It’s Londonderry – Official

The Derry City Council legal challenge to the use of Londonderry as the city’s official name has been rejected. The High Court has ruled the renaming of the Council 23 years ago did not change the city’s official name, granted in 1613.

  • Sean

    Umm dont think its an archepeligo

  • C-X

    Now the fun part. .after spending almost £60,000 trying to strike six letters off the name of your city (that is £10,00 a letter btw)the really fun part will come soon in watching the shinners beg her royal highness to change her perogative.

    Who knows you may yet end up Irish.

    Pity about your dignity though 😉

  • Greenflag

    Boar Law,

    ‘Very much so- and of the illusiory nature of Irish independence 🙂 ‘

    Our ‘illusions’ pay better than Unionist imperial imaginings 🙂

    God Shave Lizzie 2 and keep sending her your ‘taxes’ . It’s a good deal .For every pound you send her you get two or more in return . The fact that you get no respect from HMG is neither here nor there eh ?

  • Greenflag

    Some Brits are hardly aware they live on an offshore island off the Eurasian mainland 🙂

  • G-man

    As a democrat I suggest they settle the issue once and for all by holding a referndum on the city name name amongst residents of the city. If they choose “Derry” (as they probably would) then all democrats should accept and respect the decision.

    A referendum should also be held in the county to confirm the county name. Not sure how that one would ago but, again, all democrats should respect the result.

    A democratic vote should make the legals a formality.

  • Gerry Mander

    “A referendum should also be held in the county to confirm the county name.”

    Now that the GFA (Good Friday Agreement) allows southerners to vote in the six, we could get the busses going from Letterkenny for the voting 🙂

  • william

    Hold city and county plebiscite, petition the Queen for both city and county name changes to Derry – Queen Elizabeth 2 will rubberstamp democratic decision of the people and change name as previous monarchs James1 and Charles 2 did – but this time taking account of the peoples will and not imposing a name.
    End of story.

  • BonarLaw

    “A democratic vote should make the legals a formality.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Can I propose the following on a NI wide referendum:

    1. capital punishment
    2. formally adopting “Ulster” as the name of the state
    3. majority rule at Stormont?

  • Eamon

    Capital Punishment for Murder (including state murders) chief constables, ministers, prime ministers for the chop.
    Since the queen is head of the British army who was involved in numerous massacres (bloody Sunday etc) then the buck stops with her – chop chop.

    Ulster – 9 counties – are ye looking for the 3 other Ulster counties. We could give them to you as a loan.
    I wonder why ye weren’t given them in the 20s when partition occurred.
    Nah it couldn’t be, could it, no one is that devious surely – too many extra nationalists in a 9 county Ulster. Now we couldn’t have that could we.

    Then we could implement your Stormont majority. A couple of hundred thousand new votes would then swing it for the SDLP and Sinn Fein and hey presto a United Ireland

    Great suggestion

  • Londonderry

    I would be happy to change Londonderry to Derry if we can rename the Falls to King Billy Rd.

    And we can rename Dublin to Londondublin just because 😉

    Seriously, it makes no difference to me if they change they name or not. I will always call it Londonderry and i really dont care what any of the “its called Derry” group thinks. But i would rather it be changed so no more money will be wasted on this foolishness in the future.

    P.S if your going to take jabs at the Orange Lodge, you should really look into finding out what Orangeism is.

  • MMaria

    I love Derry since this is the city of Martin McGuinness. We love all of him too

  • Londonderry

    Even the part that works for the Brits? 😉

  • darth rumsfeld

    “Now that the GFA (Good Friday Agreement) allows southerners to vote in the six, we could get the busses going from Letterkenny for the voting 🙂

    Posted by Gerry Mander on Jan 26, 2007 @ 10:47 PM” change there then.
    Except perhaps now after the Shinners personate they’ll arrest themselves for the crime and turn themselves into the hive of activity that Shantallow community PSNI centre will of course become

  • eranu

    greenflag, Protestant Row is still around ! its off wexford street/camden street just down a bit from eddie rockets. atleast it was the last time i went past on the bus about a year ago..

  • BonarLaw


    who said anything about territorial expansion. If we are about name changing why not “Northern Ireland” to “Ulster”?

    Oh and let’s put changing the PSNI name to Royal Ulster Constabulary GC on the ballot as well.

    Just heard this fiasco has cost the ratepayers of Londonderry £50,000.00. Of course according to some Derry City Council was put up for this by the DoE. I await the press release from that Department offering to cover the costs with baited breath…

  • dub

    Protestant Row does indeed still exist as does the even more remarkable Cromwell’s Quarters.. at the bottom of James’ St…