Slugger Radio 2: working up to an election to what?

We have Alex Attwood on Slugger Radio tomorrow night at 8.30. It is the second in an developing series of interactive radio. David Vance will be joining one or two other guests to look at the issues arising from the St Andrew’s ‘deal’ from a unionist perspective. And Pete and I will will be chewing over two or three issues from the last week. Even so the format is loose and conversational, in order that anyone can call us when it goes live. At the moment, all calls go through a US number: + 1 (646) 652-4838. Very cheap on Skype!

  • SuperSoupy

    Ford, now Attwood. Do we get any non-fighting to retain a quota politicians in this series?

    Slugger’s as the medium of last count under-quota strugglers?

    Any chance of a politician that gets a decent vote?

  • Butterknife

    Listened to the last show. Not bad! Might gat crash the next one – is it tonight? 7:2:7

  • Overhere

    David Vance need I say more !!

  • Ca Va

    Alex Atwood !! Yawn Yawn !

  • Overhere,

    If that’s the level of your input, best you say nothing at all.