McGuigan out, Paul McGlinchey to stand

That’s 6 MLAs down for SF now, Philip McGuigan will not be standing this time round. In an interesting twist, he will remain on the Ballymoney District Council and will “take up a full-time position within Sinn Fein’s six county organisation”. His actions, he says, have nothing to do with policing.

Meanwhile, Paul McGlinchey, a former blanketman and brother to murdered INLA man Dominic McGlinchey, will stand in as an independent in Mid Ulster. The Irish News reports: “Paul McGlinchey, who left Sinn Fein last month, said opposition to the party’s policy on policing had prompted his decision to go head-to-head with former colleagues including chief negotiator Martin McGuinness.”

Anti policing republicans have confirmed they will support independent candidates in 13 constituencies.

  • Orla Black

    The Irish signage is obviously going to be an election tool for SF in N Antrim so once and for all I will clarify my position on the signs and what I voted for!

    I never at any time have been against the promotion of Irish language! I actually voted for the Irish signs to be put in place, however, the whole Council was faced with a decision to make when we discovered that there was no budget to do all the signs that had been requested to be done out of last year’s budget! There was no money whatsoever for it and we had to postpone putting the signs up in the few areas which were left simply because it was not possible during this financial term! It was decided that it would be left until this financial year and then we could allocate a budget to do what we could. We all agreed that we wanted the promotion of the Irish language and this had been policy for a number of years! The only problem was that we did not have the money as the exact costs were only discovered after the rates meeting and we had to put the requests that were only under consultation on hold until the money was found.
    Unfortunately Moyle has a very limited budget and we have to be very scrupulous when it comes to decisions on how it should be spent. If anyone was at any of the rates meetings last year they would remember that I was extremely voiciferous about the budget for 2006/07 and was at all times more than supportive of the Irish signs, however, when it came down to the fact that there was no money there was no other choice to make other than to hold off anymore applications until the money was found. This should be implemented in the budget this year within the next few weeks and if it is not I will be one of the first to make sure it is!
    Please do not continue to use my name to say something which is not true!
    I have been brought up to be proud to be Irish and to be proud of my religion and I will continue to be so. I dont have to listen to people who make me out to pretend to be green – I have always been a Republican and am proud to say that I am one!
    I will continue to be the person I am and have always been and will not pretend for anyone. I look forward to the people deciding who the better person is for their vote!
    I will not and did not side with Unionists on the Irish signs and I suggest that people read the minutes and any press statements to get the true facts before posting what they want to believe and they want others to believe!

    Tiocaigh Orla!!!!!

  • realist

    ‘I have been brought up to be proud to be Irish’

    then why does your e-mail address end…

  • thetruthwillcomeout

    Another example of how SF dont seem to be thinking with common sense on issues and would rather use things that go wrong through no fault of others as a weapon to hurt their opponents!

    Get real SF! Where would the money come from for Irish signs if it hasnt been budgeted for?

    You all know well that it isnt possible but still seem to use these things to ruin others.

  • ImpressedbyOrla’snerve

    Orla dont even answer that! How petty!

    At least you had the nerve to display your true identity to put the record straight!

    Fair play to you!

    If I was in your area I would certainly vote for you!

  • Mark


    Great to see you state your position, I’ll leave those better informed to argue the toss.


    Why did you mention you are proud of your religion? Strange thing to say in the context of this discussion.

    It’s also strange to see an SDLP representative bastardising a phrase more commonly associated with the IRA as some kind of election slogan.

    You certainly seem to have the makings of a very interesting candidate.

    (absolutely fantastic to see a SDLP contributor willing to put their name on a post)

  • eyes of garnet

    Nice to talk to u. I thought that council would have set aside a budget for matters of this nature. It is unfortunate that you did not back the signs (or put them off) from that budget as I remember the total for all signs was something small, in the region of 2 to 2500 pounds. It is a stick the Irishleague seem intent on beating you with. Best of luck in the elections.

  • Crataegus

    This thread says much about SF, it gives us a flavour its grass roots support that is not entirely edifying.

