Speaking of back-channels…

The IRSP response to Adams’ invitation to a private meeting: “Adams is just playing politics with this public statement because he knows the back channels for meetings. The back channels to set up meetings between the groups are well established and on his going public with this I would question his sincerity.” Makes a bit of a contrast between the brouhaha over the alleged DUP back channel. Meanwhile, some families of fallen volunteers are not happy with Sinn Fein’s upcoming (Monday night in Derry), specially convened, private briefing. “This doesn’t sound like a meeting or an exchange of ideas to us,” said one family member. “We have been summoned to a meeting in order to find out what line they want us to push. Lots of the traditional republican families have become disheartened by the secrecy involved now. Why not have this meeting in public, in front of the media?”

In a move reminiscent of the 1998 Ard Fheis which saw the Balcombe Street Gang used to win permission for the party to take part in Stormont, “Sinn Fein have also organised for families of their lost comrades to be present at the RDS on January 28th, when the party holds its Extraordinary Ard Fheis. The party will provide transport in order that the families can witness the debate at first hand.” The Derry Journal also carries a review of the Tower Hotel meeting held earlier this week.

Also, from last night, Dissident voices speak out, Ch4 News report by Carl Dinnen about this week’s meeting in Derry (video report available).