Turn in The Dissidents

Says Gregory Campbell, in today’s Derry Journal. From the report: “Mr. Campbell suggested that Sinn Fein work with the police to stamp out any remaining republican paramilitary threat. When asked if he would call on Sinn Fein to report dissident activity to the police, he replied: “That will be a part of our test for them after the Ard Fheis, we have a series of things to put into practice to test them to see if their support for policing means anything.” In particular, Mr. Campbell said that Sinn Fein must finger anyone known to be behind fuel laundering and similar crimes, as well as reporting the killers of Belfast man Robert McCartney who was murdered in January, 2005.” “”There are other similar issues to be raised after the Ard Fheis. We have said all along that it’s one thing for Sinn Fein to say they support the police but it doesn’t mean anything until we see action on the ground.
“From the very next day (after Sinn Fein pledge support for the police] people from places like Shantallow, the Bogside and other places will say it doesn’t mean very much if Sinn Fein turn the other way to joyriding, glue sniffing or someone being shot in the legs.
“They must work with the police and help them to solve crime, that’s the logical follow-on if they say they support the police,” added the MP.”
The report also notes that Mr Campbell isn’t the DUP MP allegedly under threat from dissidents. “I haven’t been notified about anything so I take it that it wasn’t me the reports referred to.” Read the full report here.

  • Comrade Stalin

    In particular, Mr. Campbell said that Sinn Fein must finger anyone known to be behind fuel laundering and similar crimes, as well as reporting the killers of Belfast man Robert McCartney who was murdered in January, 2005.”

    The DUP also know the identities of senior loyalist paramilitaries. If they support the rule of law, why don’t they turn them in ?

    How about the DUP, for example, calling on anyone with any information on the Raymond McCord Jnr murder to hand all information to the police ?

  • Crataegus

    Welcome to the bed of nails.

    Can this process actually work?

  • Pete Baker

    It can, Crat.

    But it needs the various parties involved to commit completely to the reality of endorsing the rule of law.

  • Pete Baker

    btw, that doesn’t, by definition, mean “Turning in The Dissidents”

    It depends entirely on the activities being undertaken.

  • Henry94

    That is simply idiocy. Or at least simply another way of saying Gregory Campbell isn’t willing to share power. It is for each individual to decide what information they give the police.

    There can be no test of support for the police based on an expectation of information. Because that is not a political test. It is a cultural test and an unacceptable one.


    Were you ever at a party where joints were smoked? If so did you inform the Police?

    “They must work with the police and help them to solve crime, that’s the logical follow-on if they say they support the police,”

    The dealings between private citizens and the police are not the business of politicians. So Campbell will not be in a position to know what information, if any, people give to the police.

    He is bullshitting and he knows it.

  • joeCanuck

    Loks like the lunatics are indeed trying to take over the running of the asylum.
    New precondition: Not only do SF have to call on people to give their support to the police, they must en masse also become unpaid investigators.
    You couldn’t make it up.

  • Pete Baker


    What part of my previous comment, @ 11:50 PM, don’t you understand?


    It will however, be interesting to see if Sinn Fein take a proactive approach in calling for people to assist the police in bringing the killers of Robert McCartney to justice, if the people have any evidence about the matter.

    Robert McCartney was a Sinn Fein voter and a Sinn fein constituent, they would be remiss in their duties if they sign up to policing and fail to do this.

  • joeCanuck

    So, has Mr Campbell ever, even once, exceeded the legal speed limit while driving to or from Stroke city.
    If so, has he already informed on himself or is he just waiting until after the SF A.F.?

  • BeardyBoy

    Campbell is entirely logical – if you say you support policing the support it, report crime at every chance, smuggling and so on undermines the state – it has to be stopped if you wnat to run the state, Sinn Fein will have to report all criminal activity to the Queens police if they wish to support policing – makes perfect logic – in my Grandaddys words – you either shit or get off the pot

  • heck

    Loyalists killing catholics and dealing drugs, Honest Tony’s storm troopers killing hundreds of thousands in Iraq, and what is he concerned with –fenians smuggling diesel.

    No wonder the GFA is dead

    Bring on Joint Authority

  • Henry94


    I don’t think there is any possible way that Sinn Fein can start picking and choosing individual cases.

    If Sinn Fein endorse policing then the sensible attitude for everyone to take will be “from this day forward”

    People who refused to deal with the police when that was the policy of Sinn Fein can’t be expected to expose themselves to charges of withholding information or obstructing justice because the policy has changed.

