Níl mé sure…

A few shots on You Tube of Manchán Magan’s progress courtesy of bloggorah… including those explicit lyrics… Hat tip Ciaran at his new digs…


  • Crataegus

    As they say in Arabic it’s a pig.

    Reminds one of the zealots who try to interest you in a religious text when all you want is a few pairs of socks and get home.

  • páid


    No problem with other languages when it comes to hunting for a nasty, dare I say, zealous put-down eh, Crat?

  • Crataegus


    No problem at all! I just couldn’t resist it and totally uncalled for; that drawing of the pig had me in stitches. It appealed to my sad sense of humour, to me it wouldn’t be the sort of thing I would even contemplate approaching strangers with as an opener. The advantages of a mixed background and family misused and totally unfair comment in that context. Slipped in under the slugger censorship though!

    That’s what I like about slugger implied slights from another culture are spotted.

  • páid

    Night night Crat.

    Enjoy Oz, I certainly did. Bit spooked by the way they take one at face value…came away thinking the average Aussie is an Englishman minus a class obsession. I loved ’em.

  • Crataegus

    OZ is just great! Why on earth are we fighting over Ireland?