On the quality of dissenting voices and the difficulties they pose

Tommy Gorman has hit an important point about the quality of dissension within the two major parties here at this critical juncture in the process (first audio link below story.) Whilst much has been made of resignations within Sinn Fein at a level well below the party leadership, Gorman points to the transparent unease and dissension within those who would sit at the top table within the DUP.
There’s no doubt that Sinn Fein’s hardballing over the past week has got Blair to endorse the need for a firmer, public commitment from the DUP over the timetable for devolution of policing and justice, and nationalists will clearly view this as a successful move on the part of the Sinn Fein leadership.
Gerry Adams’ quickly released public endorsement of Blair’s stance- backed up within hours by Gerry Kelly, the party’s Policing spokesman, has cleared the republican side of the fence.
However, the rash rejection issued live on Talkback by DUP MP, Gregory Campbell, indicates that it is now the DUP who will be faced with either supporting the new position of Tony Blair or taking the flak for the postponement of the election.
In this regard, Campbell’s hard line response (listen out for his reference to Herod and Child Care!) illustrates that Paisley may have a hard sell on his hand, before he even gets to the grassroots.
UPDATE: In fairly strident tones, Foreign Minister, Dermot Ahern, has stated that the ball is firmly in the DUP’s court to provide “absolute” clarity over their commitment to devolution of justice and policing. Interestingly, Ahern comments that it would be ‘preferable’ if this was to occur before May 2008 (interview approx. 40 minutes into ‘Evening Extra’ programme.)