Ervine admitted to hospital

The BBC have just published initial details of David Ervine’s admission to hospital.

UPDATE: As Mick has outlined in his comment we understand that David’s condition is very serious. We also understand that the family wish for a degree of privacy.

  • gerry

    That would be Dundonald hospital.

  • Michael Shilliday

    Which would be an initial detail.

  • Henry94

    All the best to him. I hope he makes a full recovery.

  • inuit_goddess

    Putin strikes again?

  • belfast republican

    Best wishes to him and his family

  • Mick Fealty

    It looks as if it is very serious. But I am sure his family will appreciate all good wishes offered above.

    I also understand from a source close to the family that they would appreciate a degree of privacy at what is a very difficult time.

  • alex benjamin

    All best wishes to David and his family. Hoping he makes a full recovery and continues to tell it like it is.

  • Rubicon

    Sorry to hear that Mick. I hope he makes a speedy recovery – I’m sure he’ll not mind the prayer of the odd-Taig that he returns to health.

  • Comrade Stalin

    BBC now updating to say he has been moved to the RVH.

    I hope the guy pulls through.

  • Yokel

    Moving to the RVH is usually not a good thing.

  • Hercules

    Yeah Best wishes to him and his family, I hope he makes a full recovery.

    Rather sudden?

  • Miss Fitz

    Great sadness at hearing this news. He came to Rostrevor several years ago and spoke at the Festival. I spent several hours in his company and found him to be a very articulate, informed and witty man.

    Go bhfaighe sé níos fearr gan mhoill.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Miss Fitz,

    You reminded me of the one occasion I met him, at the count for the Forum elections in 1996. The results had all been declared, it was late afternoon, and we spotted him in the lobby. I said to him that we were heading up east and asked jokingly if he wanted to join us .. he replied “I’m already away the fuck off up to east Belfast to get pissed”. Fair enough 🙂

  • Comrade Stalin

    RTE are reporting that Davod has suffered a heart attack.

  • loftholdingswood

    This is very worrying news indeed. It is a very stressful business this peace process and David has made an enormous contribution. I am thinking of his family at this very difficult time.

  • Yokel

    Comrade Stalin

    It’s not clear other than heart attack or stroke.

  • steve ritson

    get well soon David, hope they are able to remove the Big word from your throat.seriously though, get well ,you are needed to balance gunman bomber ratio in the assembly.

  • To have once been a criminal is no disgrace, to remain a criminal is the disgrace,
    Malcolm X

    For David:

    “To have once been a paramilitary is no disgrace, to remain a paramilitary is the disgrace”

    David Ervine has certainly redeemed himself.

    I wish him well and hope he make a speedy recovery.

  • Shamrock

    David is very young to have either a stroke or a heart attack and I wish him well – I am sure this is an extremely worrying time for his family!
    Politics aside there is noone who would wish any ill on anyone who is of different opinion or tradition – that is what the peace process is about!
    My thoughts and prayers are with him at this worrying time!

  • fuiseog

    Thats tragic news about David. Best wishes to him and his family. A sincere, likable man who hasnt hesitated to be an articulate (if not verbose 😉 voice for the working class of the greater shankill and beyond. Ive met him numerous times wearing different hats and while a former combatant and so obviously an enemy of Republicanism I to my pleasant surprise found him to be solid and grounded with an air of humble decency that I warmed to.


  • inuit_goddess

    I wish him well and hopefully a speedy recovery. His influence on unionism and loyalism has been a very positive one.

  • gareth mccord

    lets tell the truth!
    ervine is not honest not sincere and certainly not a man northern ireland needs in politics. he represents killers drug dealers who continue to drug deal murder and intimidate our communities. he is a convicted terrorist and has recently sated he never left the u.v.f. Over the last lot of years the u.v.f. have murdered up to 28 people since the CEASEFIRE? What has ervine done to support the victims of the u.v.f. IGNORED! Also he DENIES the u.v.f. murdered alot of these people. He also rubbishes police intel on who the u.v.f. are continuing to try to kill. Lets not forget his disgraceful behaviour towards the dorrian family. He appears on a programme stating it was the l.v.f. members who murdered lisa and the public should come forward to help the police and dorrian family? BUT again he was wrong and led the dorrian family up the wrong path? I wonder was this to deflect the truth that u.v.f. members were involved in the murder? Has he since that programme apologised to the dorrian family and called on the public to still come forward? NO! what a man no what a disgrace and i hope he realises what damage and pain and suffering he has caused to the victims of the u.v.f. killers he protected and continues to protect. HE SHOULD DO THE DECENT THING FOR ONCE AND TELL THE POLICE THE INFO HE HAS TO END ALOT OF SUFFERING!