    I don’t doubt your good intentions but setting an obstacle course for republicans on the policing issue will ensure that the opportunity will be missed.

    It’s the old sackcloth and ashes routine and it won’t work this time either.

    Nobody in nationalism is willing to have the DUP as the arbiters of the relationship between nationalists and the police in particular those members of the DUP who are casting about for an excuse to refuse to share power. It is simply not a fair or workable model.

  • joeCanuck

    Shit or get off the pot!!!!
    Sheer luxury to have been a unionist.
    When I were a lad, we had to shit in the field and wipe your arse with a dock leaf –IF you were lucky enough to find one within reach.

  • Dualta

    Gregory’s talking out of his backside when he says that the PRM must ‘turn-in’ dissidents. What exactly does he mean? Tell the police who’s running around with the 32CSM or RSF boys at the various public meetings they hold? Send in agents to glean info for the PSNI?

    Does the DUP do the same regarding the Loyalist paramilitaries? No they don’t and they know as much about the membership and internal activities of the UDA and UVF as the PRM does about the dissidents, certainly with regards to information that could get people into courtrooms.

    That said, he has a very fair point about the McCartney murder. There have been incidents in the recent past when IRA members have committed non-political crimes against members of their own community and they have been sheltered by their comrades, the McCartney murder being a prime example, but there was also that man in the New Lodge who died after a beating when IRA men disabled the lift in the flats complex.

    These crimes are still being investigated surely. Will SF call on Republicans help police to investigate them?

  • qubol

    well said Henry – a persons decision to report something to the police or not is entirely the decision of that person. If Ian Paisley cant come out against this nonsense and also do more than ‘welcome’ the blair statement then we’ll know they aren’t serious about this whole thing.

  • Henry94


    Do you think it would make a difference if they did? If I had information about the McCartney murder I would have already given it to the police one way or another. If I had not do you really think an Ard Fheis motion of a Sinn Fein appeal would change my mind.

    Some people will never tell the police anything and some will tell them everything they know. The vast majority will be swayed by culture and circumstances. It is not what happens next month that will decide if policing and nationalism can work together. It will be what happens over time.

    That is why tests and deadlines are no more than excuses and will be seen as such.

    If the Ard Fheis decision is not enough for the DUP then the only rational conclusion is that nothing ever will be. The Institutions will be dead.

  • George

    Endorsing the rule of law?

    This implies that the rule of law has always existed in Northern Ireland.

    And Gregory Campbell is the high priest?

    Are we supposed to take this stuff seriously?

    Maybe we are. After all this is Gregory, the man who said that if you repent you could join the police force.

    Thank God he’s not Catholic or he’d want to be Pope.

  • parcifal

    Mr Campbell is just having a laugh, its a sorta unionist type joke. Very dry, very droll, very superior.
    I bet he’s pissing himself that the Derry Journal printed this crazy nonsense.

  • parcifal

    I’m only pulling your legs guys; the joke is that he is deadly SERIOUS.

  • Bruce101

    Have I got it wrong? But have there not been some instances where the provies have already squealed on those who left them and some within who are troublesome?

    How will “our Gregory” know that SF hold information on dissidents. Sorry, I forgot, his guru LVF platform Willie will reliably tell him.

    What a load of rubbish. Everyone should give any information they have about illegal acts to the PSNI but who is to judge whether any information is being witheld.

  • BeardyBoy

    Unionist? – Joe – wash your mouth out AFTER your hands please – we in the Glens know the value of a well crumpled newspaper page!

    By the way – stick to the dockens – grass is horrible if pulled the wrong way.

    The logic is straight forward – if you support the police support them – tell them everything you know about criminal activity and be a valuable active member of the community

  • joel

    Perhaps Gregory will urge his fellow DUP mla’s and mp’s to explain their knowledge regarding the importation of arms and the formation of paramilitary organisations like ulster resistance.

  • Plum Duff

    Maybe I’m missing something in this new unionist zeal for the ‘Rule of Law’.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t a large number of the then unionist population, ably assisted by a sizeable number of the RIC (The Police, Northern Contingent, that is), aid and abet a treasonable conspiracy against the Crown in the year that WW1 was declared? Something to do with gunrunning, Carruthers.

