David Ervine is not dead…

DAVID Ervine is, as I write this, not dead, despite reports to the contrary. It would appear a hoax caller has been ringing around various media outlets, such as RTE, who reported his death earlier. However, Ervine is in a very critical condition.

  • gerry

    A hoax caller, and RTE did not think to back up there source. F**king disgraceful for a state media outfit to report something not checked.

  • haleandhearty

    Tell me this..What is the point in Mick shutting down one thread on David Ervine only for another one to be opened?

    Leading to further uninformed speculation as to his demise……

  • Henry94


    You are right about that. Disgraceful.

  • slug

    This seems an unnecessary thread and I think the comments shoudl be closed given that the other comments were closed too.

    PS The BBC always check their sources.

  • gareth mccord

    i hope he now understands how precious life is and makes a full recovery! maybe this will make him tell the police the h.e.t. and the ombudsman the info they need to get justice for the u.v.f. victims.