McGuigan out, Paul McGlinchey to stand

That’s 6 MLAs down for SF now, Philip McGuigan will not be standing this time round. In an interesting twist, he will remain on the Ballymoney District Council and will “take up a full-time position within Sinn Fein’s six county organisation”. His actions, he says, have nothing to do with policing.

Meanwhile, Paul McGlinchey, a former blanketman and brother to murdered INLA man Dominic McGlinchey, will stand in as an independent in Mid Ulster. The Irish News reports: “Paul McGlinchey, who left Sinn Fein last month, said opposition to the party’s policy on policing had prompted his decision to go head-to-head with former colleagues including chief negotiator Martin McGuinness.”

Anti policing republicans have confirmed they will support independent candidates in 13 constituencies.