According to a statement released today by the Sinn Féin Justice spokesman Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD

“There are some, such as Hugh Orde who think we should draw a line in the sand and put the past behind us. We absolutely reject that.”

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  • Diluted Orange

    [i]Money talks and bullshit walks[/i]

    The mantra for every good socialist movement. Along with half-arsed attempts to speak in Irish bullshit is the language Sinn Fein are most fluent in.

    [i]The prods not the provos started the troubles.

    It was however the provos not the prods who have ended them [/i]

    Statements like this are just typical of the Sinn Fein blame-everyone-else-but-us rhetoric.

    Sinn Fein are a sham. They don’t represent the people in their area to the best of their abilities, preferring to hide behind the illusion that there will be a United Ireland some day soon and that then those people will get the elected representation that they deserve. They have no plan before or beyond securing a United Ireland and have no solutions in trying to heal sectarian rifts which will profoundly affect Northern Ireland well into the future whether it belongs in British or Irish hands.

    Worst of all they continue to carry on this ridiculous and divisive pretence that the IRA campaign was justified and that it actually achieved anything other than untold misery and bloodshed whilst they hypocritically bash everyone else. And all the while they further alienate the Unionist people – the very community whose consent they need in order to achieve a United Ireland. Pathetic. Republicans need wake up from their impossible dream.

  • Nevin

    Sean, the IMC has forsaken its ‘culture of lawfulness’, has praised paramilitary ‘civic policing’ and has ignored paramilitary influence on young people. IMO the cross-party NIA committee and those who supplied evidence have a lot more credibility than recent IMC reports.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    True Blue: “I am sorry to say Slugger is turning into another rag for Republican propaganda. Anything Unionist, anything British, anything other than Sinn Fein and their lackeys get a kicking the vitriol is breathtakingly vile.”

    If you think its a one-way street, you simply haven’t been paying attention chummer.

    True Blue: “What about all the murders, beatings, bombings and everything else Sinn Fein and their cohorts have been engaged in against the Unionist/ British people in Northern Ireland for the past thirty plus years, we are supposed to forgive and forget and accept these murderers and bombers in Government.”

    What, picking your own representation isn’t enough for you, you’d like to pick the opposition as well? Perhaps you are a trifle… vague on how an elected democracy operates?

    True Blue: “Many innocent people were massacred by the above so there is a hierarchy of victims, killers and bombers are not victims they are evi(l)”

    And were there no innocents amonst the Catholics and nationalists, Blue?

    Talk of one way streets…

  • As FD pointed out, there is no consistency in Aengus’s arguments – close the past on IRA actions, keep it open on British actions. It’s a clear case of double standards.a

    So, if as Mick argues, it’s the quality of the argument that counts, I’d say this particular politician’s is piss poor. His comments on Northern Ireland are far less relevant than those of other republicans, many of them valuable contributors on Slugger, who at least apply the same standards to all parties.

    Aengus doesn’t do this, suggesting political opportunism without much actual forethought.

  • Sean


    so as long as the IMC reports bash the IRA they were being fair and honest

    As soon as they agree that the IRA has full filled their obligations they are bald faced liars?

    Sounds like typical DUP rhetoric to me

  • darrell brady

    I can never understand why Nationlists and Republicans don’t just stand there and laugh at orange marchers.We used too in Liverpool! and on M,side they are a spent force!!!!!!!!!
    With their ridiculous uniforms and even more ludicrous cliam to a suedo tradition and culture, publicly ridiculing them would be far more effective then any demo or court could ever achieve.