    There was actually a mention of it on Newsline the other night during which it was reported that, in Donaghadee, 1914, a boatload of guns was brought ashore whereupon the police, in their wisdom – and to a man – bravely turned their faces to the harbour wall so that they could tell their superior officers, in all honesty, that they hadn’t seen a thing.

    I remember when a certain David Trimble was questioned on local radio (before GFA and his ‘conditions’) as to what happened to these weapons, and the Larne ‘yins’, he, rather surprisingly (to me anyway) admitted, ‘They were given back in 1939 to aid the war effort’. A mere 25 years after the deed!! Wow… sure it would make you think that the IRA were positively gagging to divest themselves of their own WMDs in the recent past!

    Spare me the holier-than-thou posturing of reformed harlots – and I haven’t even mentioned the Red Berets, etc, etc, etc.

  • I wonder…

    Completely support Petes view (above).

    To quote Kevin Myers, when he pointed out that the young woman he was kissing had actually acted as a lookout for a sniper and therefore was complicit of murder: “sure that the Brits law that we’re fighting to be rid of. Now kiss me again.” (or words to that effect)….what did the provo girls/boys think they were fighting for: a system of law and order that let *ussuns* off scot free andf *themmuns” subject to jail/interminable enquiry.

    Preparing the grassroots is essential, including those organisms which feed off roots, apparently.

  • Plum Duff

    And, of course, I didn’t ask who brought the ‘Clyde Valley’ back.

    Ah but sure, that’s history. That doesn’t count.

    Yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but, no, but…

  • Pete

    Gregory Campbell – the same DUP representative who attended Coleraine Court in a bid to portray Dessie Stewart, even after he threw punches at media man, as a decent, democratic guy, who had just fallen foul of evil temptation by stealing votes belonging to the elderly?

    Rather than act in defence of vote stealing Stewart, Gregory, like most people, should have assisted Police by offering no character reference for such a crook.

  • I wonder…

    Ah, the CV. Where is she now. Is there in fact a canalato lead her to Donaghcloney? 🙂 (cue: seek a lawyer,ffs)

  • Aaron McDaid

    dissident: disagreeing, especially with a majority

    So Campbell, who presumably once thought that supporting SF should be a crime, now says that disagreeing with SF should be a crime? And he didn’t even limit himself to those dissidents who are involved in physical force republicanism – I don’t like SF’s economic policies, should Gerry Adams report to to the cops? The definition of ‘dissident’ changes daily here, sometimes including peaceful democratic debate, sometimes not.

  • I wonder…

    Aaron, ask yourself: who encourages violence nowadays?

  • Cahal

    Is this the NEXT precondition?

    This is starting to get tedious.

  • Dualta


    It’s much more to do with people stepping forward and being willing to tell the truth about what they saw in relation to the incident and being willing to state that truth clearly in a court. According to the McCartneys they believe that people saw much more than they have said to date and that they are withholding information.

    The best way for that to be tested is for those who were in the bar to give statements directly to the police who are best placed to ensure that those statements are consistent and not fabricated by being able to question those giving the statements.

    Statements made through solicitors are just not good enough, nor is saying that you were with dozens of others in the toilet.

  • Secur O’Crat

    Pope Gregory is right. The leaders of Sinn Fein, not to be confused with the PIRA, aresuspected of committing the most heinous crimes against humanity (La Mon, Bloody Friday etc). They have a very flawed pedigree. They cannot continue to take the Queen’s shilling without doing the Queen’s bidding. They are the Queen’s playthings and they must come to the party just as others such as OIRA did before them.
    It is now time for a split with the new, well spoken crew (Mary Lou etc) throwing out the older riff raff, much like how SFWP broke into the group that now runs the Labour Party and the rump suspected of laundering fake $100 bills.
    Look at it like Gangs of New York. The Natives won and one group of Micks is signing up to te police force with all the loss of soul that entails. It is now time to fight the Dead Rabbits. And, let’s face it, lots of Provos get off on this. They did kil more Catholics than peelers after all.
    And if the Loyalists are dabbling in drugs, what of it. The Provos’ duty is to hang their dissidents and potential dissidents such as the South ZArmagh Brigade out to dry.

  • DUP Watcher

    Will Gregory Campbell ensure that his Party colleague, Rev Willie McCrea, is prepared to fully cooperate with the PSNI, the courts and the rule of law by fully divulging any knowledge he has about the activities of Billy Wright and co.

