NI as a springboard for, in his terms, greater things.

    Finally, I would also like to apologise for the fact that the creeping Jeeziz (no offence!) is still here as SoS.


  • Aidan

    Free TV and bus passes for over 55s? Sounds OK on the face of it to me.

    About the ‘costs to the public’ – maybe we under 55s pay a little more for our TV licenses and bus fares. Most of us plan on living well past 55, at which point the cost to the individual will gradually balance itself out to roughly equal the current setup.