Hyland jumps before final push

The deselection of Davy Hyland and Pat O’Rawe by Sinn Féin in the Newry and Armagh constituency has yet to be ratified by the party leadership but Davy Hyland, MLA, isn’t waiting for that final cut. According to the BBC report he has resigned from the party and is still deciding whether to run as an independent. Adds PA report with quotes below.From the PA report

Mr Hyland, who was de-selected just before Christmas, said he had reluctantly concluded there was no longer a place for him in Sinn Fein.

He claimed there was a limited timeframe for the public to have its say on policing.

“There`s been some discussion within Sinn Fein, but I don`t think the wider community, the people who actually elect Sinn Fein representatives, I don`t think they have been consulted enough,” he told BBC radio Ulster.

Mr Hyland added: “When I joined it (Sinn Fein) in 1981 it certainly was a very democratic party.

“Perhaps as time goes on maybe power becomes too centralised and individuals are given too much power.”

And from the updated BBC report

Mr Hyland, who represented Newry and Armagh, said he was saddened at being “de-selected by text”.

“I leave Sinn Fein secure in the knowledge that I have remained true to my republican principles,” he said.

He said that there was disquiet locally about the policing issue and said there should be more debate and consultation with the community.

“You need a full, frank and open discussion on this matter because it has massive implications for everyone on this island,” he said.

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  • dublinsfsupporter

    Deselection hasn’t yet been ratified but, to be fair to Davy, Davy will know that the number of good candidates looking to stand for Sinn Féin is now very high indeed and that failure to be selected is not an indicator that he would not have been a good MLA.

    Sadly not every good candidate who wishes to stand for Sinn Féin is able to do so. Sinn Féin is a highly effective party and there is a large number of ambitious talented people wishing to be part of that success.

    Republicans will wish Davy well in the future.

  • Brainwashed Parrot

    Aye so you keep saying

  • Daisy

    Jump or pushed? You decide!

    Sycophantic Shinners would tell us that his failure to be selected is NOT an indicator that he was a crap MLA. Others who don’t brown nose Gerry, (or should that be green nose?) tell us that Davy was a liability and one not in keeping with the clean-cur party image.

    Like I say, Jump or pushed? People will decide for themselves.

  • Cahal

    Did he take his ball with him?

  • Daisy

    WE’ll find out Cahal if he decides to run as an Indie’!

  • miss fitz

    He’s just been on the radio and has left it wide open. Says he is happy with his level of support in Newry, but has to sound out north and south Armagh to gauge his support. Sounds like he is giving it serious consideration

  • ingram

    Miss Fitz.

    He would be a brave man to go up against Sinn Fein, they are not the Boys cubs you know.

    He will fear getting his balls tweaked.

    The odds of him running are at least 10/1 against.

    Ding Ding


  • Chris Donnelly

    Personally, I’m saddened at the loss of Davy Hyland, who has been a good public representative for Sinn Fein and republicanism.

    At the end of the day, however, it isn’t the prerogative of an individual to decide who goes forward to represent the party on an election ticket; it is the responsibility of a local area in the first instance and secondly, the party executive.

    This is the same in every party I know, and there are numerous examples across Ireland right know where other elected politicians have met a similar fate.

    I also believe that Davy will end up running as an Independent, though am confident he’ll come up short on such a ticket and ultimately his transfers will likely ensure a third Sinn Fein candidate comes home in the area. Whatever about his own animosity towards Sinn Fein locally, voters are unlikely to share his personal feelings.

    Incidentally, it would be interesting to know if Davy will publicly call on his voters to transfer to Sinn Fein? Refusing to do so will not go down well with party voters he’ll be looking to attract, whilst doing so will likely irritate the various dissident factions he may be tempted to woo in order to sweep up ant votes on offer.

    This should be interesting.

  • This is one of a number of reports on this site of various people leaving SF in the North in recent months. Is this a cause of major concern for the party leadership?

  • Yokel

    Absolutely not Seamus. They are just numbers and higher quality numbers will replace them, no problems.


