“This will not be a quick fix”

It’s at a very early stage, but this is probably worth keeping an eye on in the months ahead. The NIO Security Minister Paul Goggins has announced the terms of reference for a strategic review of parading. According to Paul Goggins “I want the Review Body to consider whether there are new or additional approaches which can be applied to parading and offer recommendations that have the potential to lead to a settled cross community view of this sensitive issue.” Will that include some of those supplementary rights for our particular circumstances mentioned previously?The terms of reference set out in the NIO statement are

The Terms of Reference of the review will –

investigate, examine and report on the significance and relevance of parading as an expression of faith and culture in Northern Ireland;

investigate, examine and report on the meaning, significance and relevance of parading to broader society in Northern Ireland;

examine why certain parades are considered contentious, what their impact is on wider community relations and if they encourage sectarianism;

consider the impact of parading on NI society in the 21st century in terms of social and economic impact and the international perspective of the country;

drawing on research already conducted, consider how parades, protests and events which take place on the public highway are regulated in other jurisdictions where there are diverse ethnic and cultural populations and traditions;

consider the merits of local dialogue mediation facilitation and arbitration;

make recommendations on how parading can be taken forward in Northern Ireland in a way which is consistent with the Shared Future Objectives of respect, tolerance, responsible citizenship and promoting equality of opportunity and human rights; and

consider what the implications of the review findings are for public policy, including legislation.