    Turning in the murderers of Catholic taxi-driver, Michael McGoldrick, and GAA stalwart, Sean Brown, would be a start. Or even the murderers of Constable Frankie O’Reilly.

    When will the DUP deliver on law and order?

  • Jimmy Sands

    One thing I’ve never understood about this argument is this. Given that the provos never had any problem making declarations pretending to be against violence in order to stand for election, why is it such a big deal making a declaration pretending they support the rule of law?

  • Aaron McDaid

    The statements to the solicitors could turn out to be very useful after all. The solicitors would have made sure to thoroughly question the witness and get all the relevant information. Then, if and when the witness feels comfortable giving evidence to the PSNI, they can take these statements with them to the police. The McCartney murder was quite a while ago now, and being able to produce statements taken when the events were fresh in their memory would be very helpful.

  • Henry94


    According to the McCartneys they believe that people saw much more than they have said to date and that they are withholding information.

    I’m quite certain people are withholding information. So Sinn Fein vote to support the police and what? You expect people to suddenly change their minds?

    What we could see is a thawing of the relationship between the police and the community so that if a similar incident happened next year then people would be willing to assist an investigation.

    To be clear I am not opposed to anyone offering new information on the McCartney case. They should if they have it. But I don’t expect it and I am not willing to see it becoming a DUP test for power-sharing. Or to be more accurate a DUP excuse for not power-sharing.

  • ingram


    exactly what I have been saying for the past week. It really is only common sense.

    The DUP were always going to invoke this card.What exactly do Republicans thinks was going to happen when they signed upto the British criminal justice system.

    It means exactly what Campbell said. It means joining a similar society in England or wales. If you see someone preparing a bomb you tell the police.

    If you see someone selling dodgy DVD`s on market stall it aint long till the police arrest them.Do the police have a crystal ball? NO the general public tell them.

    That is the reality of the criminal justice system. It is not rocket science.

    Get used to it or sculk away. Deal or No Deal?

    Ding Ding


  • Henry94


    You mean you would call the police on a guy selling dodgy DVDs? That would not be something that would bother me too much. I’m sure there are a large number of people in England an Wales it doesn’t bother either. I wouldn’t buy one but I wouldn’t call the police either.

    Have you ever burned a copy of a CD?

    What about someone smoking a joint at a party? Would you reach for your speed dial? Or mind your own business?

    A bomb I would certainly report if there was an agreed police service to report it to.

  • ingram


    The reality is the DVD`s being sold on the market at Jonesborough is funding the real IRA and Sinn Fein.

    Never burned a CD in my life .

    Henry quote A bomb I would certainly report if there was an agreed police service to report it to.

    Shame on you Henry. Bombs kill people. You should as a member of a decent society tell anybody that can reduce that risk.

    On a seperate note.

    One of the best sources of Intelligence in the future will be the CRJ in both communities.

    They will be dealing with many of the core issues and will be expected to be a font of knowledge.

    Very simple really.

    Off to feed the ducks with the kids now . Back in a couple of the hours. Then watch the mighty Liverpool turn the gooners over. Get On!

    Ding Ding


  • Jeremy

    Shame on you Henry. Bombs kill people. You should as a member of a decent society tell anybody that can reduce that risk.

    Ingram – someone like you, a paid colluder with Terrorists has some neck to make a comment like that.”

    Your words from 2003 in an article on collusion”:

    The four-year inquiry into “collusion” between the security forces and terrorists in Northern Ireland will conclude this week that the police and army did indeed help loyalist paramilitaries to target people for assassination – and the practice was widespread.
    How do I know? For many years I was a member of a covert army squad, the Force Research Unit, at the centre of many of the allegations investigated by Sir John Stevens, the Metropolitan police commissioner. The FRU recruited and ran agents within paramilitary organisations. I was interviewed by officers working for Sir John and I told them what happened. ”

    You waited many years before you started to talk about the murder gangs you worked with. Sounds like you are in no positon to lecture anyone.

    Ding Ding.

    Guardian article by Mr INgram: http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,3604,937581,00.html

  • Nationalist

    This was always going to be the next action that the DUP wants to see happen.

    What we now have to ask the DUP is why they have not turned in the members of the DUP who went to the UVF and asked them to continue their sectarian murder campaign in 1994, Can we have the asnwer Mr Campbell?