    What is interesting on this and other threads is how venial the infighting is between the SF and its dissidents, SF and the SDLP and also the DUP and UUP. It is much worse than the contest between Nationalism and Unionism.

    Have they all lost the plot ?

  • qubol

    Crataegus get real, its election time. Lets not pretend that the SDLP is what you might call edifying either.
    Orla I agree with Mark nice to see you here under your own name and all but, who’s it gonna be you or Declan O’Loan cos yous both cant get elected? Are you just the sideshow or is that o’loan?

  • Aontroim

    I have just been reading with great interest the discussion on this thread between sf and sdlp supporters. From my experiences and that of my family, the work on the ground has always been carried out by Sinn Féin. There are too many revisionists in the sdlp. Indeed, the diarrhoea coming out of the sdlp’s Alex Atwood at the moment in relation to policing and justice stinks of double standards, hypocrisy and a party which is totally directionless.They are trying belatedly to be ‘greener’ than SF. I am looking forward to the elections in March to be honest. It will give the electorate an opportunity again to have their say on who they believe is best representing them. I look forward to the vigorous campaigning by all Parties as they knock on my door looking for my vote. If i remember right, in the 2005 local elections the stoops had to PAY people to put up their election posters! id be surprised if they even get enough people out to canvass around my area.

  • Crataegus


    I think a lot of what goes on at election time is totally unacceptable.

    We are treated with relentless smearing, misrepresentation and nasty little innuendos about others, some of it is frankly slanderous and in places downright aggressive. I have seen this played out at polling stations and canvassers from the likes of the UUP and SDLP suffering a real barracking. I have not seen either SF or the DUP supporters receive quite the same treatment. Some of it is simply assault and intimidation and it is intended.

    There needs to be closer monitoring of conduct during elections and the severest penalties for inappropriate behaviour. In the past I have seen open abuse and aggression, heard boosts that particular groups wouldn’t dare show their faces in certain areas, posters removed as THE parties is being put up, sham leaflets misrepresenting a party , and nasty little lies and smears by canvassers which are potentially libellous. It seems anything goes if you can get away with it including stealing the votes of the elderly and infirm.

    All parties get up to this sort of behaviour but some are more extreme than others. All of it is totally unacceptable. It brings politics into disrepute.

  • Orla (lol)

    Mark the reason why I mentioned my religion is because I was trying to state the person I am and have always been and because my heritage and religion go together as one just like any Orange Man whose tradition and culture are firmly related to his religious beliefs! I dont think I was being in any way sectarian in saying this and if you knew me you would know that I very much understand the diversity within all communities and welcome this diversity and welcome people’s right to be able to enjoy their different religions and cultures! I do realise that religion leads to sectarianism but in my case it doesnt and I think if there were more people like me who are understanding about the protection of people’s faith without the need to encourage sectarianism then the world might be a better place!?
    The election slogan is a bit of a joke, however, in reality it does mean “our day will come” and this may suggest a number of things to people!? I think it is more a case for me that MY day will come and that my supporters day will come but I could be wrong in that assumption!?
    Eyes of garnet – it is a stick that the irishleague seem intent on beating me with….Well bring it on because I have nothing to hide! You fail to tell me where the money would have come from for the signs and fail to acknowledge that you and the other supporters of SF are wrong in what you are stating here about what I have done! I will just have to face up to the fact that lies will be told about me over the next few weeks and I will have to prove that they are untrue! I am prepared for this and intend to work very hard for this election which is one of the reasons why I am brave enough to put my real name here. I cant say the same about you!
    If you are willing to put your head above the parapet for the future of Ireland/N Ireland you should do it right!
    Qubol I will let the electorate decide that one!
    Aontroim you are right we did have to pay some people to put up some signs but what does that mean? Do SF not pay some young ones to distribute material? Yes they do in my area anyway. SF also go to the bother of taking our signs down which just goes to show you who their real enemy is!
    Dont you worry about the sdlp and who or how many they have to canvass! You just worry about how you are going to pretend to the electorate that you are the only party who do anything on the ground – it mystifies me how you can state this along with saying that we are pretending to be green. As I said before neither me nor my colleagues need to pretend this!
    I think Cratageus is right it is disgraceful the fighting among the parties simply because they are rivals for a particular section of the communities votes. I look forward to the day when we can all work together to get this country sorted once and for all!

