Which Juvenal epigram, indeed..

Over at Mick’s other occasional haunt, Comment if Free, novelist Glenn Patterson has been looking at a few potential problem areas for the police as a seemingly irresistable momentum gathers – including a, possibly, provisional definition of what is unacceptable crime, “if there are crimes against the people, against citizens, Sinn Fein will be urging and encouraging victims and citizens to co-operate with the police”, as well as the issue of the ‘good’ UDA I noted recently – in order to question what lies ahead for us if Blair secures a legacy of sorts here.. he also suggests another question

The Sinn Féin ard fheis would not have been called unless the leadership were confident of a yes vote. Welcome though it was, as a surprise it scarcely registered. For that you have to go to the report, a week before, that almost 1,000 Poles have applied to join the PSNI. Maybe – just maybe – the pace of change in Northern Ireland is no longer in the gift of Sinn Féin and the DUP.