    Can the DUP please stand up and finger the Unionist terrorists who shot at the PSNI and British army at the Semptember riots in 2005, there were enough of the DUP members in the area yet to date not one of them has been in court fingering those attempted murders?

  • Dualta


    The DUP wants sackcloth and ashes and a barrel of blood with icing on. Let them want. The people of Ireland want SF to endorse the PSNI and I say that without any doubt in my mind or fear of contradiction. It should it done because it is the right thing to do and let the DUP and devolution go whistle. The presence of the IRA made the DUP what it is and the absence of the IRA will destroy them.

    Regarding the McCartney issue, whether or not people go to the police directly to give actionable information or fabricated statements is not at the heart of the issue here.

    It is that the leaderships of SF and the IRA should state clearly that they believe that everyone who can help the police catch the killers should co-operate fully with the PSNI. Otherwise those with info will hide behind the leaderships of those organisations and claim justification for non-cooperation on political grounds.

  • Rubicon

    Campbell would need to be careful with making widespread allegations – lest those he is making allegations about seek recourse to the law. If Campbell knows of individuals who are obstructing justice by withholding information then he should name them, put that information to test in the courts and expose himself to being sued for defamation if his ‘information’ is found to be false. If his information stands up and the convicted person is a SF public representative then he can establish his case.

    It is Campbell (and his ilk) who need to either piss or get off the pot!

    Campbell is playing politics with the law. Shame on him – with support like that is it any wonder the criminal justice system is in such a mess?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Taken at face value, Campbell’s statement is technically right. If criminal activity is taking place, and you support law and order, then you should report it.

    However when we look at the background, the statement is clearly hypocritical. Unionism in general is extremely hypocritical about it’s own skeletons in the closet relating to violence. Any time there is a debate about it here, the usual suspects try to spin events in such a way that unionism still appears to be non-violent. Even when Jeffrey Donaldson and Ian Paisley Jnr email a convicted terrorist to use phrases such as “we won” and “is that what you fought for?”, the same people still try to pretend that there isn’t at least a base level understanding and commonality of view between unionist politicians and loyalist killers.


    Robert McCartney was a Sinn Fein voter and a Sinn fein constituent, they would be remiss in their duties if they sign up to policing and fail to do this.

    Yeah. Since 1997 or thereabouts there have been a couple of hundred murders here, the vast majority of them are attributable to loyalist paramilitary feuding.

    When have “law abiding” unionists ever called on their constituents to turn in information ? When have unionists ever taken the initiative to encourage a crackdown on loyalist activities ? There are “reformed” convicted loyalist paramilitaries in the DUP membership, even standing for council seats. Have those “reformed” members ever given evidence or statements containing information about loyalist activities to the police ? Any time I have seen the police moving against loyalists, unionists have either been deathly quiet, or have condemned it outright.

    If I were in Sinn Fein’s position I would be highlighting the fact that unionism does not actively support law and order, and that unionism on occasion acts as the de-facto political wing for loyalist paramilitarism. Why haven’t unionists co-operated with the police to bring to justice those behind the Third Force or Ulster Resistance ? That’s the trouble with Sinn Fein – they can’t do that as it would seem hypocritical.

  • toni


    Is this the same ingram


  • ingram


    quote”You waited many years before you started to talk about the murder gangs you worked with. Sounds like you are in no positon to lecture anyone.

    It is for that very reason I outlined in that piece that I was arrested and the state sought to prosecute me for revealing those tactics.I stood tall and showed bottle against the state along with the Sunday Times and Liam Clarke.

    You have never seen me defend those practices nor was I willing to DIRECTLY engage in those practices along with the VAST MAJORITY of other FRU members.

    Any person who has knowledge should do their best to save lives, whether that be Gerry Adams or Gregory Campbell .

    At his age Henry should no better.

    The reality is the criminal justice system is not something you can play games with, Cambell and his merry biggoted warriors will use it to frustrate the wider communities wish for a normal society to return.

    You either join normal society or you dont. Either way, there is a price to be paid by Sinn Fein.

    That is the truth.

    Deal or No Deal.

    Ding Ding


    PS. Dont forget the mighty pool.

  • Comrade Stalin

    It means exactly what Campbell said. It means joining a similar society in England or wales. If you see someone preparing a bomb you tell the police.

    Ingram, right now, today, the DUP position is pretty much the same as the SF one : if they saw someone preparing the bomb and they were loyalists, they might tip the police off but they would not inform on the people who did it. That is our problem here. Neither of these two parties uphold law and the order. My beef is that one of them pretends that it does.