    Oh and BTW Happy Monday morning everyone!

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    what have you done? Slugger’s resident SDLPer El Mat has always maintained that the SDLP never paid anyone to put up their election posters and now you have let the cat out of the bag and left El Mat looking quite silly and dishonest.

    BTW SF never have to pay supporters or anyone else to distribute election literature, its called a party machine.

  • Shamrock

    What difference does it make if on some occasions in some areas people are paid to put signs up?

    I cant see the problems in that?

    Orla is right – I have been told that by some young ones that they have been given a couple of quid by SF to distribute leaflets and go around the doors on election day to get everyone out.

    Yes it is part of the machine but money does on quite a few occasions change hands and so what!?

    As far as I can see if the money is there it makes sense to pay someone to do part of a job to leave others available for other jobs such as canvassing face to face with people and doing work for their Constituents!

    I have seen sdlp supporters, Councillors and family members putting up and taking down posters so I know it mustnt be in every area where someone is paid but I dont see the problem if in some areas someone is paid to do it!? I dont know for sure if it is done by the stoops as anyone I have seen put the things up has been related to them in some way but I really dont think it is worth an argument or is a good weapon to attack the stoops with. As I dont think that SF giving young ones a pound or two to do some work is either!?

  • Tidesareturning

    And Pat, looks like you have made yourself look dishonest cos I know that SF have paid people to do some work for them around the doors etc etc!

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Anonymous posters,

    It is only an issue because a regular SDLP contributor to the site denied that the SDLP were doing it. That SDLP contributor has now been shown up as being dishonest by a named SDLP election candidate.

    To confirm SF never have to pay anyone to do election work for them. Sorry, but trolling on behalf of the stoops on this one aint gonna wash.

  • sudso

    No worries, Pat, you keep trolling on behalf of Sinn Fein long as you like, it doesn’t wash either.

    Sorry, but trolling on behalf of the stoops on this one aint gonna wash.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    Good to see the SF paid bloggers getting out early in the campaign on Slugger.

  • Crataegus


    Once upon a time it was people on benefits manning the offices. So we were all paying for the SF election machine and ‘work’ on the ground!!

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    you were complaining earlier about the tone of thread, good to see you are not getting into any of that old smaearing and venial stuff.

  • Crataegus


    Paying MY money in tax to keep a SF election machine oiled is personal! Don’t mind paying for schools, health care , pensions but there are limits. Apart from that there is something about the pack attacking the weak and constantly snapping at their heels that makes one feel that a bit of intervention is required.

    Are you perchance denying that any of the workers – Volunteers in SF incident centres were ever on benefits whilst assisting?

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    If a person works for BT and on his off days does election work for SF, BT is not paying for’s SF well oiled election machine. Ditto, the same applies to people on benefits, simple really.

    Trying to cloud the issue of the SDLP directly paying people to do election work wont work sorry.

  • Glenarm

    I heard that the budget came under your basic street-signage budget last year Orla and there was absolutely no reason why the signs for Ballycastle and the Glens couldn’t have been erected! indeed the Council paid for the consultation to be carried out so you can’t say that money was not available. I hope that the SDLP will redeem themselves this year.
    Another poster made a fair point about the new Councils, the people over in Moyle may not have another opportunity to get Irish signs again.

    By the way its Tiocfaidh, not “Tiocaigh”

  • Crataegus


    If a person works for BT and takes a day off it is his day off, he has earned it and how he spends it is his affair. I am not paying for it.

    If someone is on benefit and manning an office I am paying for it. If in my business I had 5 brothers and sister, on benefits, and they all decided to help by spending 3 days a week in my business I bet there would be questions asked.

