Speaking of back-channels…

The IRSP response to Adams’ invitation to a private meeting: “Adams is just playing politics with this public statement because he knows the back channels for meetings. The back channels to set up meetings between the groups are well established and on his going public with this I would question his sincerity.” Makes a bit of a contrast between the brouhaha over the alleged DUP back channel. Meanwhile, some families of fallen volunteers are not happy with Sinn Fein’s upcoming (Monday night in Derry), specially convened, private briefing. “This doesn’t sound like a meeting or an exchange of ideas to us,” said one family member. “We have been summoned to a meeting in order to find out what line they want us to push. Lots of the traditional republican families have become disheartened by the secrecy involved now. Why not have this meeting in public, in front of the media?”

In a move reminiscent of the 1998 Ard Fheis which saw the Balcombe Street Gang used to win permission for the party to take part in Stormont, “Sinn Fein have also organised for families of their lost comrades to be present at the RDS on January 28th, when the party holds its Extraordinary Ard Fheis. The party will provide transport in order that the families can witness the debate at first hand.” The Derry Journal also carries a review of the Tower Hotel meeting held earlier this week.

Also, from last night, Dissident voices speak out, Ch4 News report by Carl Dinnen about this week’s meeting in Derry (video report available).

  • Rory

    “Adams is just playing politics…” accuse the IRPS.

    Well who’da thought it – a politician playing politics. T’aint right somehow, innit?

    Never catch the IRPS up to them kinda shenanigans. Not nohow you wouldn’t. For them politics is serious stuff.

    Like how many of your own do you shoot to increase your share of the loot from the robbery? Now that’s Leninism in action, man!

  • true irishman

    Quite gutless of the Shinners not to offer a place on the platform to anti-surrender republicans, that way they won’t have to face a proper debate, but when one considers that virtually the entire leadership dodged any action during the war…. perhaps the gutless attitude can be explained

  • gerry

    Shame on them using the families of the dead like this. mc geough is right, crawling over the backs of the dead to get into their ministerial limosines.

  • Erm, why does this come as a surprise to some people? Adams’ way of blackmailing those who opposed the dropping of abstentionism in 1986 was to tell them: “To leave Sinn Fein is to leave the struggle,” in other words if they didn’t support him they didn’t support the republicanism. Why would they play fair now?

    Adams has taken you all for a ride, and it has taken you this long to work it out.

  • Micky Mc


    The climbing over graves in nothing new they have done it since 1986 when they declared there undying love for Republicanism at the famous Ard Fheis

    The Irps are certainly no angels but the Shinners are bigger tramps who are now going to do John Bulls chores!

    The hypocracy of these clowns in PSF is deafening and they have surrounded themselves with cowards and yes men.

  • grimesy

    To anyone surprised by the recent turn of events in SF (i.e. Adams gradual inching of the RM towrads acceptance of constitutional politics & the ultimate removal of the gum from green politics):-

    I suggest picking up a copy of “The Secret History of the IRA” Ed Moloney (cue backlash for even mentioning his name from certain contributors!).

    Fairly sure that the chapter I’m referring to is called “The Point of No Return” (it’s the one after “SoS” I think). The events of 1996 chronicaled prior to the 1998’s GFA provide an interesting back-drop to current developments i.e. the last time a split was threatened in the RM

  • grimesy

    Oops! God damn spelling mistakes…

    “towards” & “gun” are probably the correct spelling…You’d think with all that money in the Free State that they’d have thought us Mexicans how to spell!

  • Mickey Mc

    True irishman

    You got it spot on when you say that the most of the leadership dodged all action during the war!

    They were too busy sneakin off to wee secret meetings (also private) with their handlers in MI5.

    The likes of scap and co nutted many touts after a private meeting (grillin) and lots lye dead with informers and touts now elected – Mentioning no names!


    rory you ve a quare neck on ye ,bringing robbing into the debate.ffs where have you been living?????????the provies robbed more than everybody put together.fact

  • Gerry & the peacemakers

    I hate to break up this Ruairi O Bradaigh love in but what points are you all trying to make?

  • Micky Mc


    Rory (& he’s not Rory from South Derry cause we know our man), is just your typical wee provo appologist who throws stone in his glass house and closes his eyes while the glass falls around his ears!

    The people he supports have robbed, post offices, shops, warehouses, a big bank in Belfast and everyone of you of your God given right to Self determine your future through Armed struggle in favour of copperfastening Partition for at least the next 15-20 years! (Or so they’d have us all believe)!

  • Gerry & the peacemakers

    Has there ever been a republican armed struggle that didn’t ‘fund raise’?

  • Micky Mc

    I hate to break up this Ruairi O Bradaigh love in but what points are you all trying to make?


    Have you never asked yourself on reflection of 1986 – did Ruairi have the measure of the Provos 20 years ahead of any off us?

    He predicted:-

    (1). There desire to be come wee free staters in
    the Dail.

    (2). Taking up there seats in Stormount

    (3). Copperfastening Partition

    But I guess even Ruairi could not have predicted that these clowns would back the newly conditioned RUC!

  • livewire

    such resentment, I take it none of you carbuncular types play cricket then?
    oh dear watch out Homebase, the next phase in the struggle is sure to come to your doorstop.