    If you see someone selling dodgy DVD`s on market stall it aint long till the police arrest them.Do the police have a crystal ball? NO the general public tell them.

    There is a very large market here in stolen or illegal goods, almost all of it is run by the paramilitaries, and let’s be direct here – people who buy goods from those sources are supporting paramilitary murder and death. People in general here have an ambivalence about paramilitarism.

  • Betty Boo

    What Mr. Campbell is asking for is prove of a full and very active support of the police service from one section of the community.
    All those not living in Northern Ireland know, that no such thing exists as a full and active support of police service by each and every member of society. One of the reasons is mistrust. Living in Donegal, having policing as topic; corruption is the first thing, what comes to mind. One of my next door neighbours here had an ex boyfriend, who beat her up. On one occasion she called the gardai, who arrived with so much delay, that she could have been dead twice over. Her ex was a garda. I also still have very vivid memories of four police men, your friend and helper, who stood over a young man, laying coiled on the ground in a street in Berlin in October 1989 and beating the living daylight out of him. Policing is needed in a society, otherwise it wouldn’t function as one but most know, that this service is not what it says on the tin.
    Asking for a commitment to something, which doesn’t exist in the rest of the world and from one section of the community only, leaves me under the impression, he doesn’t even know where he can stick demands like this.

  • toni

    Will Gregory Campbell come clean about his paramilitary associations with ulster resistance.

    Campbell clearly has some understanding of the armed paramilitary organisation as he was to the fore during the launch of the group in the Ulster Hall in 1986.

    Does Campbell have information about the Ulster Reistance plot to smuggle arms from south Africa etc….?

  • ingram

    Comrade Stalin.

    I accept your point about the general public buying these goods.It is a fair point.


    Do you have any information relevant to Mr Campbels involvement in criminal activity?

    Sinn Fein have clear links to the IRA.The IRA have issued a statement supporting Sinn Fein in their negotiations. Sinn Fein is currently negotiating for and on behalf of the IRA OTR`s who are seeking to return to the North.

    Until Sinn Fein clearly cuts these links to the small section of criminals within the community they will always be susceptible to this DUP strategy.

    Sinn Fein needs to ditch the OTR`s once and for all and stop negotiating for a return of the NI offences bill legislation.

    The DUP are by and large not connected to terrorism. Sinn Fein are systemicaly conected to terrorism.

    Ding Ding


  • Henry94


    I have long advocated an agreed police service. But if our engagement as citizens with the police is to be subject to the approval of the DUP then we have no such thing. What we have then is second-class citizenship and the inevitable reaction to that.

    I don’t condone bombers and I don’t condone political police forces. Don’t ask me to side with one against the other.

    We either have a deal or we don’t. The basis for the deal is Sinn Fein passing the motion in support of policing and the dUP agreeing to share power in general and power over policing in particular.

    Anything less and the process is dead in my view. Sinn Fein should pass the motion and let the DUP show the world what they are made of.

    PS If you think you know my age as you claim please post it. I’d be interested to see if you constant insinuation that you know stuff is much more than the wind and piss I suspect it is..

  • Nationalist

    If and when Sinn Fein give support for a ploice service and the courts within the North it can not be on a different level to anyone else, i.e. they as a political party can only call on people to assist to provide information to help solve crime when it occurs.

    Sinn Fein can not force individuals to pass on information or to “Finger” people as Gregory Campbell is suggesting. Just look at the unsolved killings and attempted killings by Unionist terrorists, who have and may continue to have support from senior DUP members.

    The DUP is stoppping progress on devolved Government because it is the power sharing that it can’t sell to it’s die hard core supporters.

    By making this sort of statement that what the DUP requires is to see Sinn Fein “Finger” people, thus be required to stand up in court, is just an attempt to discredit them and be able to say “We won, we made them do this and that”. These kind of events won’t happen, the DUP don’t currently do them why should others?

    The British Government needs to see this for what it is and if Paisely dosen’t come out and state that a Sinn Fein statement calling for people to support the institutions of the police and the courts is enough then Plan B should be put into operation. The Unionist Paramilitaries need to see and recognise that it is the DUP that has brought this about and not be drawn into a new War situation of the DUPs making (again)

  • Harris


    “You either join normal society or you dont. Either way, there is a price to be paid by Sinn Fein.”