    I can’t imagine say the Alliance Party have such a windfall. To my mind it constitutes a state subsidy and it is money that most other parties cannot access. It is unfair and potentially an abuse of the benefit system.

    The question still stands.

    Bedtime where I am bye

  • Orla Black

    Is it not SF,Glenarm who support these new Councils of which North Antrim will be Unionist controlled – sounds contradictary to me does it not!?

    And I think it can be Tiocaigh or Tiocfaidh!? Am open to clarification on that!

    I am not going to respond about the signs anymore as I have stated the facts on that one although you arent quite grasping them!?

    I do not wish to answer the same person who uses different place names here and who hasnt the nerve to say who they really are and who continues to beat me with the same stick over and over again!

    As I said I would like to work with everyone to provide a better way to a better Ireland – cant you do the same?

    I look forward to your response or the next piece of ammo you throw at me to try your best to hurt me!!!???

    I think you must be one of the candidates running against me!? Looking forward to it.

  • qubol

    “To my mind it constitutes a state subsidy and it is money that most other parties cannot access.”

    Crataegus the word Bullshit spings to mind. If a person voluntarly wishes to carry out work for a political party that is fair and just – indeed its the foundation of many well supported parties the world over.

    When a party arrouses the interest of the electorate a funny thing happens, people relate to it and sometimes decide they want to get involve. Thats true of the employed, unemployed, sick and retired. If your party doesnt enjoy the same level of support as Sin Fein perhaps you should look at its policies raher than come on slugger and yap about unemployed people volunteering, its just not very edifying.

  • Glenarm

    Orla, the Council model the SDLP backed would also see Moyle in a new Unionist supercouncil! No contradiction at all. Moyle will be done away with regardless of what the new Councils are! I don’t know where you get teh candidate bit at, I would have to join Sinn fein and take a shower or two, I would rather take it easy with a bit of sluggin and a G&T than knock doors in North Antrim!

  • Frustrated Democrat

    Anyone who is on benefits is not allowed to work in any capacity whether paid or unpaid without reporting it to the appropraite authorities, so if such people work for a political party they are breaking the law.

    Anyone who is aware of such abuse should now immediately report it to the PSNI in the new spirit of reconciliation.

  • Liam Boyle

    I have to say that it is very refreshing for Orla to come on here and confron the Sinn fein revisionists. In Derry we have a well oiled machine which is in good nick and as a member of the SDLp it’ll be interesting to see the effects that dissidents have on the SF vote not only in Derry but throughout the North.

    Can I say all the best to Orla and hope that she helps maximise the SDLP vote and dare I say it help her and Declan become MLAs for North Antrim. I believe she has a brilliant chance

  • eyes of garnet

    Get real. Orla does nothing for blondes. If u want to do your party a favour, talk to your leadership and get that louper outta hear. Gotta admit though, brave putting her name to some of em posts, refreshingly blonde too.

    And Orla, council will have 25 grand to spend on street signs this month. No doubt you will be oiling up your speach……..I would just like to say how much my party have worked to secure this money so that all the little children may have Irish street signage….blah blah……….

    Truth is you used this issue to scupper SFs work in the Moyle area in relation to this subject last year. Best me thinks if u say nothing when its mentioned and move on in council.

  • Uneedadictionary

    eyes of garnet

    So Orla is a “louper”? “get her outta hear”? Will she be “oiling up her speach”?

    I hope u are not a party worker and definitely not their proof reader?! Wouldnt look good on election material now would it?

    Do u know Orla? What makes you think these things about her?

    How do u know there is 25 grand allocated for the signs? Are you the Council Finance Officer?

  • b/mena sham

    i love orla. let me say it again – i love orla

  • Altananam Shamboody

    Good to hear theres £25K up to deal with the Irish street-signs in Moyle. Hopefully the SDLP won’t block it this time again

  • eyes of garnet

    Don’t know if 25k all for street signs but if Orla’s party don’t sh** again then we may get some of it for signage.

