Slugger Radio begins tomorrow night…

Tomorrow night we kick off a series of broadcast/podcast ‘blog radio’ programmes, each with different themed conversation. Tomorrow, we ask: Do we have a deal, or not? Using BlogTalkRadio, we’ll broadcast the ‘programme’ at 9pm GMT tomorrow and then within fifteen minutes it should be archived and available for download online. Even better, listeners can call in during recording and join in the conversation (though at the moment, the access numbers are US based!). Pete will help us get the ball rolling. Our entry into blogtalkradio has been trailed by no less than The Register. But for a fuller explanation, check out this interview with BlogTalkRadio CEO, Alan Levy to get the idea. Even better, hear him talk to Iain Dale on 18 Doughty Street on a recent visit to London.


  • Blah


  • Rubicon

    The theme is great Mick and I’d hate to miss it. But notice is short and I’m not up to all the net gizmos. I once tried to put a post in bold and caused the rest of the thread to be in bold until Pete solved the problem. I got rightly spanked – and haven’t tried it since.

    Is there a manual I can read to know how to participate in “blog radio”? I’m probably being thick – if I’m online I’ll give it a go. BUT if I hit the wrong buttons and ruin it – it’s your fault Mick!

    (BTW – the “blah” is from me. I haven’t been able to post and continually got a mismatched keyword message. I re-booted, deleted cookies, passwords etc – but still couldn’t post. I thought I was either red-carded or my son (already red-carded from this computer) had been taking advantage of his Da having 40-winks. Now I’m not asked for a keyword at all! Don’t think I’m ready for blog radio :-()

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    Rub you just need to follow the link and call the number on the Slugger Radio homepage… No downloads, nothing except a phone call…

  • Pete Baker

    Or use Skype..

  • Penelope

    *subscribing via i-tunes*

  • Of course, if you prefer to not call in you can listen to the live show at and “click the listen live button” at showtime.

    If you miss the live show, you can click on the archive tab at the same page.


  • Yokel

    Should anyone want to use their phone to act important, try using an override service that would get you calls to the USA for a couple of pence a minute via your regular phone, Loads of them out there. Can be found here.

    No registration required.

  • fair_deal

    For information

    Override services from UK (prices quoted for a BT line)
    0844calls 1p/min
    (0844 861 2121)
    Bestminutes 1p/min
    (0844 861 6262)
    Cleverates 1p/min
    (0844 721 2525)
    DialAround 1p/min
    (0844 861 2929)
    DiscountDial 1p/min
    (0844 861 3030)
    Pennyphone 1p/min
    (0844 721 4721)
    PhoneCheap 1p/min
    (0844 861 3838)
    Ratebuster 1p/min
    (0844 720 0000)
    StoryTelecom 1p/min
    Telesavers 1p/min
    (0844 861 2525)
    Telestunt 1p/min
    (0844 861 8888)

    From RoI
    Telestunt (1.26c per minute)
    (1890 943 123)

  • Yokel

    Telestunt sounds good, does your phone explode if you use them?

    Either that or it sounds like a Spanish cable channel….

  • Rory

    Good wishes for the broadcast, Pete. I trust you will be upholding the Reithian tradition and will be formally attired in a dinner jacket.

  • Pete Baker

    Thanks Rory, but Mick’s the official host tonight and will, of course, be suitably attired.. I’m just there to make sure he has someone to talk to.. and I will be wearing my obligatory pyjamas. ;o)

  • gerry

    OK count me in for a phone call!!! I’ll be the one with the sexy voice.

    Great stuff Mick.

  • Mick Fealty

    Though he’s not allowed to touch the wine until afterwards… looking forward to it gerry… we’ll also have David Ford on to give his view on the prospects for a stable deal…