    Are we to assume that, you condider NI to be a ‘normal society?’ If so, please define ‘normal.’

    And what is this ‘Ding Ding’ shite?

  • gerry

    Jesus, they better come and arrest me now. I burn CD’s, in the sixties I smoked the odd joint, not so much now, had to give up the smokes, but I always bought them from under the counter. Real european cancer sticks, teh ones that make you cough up the phlem. i watch CD’s, sold on market stalls or from round the doors. use illegal taxi’s particularly after a night out.

    but i pay my taxes and tv licence, and i always saw myself as an upstanding citizen. is there anybody in ni who doesn’t break the law by using a dodgy taxi?

    Christ, the MLA’s sponged off the tax payer for four years, whats wrong with a slug of cheap vodka smuggled in from spain?

    bring on the handcuffs!!!!!!!

  • Comrade Stalin

    The DUP are by and large not connected to terrorism.


    It would be helpful for you to define what you mean by “not connected”.

    The DUP are not formally connected with terrorism (unless you count William McCrea’s singing). The point is that they are informally connected. The informal connection is why Ulster Resistance and the Third Force existed; why William McCrea was on a podium with a known loyalist murderer; why Nigel Dodds complained to the Chief Constable when the Alexandra Bar was raided; why Jeffrey Donaldson referred to a convicted loyalist killer in a personal email as a “brother in the Lord” and why Ian Paisley Jnr in a similar conversation with the same convicted killer used associative terms such as “we” and “our”. You can’t look at all of those incidents and pretend that the DUP have nothing to do with loyalists. By the sound of things they’re likely on the phone to each other all the time.

  • The Devil

    Gregory Campbell was on radio Ulster condemming Slugger for mis-quoting him on his remarks.
    He claims he said the word to and it was left out.

    Turn In To Dissidents.

  • Ginty Mac

    The sf activist are very quick to turn a blind eye to all the activities of the former comrades. The list of current activities still make the SF connect loads:-

    (1). Deisel laundering
    (2). Tax evation
    (3). Forgery
    (4). Drink & fag smuggling

    My feeling is that this will go on for sometime as the villians still need an incubation period to clean up there act.

    Gregory Campbell is a dinasour and need to get the prods to clean up there act as the UDA louts also leave as much to be desired.

  • If the Ard Fheis decision is not enough for the DUP then the only rational conclusion is that nothing ever will be.

    Henry has nailed it!!

  • Charges follow extortion inquiry

    Three men have been remanded in custody following a police investigation into extortion by loyalists in east Antrim.

    Two were accused of blackmail and terrorist funding and the other with having a gun and bullets in suspicious circumstances.

    There was heavy security at Belfast Magistrates Court as the three men, all with addresses in Carrickfergus, appeared in the dock.

    They were also accused of providing funding for terrorism.

    The men were remanded in custody to appear in court again on 18 January.

    Colville Hogsett, 41, from Sullatober Square, and 25-year-old Gary William James Riddell from Oakwood Road, were both accused of blackmail and demanding £10,000 from a man in the Carrickfergus area on a date between 3 December and 4 January.

    George Campbell Kennedy, 39, from the Hollies, was charged with having a pistol and five rounds of ammunition in suspicious circumstances between a date unknown and 4 January.

    A detective constable told Saturday’s hearing that he believed he could connect the three accused to the charges.

    Turning the screw on Frankie Gallagher?

    Window dressing?

    Good old fashion policing?

    Timing suspect?

    Reactions please from Republicans and Unionists/Loyalists

  • Rory

    I don’t know if anyone has considered that in a democracy it is not the job of our elected representatives to support the police. Their job is to hold the police to accountability. And quite right too!

    For whatever reasons, if we have a body of armed men running around with almost arbitrary power of arrest and detention of the citizen (for increasingly longer periods), then it is very bloody important that we have have some control over the ones who are deemed to be in conntrol of them.

    There are enough cases of horrific injustice in recent years in England alone when that vigilance is not exercised to make the point, but, if in any doubt, simply ask yourself why it might be that your heart beats more than a little bit faster if, when illegally parked you spot in your side mirror a policeman rather than a traffic warden approach? A traffic warden is irritating, but a cop frightens, precisely because of the arbitrary power he wields with the very self of his office. He is a dangerous man because of that power and must be supervised and know that he is supervised.

    Otherwise none of us may safely sleep.