  • eyes of garnet

    b/mena sham,
    Is that to do with politics? lol

  • Baffled

    I cant believe yous are still talking about this?!

    What is your fascination with Orla and these signs?

    Can we change the discussion please and go back to the original thread and discuss candidates for the potential assembly?

    What about SF or the UUP in North Antrim anyone know who they have selected?

    What about East Antrim? Has SF and the stoops selected there?

    Would like to see a full list of candidates to start a debate on who will or will not win a seat. This would be much more interesting than the above. Cllr Black must be delighted that she is gettin such publicity good or bad! Noone seems to be saying too much about any other candidates in her area or any others actually.

    What about Derry? I hear that Cllr Quigley has been selected for the stoops.

  • bertie

    does anyone else agree with me that oliver mc mullan is a unionist

  • eyes of garnet

    u need the political will to change…… make change…….

  • Crataegus


    Anyone who is on benefits is not allowed to work in any capacity whether paid or unpaid without reporting it to the appropriate authorities, so if such people work for a political party they are breaking the law.

    Thanks and concisely put.


    If a person voluntarly wishes to carry out work for a political party that is fair and just – indeed its the foundation of many well supported parties the world over……….. Thats true of the employed, unemployed, sick and retired. If your party doesnt enjoy the same level of support as Sin Fein perhaps you should look at its policies raher than come on slugger and yap about unemployed people volunteering, its just not very edifying.

    Two points I am not a member of a political party and secondly as FD highlighted if you are working in any capacity on benefits you are potentially breaking the law. So back to the original question, are you telling me that no one in receipt of benefits works for SF? Your previous post would seem to be tacit admission that such is the case.


    The reason you are getting the flack, misrepresentation and the openly personal attacks is because some think you will poll well and that may upset their own ambitions so unfortunately some will stop at nothing to try to reduce your standing or to try to lean on you or those that support you. It is if you like a perverse form of compliment.

    It is the silly period before the election when everyone is rearing to go and there are not enough constructive things for many activists to do.

    My advice is ignore it and get a good canvass organised. People meeting and seeing you is the only way you can effectively deal with the endless innuendos. Expect a ‘robust’ campaign and mobile phones are very useful for recording what goes on and sending.


    oliver mc mullan is a unionist

    I think he is more of a publican than republican, why he ever joined SF is beyond me.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    ‘Anyone who is on benefits is not allowed to work in any capacity whether paid or unpaid without reporting it to the appropraite authorities, so if such people work for a political party they are breaking the law.

    Anyone who is aware of such abuse should now immediately report it to the PSNI in the new spirit of reconciliation.’

    I take it that is directed at Craetagus as it was it who made the original allegation, put up or shut up time.

  • Nevin

    Eyes on garnet, falling on his sword is the more likely explanation – and a back-office job in HQ his ‘reward’.

    If you recall, Martin McGuinness had to step in and sort out a mess that McGuigan was involved in in Dunloy in July 2005. McGuigan supported the republican parade in Ballymena in August, 2005 – and almost immediately withdrew it. There was a high potential for trouble at the OO parade in Ballycastle on July 12, 2006. McGuigan’s last press release on the NA SF website was on July 6. It seems that SF HQ was taking no chances with its loose cannon …

  • Cathchyerselfon

    It may have been McGuigan’s last press release on the website Nevin, but I’d put that down to the webmaster rather than Philip McGuigan. His statements are still in the papers every week!

  • Aontroim Thuaidh

    Danny O’Connor will be the SDLP candidate for East Antrim – noone within the party has suggested otherwise. I assume Oliver ‘Mainland’ McMullan will be the Sinn Fein candidate.

  • eyes of garnet


    Mc Guigan did not support that parade. I remember he quite clearly stated that the people of Fisherwick should decide if there should be a parade. They, by a large majority, said no. Mc Guigan backed them.

  • b/mena sham

    i love orla and i think that philip mc guigan was a god. i seen him turn water into wine at an irish nite in ballycastle one time.
    perhaps his new job is to produce a sermon on the mount type speech to convert the whole of ireland to republicanism. if it is i look forward to hearing it.
    does anyone else think that declan o loan is a robot and oliver mc mullan is a closet transvestite!

