“the climate of today”

According to a BBC report, Ihab Shoukri – who has been remanded in custody without bail since his arrest on charges of membership of the UDA/UFF in March last year – has now been released on bail of £500. But, as with two others charged in connection with the raid on the Alexandra Bar, he has been ordered to live at an approved address in England because of “ongoing threats to his life” and presumably, as in the previous case, concern over the police manpower expended. That would be threats from the ‘good’ mainstream UDA.. Any chance someone will ask whether the police are actually fit for purpose in light of this officially endorsed exiling?Also worth noting is the refusal of Mr Justice Weatherup to accept, in his consideration of bail, the prosecution’s three-pages of intelligence documents… due to “the climate of today”..

And at the risk of repeating myself, again, it’s a question I’ve asked before but is this really the right balance? It’s worth considering afresh in light of the Faustian Pact we appear to have been left with.

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  • The Grassy Knoll

    A significant aspect to this story is the fact that the judge refused to accept the intelligence information furnished by the PSNI indicating that Shoukri is most likely a UDA terrorist, and why? Well on the basis that intelligence info is just not so reliable these days…WTF?

    Did anyone see some Masonic style shakes, nods or winks between these two guys ?

  • Pete Baker


    The fact that the intelligence document was not introduced as evidence would probably have excluded it from consideration.

    “Did anyone see some Masonic style shakes, nods or winks between these two guys ?”

    Your implication is not backed up by either the actual charges, the previous rulings on bail, nor the decision today.

    Btw, tin-foil hats don’t work ;o)

  • crow

    I wonder if his exile to the mainland is a condition he has to take?

  • ladysnowblood

    Has he left for England yet ?