Not quite any means necessary then?

According to a BBC report [not yet online] the Secretary of State for Wales, etc, Peter Hain has stated to the transitional assembly’s sub-group on policing and justice that the idea that he could impose a justice minister [and those devolved powers? – Ed] on an Assembly against the wishes of that Assembly was “a constitutional nonsense”.. a point which you may, or may not, recall being mentioned previously.. Although that does leave the question of why he sought to give the impression that he would.. Updated here

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  • ingram


    You know WHY?

    Just like Plan B? more like file 13? ( The bin)


  • Pete Baker


    It was a rhetorical question.. and the answer is at the link.

  • ingram

    Dont play mind games with Pete. LOL

  • Yokel

    It always was round brown filing cabinet.

    How can you devolve administration, have it running for a year then start unilaterlally imposing on it someone who won’t get much co-operation. Mick Fealty is right in his point in the last thread, Justice may well lack teeth. The British have to administer this place, devolution or not, and there’s no way they are going to make it difficult for themselves.

    SF, from what has been said, did ask for such an imposition and I’m assuming its been given pretty much a no. Thus it adds to the issue of why they’ve turned to Paisley. How much of it was because they knew Paisley wouldnt bite thus giving them a chance to delay (and maybe draw concessions) or collapse the process until a later time and how much becsuse they geneuinely needed Paisley to speak to win people in their own constituency around?

    It could be either or both but one motivation always runs ahead of another life, the others just fit in behind it.

    SF have now got their statement on MI5 which wasnt there a few days ago altough it may not amount to anything in practice it can be used as a ‘success’. On this score do any republicans really believe the British Government. I’m no republican but on this score I wouldnt believe them either.

    Maybe its more important that the British Government are seen to jump rather than the actual jump.

    Meanwhile the DUP are quiet on these areas…

  • the other one

    Clear as mud.

    Did I hear on the news that if agreement couldn’t be reached then it might have to be someone from outside the Assembly?

    Hmmm Nuala will be looking for a new job round that time.

  • Yokel

    Thing is, justice will be devolved.

    The cross community mechanism looks set and it gives the goverment an easy route to just appoint those who got the biggest part of cross community consensus which will be, shock horror, 1 x UUP, 1 1 x SDLP. If 25% of the Assembly in total opposed it and 75% agreed, that’ll be enough.

    I can understad why SF wanted an imposition but it just isnt really workable. They may get one but its probably going to be what they were trying to stop. Probably easier to buy the compromise themselves.