  • kentucky

    eyes of garnet – who have SF selected for North antrim then – the convention was on last week and it still isnt out – has there been some sort of challenge there?

    Oliver is a nobody and a bully and if SF have any sense they will get rid of him. I have a relative who is well in with the leadership of SF and they seem to say that he was used to get in the glens area cos he had alot of support. He will be shafted as soon as someone else comes along who would get a better vote.

    He is no longer the leader of the Council group and treated Digney like dirt! She was in SF before him and is a true Republican and Shinner thru and thru.

    Oliver is no more Republican than Ian Og and B/mena Sham – closet transvestite!? What have u heard?

    I agree B/mean Sham that Philip is an excellent public rep but God!?

    Declan O Loan is a robot controlled by his wife. he feeds off her high profile to raise his own and she even has to mention him when she is interviewed to promote him! Why does he feel the need to do this all the time – it appears obvious to me that it is because he doesnt do the work in Ballymena and cares more about becoming an MLA than about what happens in Ballymena. Philip forsake us if he wins a seat! If he does get in it will not be as a result of his hard work in ballymena.

    It would be nice to see some candidates who would appear to help people rather than themselves.

    Does anyone know any?

  • qubol

    “are you telling me that no one in receipt of benefits works for SF? Your previous post would seem to be tacit admission that such is the case.”

    Its not illegal to volunteer and recieve benefits. In general the only sipulations are that you make yourself available for work, search for work and inform the dole of your volunteering. Other than that it should be fine to volunteer for a political party. The unemployed are entitled to engage in politics too!

  • Nevin

    Eyes of garnet, his two contradictory stances appeared in the same Ballymena paper in the same week. You failed to mention his criticism of the Parades Commission for putting restrictions on the Republican parade. More on Slugger.

  • psyop

    I’ll vote for Paul McGlinchey, I believe in what he stands for!

  • Harry

    I’ll vote for Paul McGlinchey, I believe in what he stands for!

    Posted by psyop on Jan 17, 2007 @ 08:15 AM

    What does he stand for psyop?! Paul has already stated that he ‘supports policing’ and was in favour of Sinn Féin going on the policing boards when they were set up!! I’d love to see if he puts that on his manifesto!

  • eyes of garnet


    I can reassure you that a bright young hard working talent is about to emerge as the next SF MLA in N. Antrim. Does nothing else but work. On the ground, at home, in the SF office and believe it or not, I think this one can also walk on water….no kidding.

  • Cynic

    I can reassure you that a bright young hard working talent is about to emerge as the next SF MLA in N. Antrim. Does nothing else but work. On the ground, at home, in the SF office and believe it or not, I think this one can also walk on water….no kidding.

    Posted by eyes of garnet

    I think Dominic ‘Bubble’ Kearns can walk on water! Interesting Choice.

  • Óg

    I hear that the DUP are selecting their North Antrim candidates in Ballymoney tonight. Any idea if it will be 3 or 4?

  • Shamrock

    I think we know who the candidate is!

    Yes on the ground and hard working but so is some of the other candidates standing in North Antrim and that is for sure!

    Eyes of garnet – why has it not been made public yet?

  • Shamrock

    It will be four!

  • Glen Tasie


    I expect the DUP to go for four the three incumbents and a “surprise” businessman.

    Th 6th seat being a fight between the SDLP and the fourth DUP.

    Every transfer will be valuable in both camps

  • eyes of garnet

    Glen tasie,

    For once you got it spot on. But why are the stoops taking such a risk in running two. A perfect storm for the DUP would put the stoops out. I can only assume they are putting two up in the hope of attracting more personal votes.

    Their votes combined (O Loan and Farren) still did not reach the quota last time out and Farren just about got in.

    Wonder was Orla at council meeting today in Moyle? I think the 25k for bi-lingual street signs was being branded about today. Hope she did not go against again???????

