Now that’s impressive…

Gerry calls Tony and Tony cancels holiday… But this is one tangled web that is going to take some serious untangling…

  • Ian


    You keep bringing up the “problem with the peace process much greater than has yet been realised” quote, implying that Sinn Fein’s ambigiuty about recognising the validity of partition is in some way pertinent to their support for the rule of law.

    But you might as well argue that Unionism’s support for the rule of law will be in question until they publicly condemn the Ulster Covenant of 1912. Why take one side in an almost century-old argument and not the other?

  • Greenflag

    The problem with the ‘peace process’ is that it’s not a peace process .It’s a process that will speed up the continuing political and economic decline of Northern Ireland relative to both the rest of the UK and in particular the Irish Republic . No wonder the people of Northern Ireland are not losing any sleep over the possible loss of a useless and powerless non sitting Assembly.