PMOS loses voice at Croker…

Interesting bit of banter from Number Ten’s Ulster born Official Spokesman this morning:

Asked if the Prime Minister thought that cannabis use was a bar to becoming Prime Minister, the PMOS replied that the journalist was trying to invite him, not very subtly, into political debate. He may have lost his voice at Croke Park yesterday, but he had not entirely lost his mind.


  • smcgiff

    Okay, am I a bit slow – Was Blair at the Ireland France match yesterday!?!

  • Seems smcgiff has been on the weed?

    Getting stoned via the internet, thats a new one!

  • jamestwo

    is soccer the only sport where a republic of ireland and a six counties team exists ? not too interested in sport but could be used as a useful tool with the plebs and i am always on the lookout for something to annoy the prods. dont get detailed as i view the thing on a par with coronation street in the grand scheme of things but i am curious.

  • couchpotato

    In reply to the post from jamestwo, the following sports below are all affiliated to Irish Governing Bodies:

    Angling (Coarse) – Ulster Coarse Fishing Federation
    Angling (Sea)- Ulster Council Irish Federation of Sea Anglers
    Badminton – Ulster Branch Badminton Union of Ireland
    Basketball – Ulster Basketball Association
    Bowling (Indoors – Women) – Irish Women’s Indoor Bowling Association
    Bowling (Outdoors – Men) – Irish Bowling Association
    Bowling (Outdoors – Women) – Irish Women’s Bowling Association
    Bowling (Short mat) – Irish Indoor Bowling Association
    Boxing Ulster Provincial Council – Irish Amateur Boxing Association
    Camogie – Ulster Camogie Council
    Caving – Speleogical Union of Ireland
    Cricket – Northern Ireland Cricket Association
    Cycling – Cycling Ulster
    Equestrian – NI Dressage
    Equestrian – Eventing NI
    Equestrian – The Show Jumping Association of Ireland (Ulster Branch)
    Equestrian – NI Carriage Driving Association
    Equestrian – The Irish Long Distance Riding Association
    Equestrian – The Irish Pony Society
    Gaelic Games (Football & Hurling) – Ulster Council, Gaelic Athletic Association
    Golf (Men)- Golfing Union of Ireland Ulster Branch
    Golf (Women)-Northern District Irish Ladies Golf Union, NI Region.
    Handball – Ulster Handball Council
    Hockey (Men) – Ulster Branch, Irish Hockey Association
    Hockey (women)- Ulster Women’s Hockey Union
    Motor Cycling – Motor Cycle Union of Ireland, Ulster Centre
    Motor Sports – Motorcycle Racing Association
    Mountaineering – Mountaineering Council of Ireland
    Racquetball – Ulster Council, Racquetball Association of Ireland
    Rowing – Ulster Branch, Irish Amateur Rowing Union
    Rugby Union – Irish Rugby Football Union, Ulster Branch
    Squash (Men & Women)- Ulster Squash
    Surfing – Northern Ireland Surfing Association
    Swimming – Swim Ulster ltd
    Table Tennis- Ulster Branch, Irish Table Tennis Association
    Tennis – Ulster Branch Tennis Ireland
    Triathlon – Ulster Branch, Irish Triathlon Association
    Water Polo – Irish Water Polo Association, Ulster Branch
    Water Skiing – Irish Water Ski Federation (NISC)

  • Eddie

    Couch Potato has been bloody busy for a Couch Potato! This is a prize entry in my file for Things I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know.

  • susan

    Amazing, Potato! One addition: The governing body of figure skating in the Irish Republic is the Irish Figure Skating Association, who are not yet members of the ISU. So you could technically say the Irish Figure Skatiing Association is technically the provisional Irish Figure Skating Association — but you probably shouldn’t.

  • Pete Baker

    and chess.. just to be complete you understand..

  • susan

    Naturellement. And possibly pigeon racing? Is there a separate Irish body for pigeon racing? Is pigeon racing a sport? Certainly, if one is a pigeon, it is….

  • jamestwo

    so if ireland were to play france at table tennis it would say , be ireland v france? not roi v france or whatever? presumably there must be a uk table tennis team or would it be england , wales and scotland seperately ? funny old world. do northerners compete for ireland at the olympics or does it depend on orange and green ?