  • The true to her word Politician!

    Yeah eyes of garnet I was there!

    U seem to know an awful lot about MDC?

    The 25 grand u have spoken about is for street signage and our rate has not been set! I can say however that as I said last year about two weeks after the rates meeting when this issue was brought up and when the rates were set that we could do within that years budget and leave the others on hold until 2007/08 when we could set a budget more capable of accommodating the applications for signs which had already been received and had not been accommodated in the 2006/07 budget as well as new ones which may or may not appear. We also wanted to ensure that the new budget incorporated enough funds within it to provide maintenance for signs as we felt that it was important that any existing signage was replaced asap if needs be!
    Now could I ask yet again where any of the SF councillors thought the money would be found last year for all the applications and also why they waited until after the rates meeting last year to bring it up?
    This seems to me to be the Shinners using our traditional language as a weapon against their opponents!
    Being proud of my Irish heritage and culture and proud of the Irish language in general I find this deplorable!
    Again eyes of garnet if you read the minutes you will see that I never at anytime voted against the Irish signs or promotion of the Irish language!
    I am sorry that once again I have had to clarify my position but today I must say that I am delighted that there will be a budget for the Irish signage – I would honestly say that this can be contributed to the sdlp in Moyle in that we suggested that a bigger budget be set this year to accommodate all aspects of road signage!
    U see eyes of garnet solutions can be found to things by way of taking a more common sense approach. There isnt much point in doing things by halves now is there which the shinners seemed to be willing to do!
    I will welcome this budget for signage if and when it is ratified by Council. I will let u know!
    In the meantime u might want to be careful what u post here cos u are giving the game away as to ur identity!
    At least I have the bottle to face u as me!

  • Glen Taisie

    Eyes of Garnet

    “Glen tasie, For once you got it spot on”

    Twice actually!!!

    First to post on the Donaldson story (before it broke)and earliest post on the McGuigan story (6 months ago)

    Got most other things wrong mind you!!!!!!

  • Rees james

    Yes glen spot on the dup are running 4 candidates no surprise businessman though!

  • eyes of garnet

    Thanks Orla,

    Too close to an election now not to bother with Irish language issues.
    Mind u, u gave me a laugh with the sdlp line. Brave old sdlp promotes Irish again……..
    I did make it clear though, a few posts back, that I felt your motives for putting off the issue last year was only to undo SFs work on the it.
    I truly welcome the move as without sdlps support budget may not be granted. I am only having a dig, and your clearly correct in pointing out that the language should not be used as a political issue.
    So please ensure all your party collegues back the funding this time…….

  • The eager challenger in North Antrim

    Are u saying that SF put the policy in for bi lingual signage in Moyle?

    I thought it had been in place well before the beginning of 2006 and that it was only applications for the signage which came to the fore at that time.

    I thought that the issue was around the money spent or available and not the issue of whether the signs should be there or not – at least this was the sdlp stance at the time!

    I dont think we can credit Sinn Fein for getting the signs at all. The sdlp actually proposed that a bigger budget be set this year for them to allow for the issue of the signage to be dealt with properly while the shinners wanted to find money last year from some sort of mysterious surplus within council that noone seemed to have any idea about apart from them!

    A good public rep will ensure that proposals or anything discussed is worthwhile and makes sense no matter who proposes it. They cannot be held at fault if they choose to be honest to the ratepayers!

    As u say it is too close to election time and I expect that these lies about our stance on the promotion of Irish language will be brought up on numerous occasions but dont u worry I am ready for it!

    I have no doubt ur press releases and comments for the doors are ready as are mine!

    Cant wait!

  • ulsterscot

    It was interesting to see that street-sign applications came in for Irish street-signs in Ballymena, Ballymoney and Moyle at the same time when this issue first arose and I’m aware that republicans were behind the applications in Ballymena and Ballymoney and I’m sure that that was the case in Moyle as well. McKay never shuts up about it in rasharkin so I think its clear that SF are using the issue for political ends. A relative of mine signed a letter to Ballymoney Council arguing against these signs and an irish street-sign policy but I’ve heard that they’re going to ignore this because of ‘legal’ reasons – So much for democracy.