  • Miss Fitz

    It will be a concern if those leaving start to cohese and form a new party. I have certainly heard some whispers to this effect, although I dont have an absolute line on it. There is certainly a level of conversation about future options. I have absolutely no idea if Davy Hyland is considering becoming part of a new party, but he was urged to do so on Talkback about 2 weeks ago by a constituent.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    It does my heart good to see Republicans…true Republicans leaving sinn fein. The way sinn fein is now…under the leadership of adams/mcguiness/kelly it is more of a tool of the british gov’t then a party of Irish republicans. So, what are the thoughts…Adams destroying the party as an agent of the british or is adams destroying the party because of his ego and lust for total power and the submission of all to his will? Anyway you look at it…adams is destroying sinn fein

  • Glensman


    Don’t kid yourself that the quality of the members who have left Sinn Féin can be easily replaced, it tends to be the most active Republicans with the firmest of principle who leave the party in situations such as this. I know from experience.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Glensman, true republicans are leaving…and those who are staying are the ones who a willing to kiss the back side of gerry adams while adams is busy doing the queens business.

  • The Observer

    Kathy C

    You are really observant, this is the end game, the Brits have won. The IRA a defeated army. Gerry Adams now questioning whether or not a United Ireland will happen. The republican family is now too fractured to return to the armed struggle. Kathy im sure you’ll agree with me in saying there are very few operators in the world as crafty as the Brits, you really have to admire their cunning. Soon they will be an occupier in Ireland for a millenium !!! (2169 or there abouts) and Gerrys descendants will still be adminstering British Rule in Ireland.

  • WorstKeptSecret

    Hyland is certain to run and I’m surprised at his coyness.

    As the way he practically queued up to get the addendendums for the Newry & Armagh electoral register when they were released yesterday shows.

    If he wasn’t intending to run he wouldn’t be so keen to see an updated electoral register. Would he?

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Observer, you brought a chuckle to me heart. You don’t get it at all…..
    The Irish Republican Army isn’t defeated. All Gerry adams was able to do was to get the provo’s to disarm….All he did was label the IRA as criminals… But the IRA was founded by a man-who had goals….some of which were the unification of Ireland.
    The british may be cunning…but so too was lucifer and in the end…he doesn’t win…and in the end…the british gov’t won’t win.
    I have great faith in God and I see His hand in all of this. Ireland WILL be united and the Irish cross of Saint Patrick will be taken out of the union jack and the act of settlement will be repeled and a Catholic will legally be allowed to be the monarch of england…
    The IRA have turned to poltical means….and politically they will defeat the british. The IRA is not sinn fein and the IRA is not adams. The IRA are far from defeated-politically.

  • bob brown

    Kathy_C —> just another uneducated american noob tbh.

    “the IRA was founded by a man-who had goals”

    “All he did was label the IRA as criminals” – well Kingsmills, Darkley, Teebane, La Mon, Enniskillen etc etc….I would call these war crimes…or as the yankers said about saddam…crimes against humanity….do you agree…or where these acts of slaughtering unarmed civillians the act of a brave army ?

    “the Irish cross of Saint Patrick” – hmmmmm again a dumm yanker.

    Ok St Patrick was WELSH –> and then abducted by raiders from Oireland, and he was taken as a slave by his oppressors. So since he was welsh why should the cross be removed ?

    “Catholic will legally be allowed to be the monarch of england”….again

    just btw an inference from your comment…can a Catholic ILLEGALLY be monarch….and anyway,,,why would you want the brits out of ireland, and then want to go over to England to be Queen…..plain dumb…or maybe when we have a protestant pope we can have a catholic queen….and maybe a black US president. no forget the last one – ill keep it realistic.

    “The IRA are far from defeated-politically.” – hmmmmmm what is their political party called ????? for the last 2 decades SF have repeatedly told the good people of ulster that SF and the IRA are two seperate entities.