  • Rory (South Derry)


    How do rate:-

    Burning Homebase


    Robbing the NB & Killing robert McCartney

    I guess it always comes down to slaggin a legimate army when you have saold out the cause!

  • Rory

    Well MICKEYMAC and Mickey Mc, this Rory is most certainly not from South Derry, nor has he had the pleasure of your company. He is however aware that a large part of a whole generation of well motivated young men were destroyed in the sickness that was the IRSP and the INLA and that spiralled in its final decadent madness into an orgy of member killing member over the spoils of robbery and misplaced lust.

    All men are well motivated, but it is required that discipline, experience and a willingness to learn from past mistakes inform that motivation otherwise great confusion arises. The simple history of the IRPS is that great confusion became their all.

  • Micky Mc


    It stands on an equal power of having MI5 Agents and touts in a head hunting squad that terrorised kids in we hay sheds in South Armagh & North Donegal and into their graves before 25 in lot of cases!

    You people are just so perfect republicans arn’t ya?

    The IRPs were good enough to die alongside in Long Kesh during the 2nd Hunger Strike or do you find it in you wee bitter Provie heart to slag them as well?

  • Gerry & the peacemakers

    I think the point I would make is Eire Nua was published in 1972 (I think). That means that SF leadership had 14 years to make some sort of political advance.

    It is hard to disagree with a lot of what is said by the traditional republicans and I am certainly not going to ditch your views. Idealism is the easy option – the republican status quo would have been the easy option – whether in 1986, 1994, 1998 or now. It is the easiest thing to be noble and to never shift your position. Taking risks is the difficult road.

    I guess none of us have all the answers but Im pretty sure we all want the same thing – just taking a different road. I believe Ireland is a better place than it was 10 years ago and I certainly dont feel a 2nd class citizen in my own country. For that I thank the brave (braver than me) men and women who fought for me to feel free in my heart.

  • livewire

    south derry rory,
    I’m against all of it, I believe in Ghandi’s politics and using the political process to share governance in norn iron with the Orange, as a prelude to sharing governance in a united ireland.
    100% Republican 1916 Proclamation

    Question for you?

    Do you think a “united ireland” is more about uniting the territory or the people?

  • mike

    I agree. “The Secret History of the IRA” by Ed Moloney is a very timely read for those who want to know how Adams and his party hacks will perform in the current situation.Public smiles and offer of talks combined with backroom intimidation away from the cameras.

    How utterly gutless of Adams to exploit the families of the republican dead to promote his shoddy deal with Westminster.

  • Rory

    Mickey Mc,

    I am not ” a wee provie”, nor indeed a large or medium sized one, nor can I recall dying alongside any IRP during a second hunger strike. Whom did you die alongside, may I ask.

    I simply observe developments and draw conclusions based upon my own limited experience, intelligence and hope.

    While people are on the subject of recommending books may I draw your attention to quite a definitive history of the INLA, “Deadly Divisions”, co-authored by Henry McDonald and the late, and much missed, Jack Holland. Tell me, please, where Jack was lied to by INLA members if you will.

  • Seamus Deery

    just a wee point. No one, and I mean no one – not Gerry Adams or Gerry Mc Geough has the right to tell us that they know what dead volunteers would think of the current situation as it is impossible to know. Not even their relatives know. Many may have supported the current SF policy, many may have opposed it. People on both sides should just argue their cases logically and let those listening decide on the merits. I hate both sides telling us what dead volunteers would have thought. Are they mediums?

    On the whole policing and wider debate alot of republicans have huge doubts over SF’s reliance on the DUP to enable them long term to push a united Ireland strategy. There are huge dangers in it. However many of these republicans dont want to back people like the INLA who carry out no military actions against the state forces but put a huge effort into tiger kidnappings and collecting protection money from local businesses while spouting republican/socialist propaganda. By their actions are they judged. We’ve seen North and South how INLA have been an integral part of the drugs trade and have co-operated for many years with loyalist paramilitaries to mutually benefit. I will listen to the likes of Gerry McGeough, or Anthony McIntyre and while not agreeing with all they say respect their views, they have integrity but do me a favour, the current leaders of IRSP and INLA, I might as well take my political direction from Al Capone!!!!!!


    after all said and done,i dont know too many well off irps living in our communities,do you ????????.

  • Paddy

    Talk of IRSP/INLA/Continuity etc is just a distraction in this context. It is just an ploy by adams and his lackeys to try damage his internal opposition.

    We should not allow these adams inspired side issues to distract from the main debate.

    Lets debate the issue on its merits. Is it sensible for PSF to rely on DUP cooperation to achieve their aims?

    The political leadership of PSF is seriously flawed in their analysis. For years rank and file party members have been denied “real” imput into policy. For many party members this has been like “train wreck tv”, just watching in horror as the inevitable disaster unfolds.

  • willie gallaghr

    Seamus Deery, I think you are getting mixed up and confused with use of proper initials and your allegations would be more appropiate for the leadership of PRM. I will restate an earlier comment I made to you, there are NO millionaires in the IRSP unlike your MI5 infested leadership, who successfuly disbaned ARA for obvious reasons. They have exported military technology to the biggest drug cartel in the world, Farc, for money for personal use, many of your leadership are millionaires through extortion, taxing drug dealers and criminals and robberies. Its all coming out you clown thats why big Gerry was anxious to get rid of ARA.