  • McIlhatton

    7FM said that DUP were only running with Storey/Paisley/Ian Óg – a let-off for the SDLP, or could there be a seat in North Antrim for the McCartney-ites?

  • screech

    Just heard that it will be McKay standing for the shinners, so the line up so far:

    Black (SDLP)
    McKay (Sinn Féin)
    O’Loan (SDLP)
    Paisley (DUP)
    Paisley Jnr (DUP)
    Storey (DUP)

    UUP? Rep Independents? Dissident Unionists? I assume Alliance will be Jayne Dunlop again?

  • Shamrock

    Should be good to see what happens here and if there is anyone else who puts themselves forward – I wonder why the DUP decided to run only 3 considering they have nearly a fourth quota?

    Good selection so far – anyone know if Laurence O Neill will stand?

    The UUP will run Coulter as usual – there isnt much choice in North Antrim for anyone else and they probably still have the attitude that you have to be older and experienced for the Assembly!

    Does anyone know if there were any other shinners who put their names forward for selection against Mc Kay or was he agreed on unanimously?

  • DunLathai

    McKay had the backing of all the North Antrim Cumainn.

    McMullans been announced for East Antrim now as well.

  • Bessbrook

    God, and I thought Orla was young, this guys what? 24?

  • Philippe

    Good on Daithi for going for it!

    Good on SF for choosing someone who is younger and who will encourage the young ones to get out and vote and have their voices heard!

    Pity about Mc Mullan though! Do they not have anyone else who could stand for them in that area? Someone like him gives the shinners a bad name!

  • HillofKintullagh

    McKay (Former St. Louis’ Pupil)


    O’Loan (Former St. Louis’ Teacher)

    I know who the ex-students there will be going for anyway – the one with the personality!! (Not hard to work out)

  • mccann33

    Who said it was just Mc Kay v O’Loan?

    You never can tell what the electorate would do and O’Loan isnt as safe as he would think.

    There will be quite a few sdlp voters in Ballymena who will vote for the other candidate.

  • Fadgey

    Will McKay be the youngest MLA if hes elected then? What age is Haughey(Newry+Armagh)?

  • Big Dave Mackey


    Your first task

    Tell the electorate the Real reason for Philip McGuigan’s departure and clear up the mess .


  • Casey

    McKay must tell us what happened McGUIGAN.

  • Dunlathai

    McGuigan is still working for the party in North Antrim and will continue to do so! Some of SF’s most talented members work away from the public glare, everyone has their role to play.

    I’d ask people to listen to what republicans are saying, whether its on this issue or any other. The credibility that people give sunday tabloids and the infamous ‘rumour-mill’ is quite astounding, especially when you consider their anti-republican nature.

    If we were all to use this rationale then we’d be asking:

    “O’Loan must tell us what happened FARREN”

    Which would be easy, he got his ass kicked by McGuigan.

  • Glen Taisie


    i’d ask people to listen to what republicans are saying, whether its on this issue or any other. The credibility that people give sunday tabloids and the infamous ‘rumour-mill’ is quite astounding, especially when you consider their anti-republican nature.

    My initial information came from an Sinn Fein elected representative

  • eyes of garnet

    You’ll have to tell us or give us some inkling as to who this ‘SF elected rep’ is Glen Taisie. Sunday newspapers talk to a ‘leading republican’, an ‘anonymous IRA member’, etc. all the time – doesn’t mean that they actually exist!

    Fadgey I believe Haughey is 25 and was elected when she was 23.

  • Glen Taisie


    You’ll have to tell us or give us some inkling as to who this ‘SF elected rep’ is

    You will have to accept that my primary source was a Sinn Fein elected rep.

    Here’s a clue to my secondary source also a Sinn Fein elected rep.

    “Elected for the first time as a Sinn Fein Councillor in 2005”

    Sin e