  • Yokel

    Well, jesus, how do you argue with that?

    Latest news is that its geuinely touch and go.

  • Bemused

    Much as it ill behoves anyone to start speaking ill of the seriously ill – gareth mccord has a point. Ervine, at best, is a semi-articulate bluffer who made an apparently half decent effort to inject a bit of long overdue realpolitik into the loyalist underclasses. At worst? Well, I think Mr. McCord’s 8:42 pm would be your starting point…….

  • loftholdingswood

    Gareth McCord auditions for the role of “Humanitarian of the year”. And fails.

  • merrie

    According to Wikipedia, Ervine has died…

  • Shamrock

    Gareth Mc Cord

    Does that mean that we should not wish him well now?

    The whole peace process is about understanding different opinions and traditions and recognising the reasons behind past ill deeds! (On both sides) Which in some cases have not gone away you know!

    Lets acknowledge that a man is very ill at this time and wish him and his family all the best – I really dont think we have any hope of peace on this Island if we cant do this at such times!

  • Bemused

    By way of clarification – I wish him well, of course. My only point was that the thread had started to take on a vaguely hagiographic tone and that Mr. McCord was quite entitled to try to pull us all back toward harsh reality.

  • Bemused
  • Ziznivy


    According to Wikipedia, Ervine has died…
    Posted by merrie on Jan 07, 2007 @ 09:02 PM

    Merrie, could you provide a link for this? I can;’t find it on Wikipedia. Cheers.

  • Animus

    RTE have just confirmed his death on the nine o’clock news. Very sad. He had heart problems for some time, but still a terrible shock for his family I am certain, especially at his age.

  • merrie
  • loftholdingswood

    Just had a phone call from someone very close to the family. Mr Ervine has died.

    On behalf of the UPRG I wish to extend my sincere condolences to the family and all friends and colleagues of David. A man with a vision and blessed with intelligence, understanding and bravery.

  • ray

    RTE states that David has died.

    As a catholic working for a government agency, I had regular contact with him-always found him to be courteous, fair and likeable and a determined worker for his constituents.
    I am very sorry to hear this news and convey my condolences to his family.

  • Mick Fealty

    That seems to be corrected now. There have been rumours flying about, but our information is that both are wrong!! .

  • Mick Fealty

    We’ll do our best to bring you news when we can reliably confirm it.

  • Nationalist

    Mr McCord needs to remember that David Ervine, like others, has to work within certain limits and that his past and current association with the UVF may be unpalatable the man certainly does have good points.

    As it is David Ervine is not the person giving the orders to the foot soldiers but the person trying to bring a little sense to those that do.

    Like most people who fought “Wars” he has come to realise that arguing your point is better than being willing to die for it.

    The sad thing is that his party is the one that offers the Unionist people a working class “labour” type party whereas all the rest of the Unionist parties are Far Right Wing Conservatives, yet for some reason the working class Unionists won’t vote for them.

    Lets hope he makes a quick recovery.

  • Smoke

    RTE News have just retracted the death notice.

  • Bemused

    Twainesque indeed……..


    Gareth McCord has earned the right to have his opinion heard, no matter whether one agrees or not.

  • Mastermind’s Magnus Magnusson has died 🙁

  • Ziznivy


    Mastermind’s Magnus Magnusson has died :(”

    I noticed that myself. Very sad. His electric car ultimately couldn’t save him.

  • Mick Fealty

    Listen guys, he is ill. Gravely ill from what we understand. Let’s hope there is no more news one way or the other until the morning.

    If we hear anything else before then, we’ll endeavour to let you know.

    Until then, comments are closed…