Turn in The Dissidents

Says Gregory Campbell, in today’s Derry Journal. From the report: “Mr. Campbell suggested that Sinn Fein work with the police to stamp out any remaining republican paramilitary threat. When asked if he would call on Sinn Fein to report dissident activity to the police, he replied: “That will be a part of our test for them after the Ard Fheis, we have a series of things to put into practice to test them to see if their support for policing means anything.” In particular, Mr. Campbell said that Sinn Fein must finger anyone known to be behind fuel laundering and similar crimes, as well as reporting the killers of Belfast man Robert McCartney who was murdered in January, 2005.” “”There are other similar issues to be raised after the Ard Fheis. We have said all along that it’s one thing for Sinn Fein to say they support the police but it doesn’t mean anything until we see action on the ground.
“From the very next day (after Sinn Fein pledge support for the police] people from places like Shantallow, the Bogside and other places will say it doesn’t mean very much if Sinn Fein turn the other way to joyriding, glue sniffing or someone being shot in the legs.
“They must work with the police and help them to solve crime, that’s the logical follow-on if they say they support the police,” added the MP.”
The report also notes that Mr Campbell isn’t the DUP MP allegedly under threat from dissidents. “I haven’t been notified about anything so I take it that it wasn’t me the reports referred to.” Read the full report here.