    Kathy I suggest you take up a productive hobby rather than waiting for a fruitless United Ireland (unless you have faith in cyrogenics :D)


  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,
    bob brown, you made some interesting points but think them through. I want to see a Catholic monarch of england…doesn’t have to be Irish Catholic …just Catholic. Want to know why? It would defeat and destroy the orange order—who has as one of it’s major conditions for being—loyality to a protestant monarch and the defeat of the papist religion. It would be a real thrill to see the orange order crushed by an english law that would allow the monarch to be a Catholic.
    Speaking of war crimes…what about the shooting down of innocent civilians in Derry by the queens army…bloody sunday. It was like a turkey shoot for the queens soldiers only the turkeys were live human beings…oh yeah…Catholics and Irishmen….
    gerry adams didn’t establish the IRA- Michael Collins did. I view Michael Collins as an Irish Patriot just as I view the IRA as patriots…in the same way the Americans who fought the british crown forces were patriots. I see gerry adams as a coward and a traitor- a sell out to the british and one I would not trust.

  • Crataegus


    I want to see a Catholic monarch of england

    I would prefer just getting rid of the monarch. (and much else)

    As for armed struggles and all the rest I think better for all to pursue peaceful courses.

    Murder is murder be it by a ‘patriot’ a soldier or the politician who sends them. It’s a rotten world and many powerful people have issued orders where the innocent have died. All any of us can do is answer for our own actions. Spare me the noble causes for whose son or daughter, whose mother or father pays the ultimate price for the oh so noble cause?

    Let us try instead to find common purpose and some trust and build from there. Only then will divide and rule stop.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,
    A nice intent to find common purpose and some trust…but who’s purpose and to trust who?
    The one who lords it over others…is the one who usually wants to find a common purpose and to have the ones at the bottom of the heap not to rise up.
    Murder is murder? Intersting. Is it murder by the queens soldier who shot innoncent people during bloody sunday. Is it murder when an english soldier doing the queens business shots an Irish child with a plastic bullet and the child dies. Is it murder when people stomp a Catholic to death? I say it is.
    When the American colonist or the Irish fought such evil…then to me—-it is a noble cause. A good thing.
    When a member of the French Resistance killed a nazi soldier…it was a good thing—a noble cause.
    When a Polish Jew killed a nazi in the Warsaw ghetto…it was a good thing—a noble cause.
    That is how I see the world…and I do not find common cause or pupose with the queens army in the north of Ireland. I do not find common cause or purpose with the british monarch when there is a law that allows anyone but a Catholic (papist) be the monarch. I do not find common cause with a government that would allow a satanist to be king or queen but has it illegal to have a Catholic to be king or queen. That is an evil government and one that should be defeated politically….

  • Crataegus


    Few would disagree about the faith of the King and Queen and I agree that needs reform.

    Is it murder when a paramilitary organisation (loyalist or republican) murder someone and the authorities look the other way for political reasons?

    The British want out of Ireland, they are preparing the way out, the basis of your position is flawed.

    As for Germany it all started, as these thing do, a long time before the Warsaw ghetto. As it would happen I was brought up by my grand mother, who happens to be German. See was always of the opinion that you should NOT put your faith in men with guns for you never know who they will turn them on next. Possibly her opinion was based on experience. She didn’t like to talk about Germany and left it. It had painful memories.

    Somewhere along the line ordinary people decide to vote for something profoundly evil. There were many good reasons at the time for doing so. Those in power thought they could use Hitler to their purpose. Of course it didn’t seem evil then just pragmatic, but by degrees the actions got worse and good men turned and looked the other way in fear that they may be next. By the time you got to Warsaw a Jew probably killed a young lad who didn’t want to be there or visa-versa. You were in a spiral of evil outside your control, killing people you had no reason to kill for fear of being killed. There was no sense in any of it.

    A united Ireland can be achieved by democratic means, all you have to do is persuade a percentage of the Unionists that that is the best path for all. Surely that is a easier and ultimately more effective path?

  • Am I reading Kathy_C’s posts correctly? Adams is a traitor and a sell-out, but Michael Collins, who turned his guns on the IRA in order to implement partition and the oath to the British monarchy, was a patriot?

    Words fail me.

  • God love you, Kathy C, why don’t you Google Darkley, La Mon or Enniskillen if you still only have Bloody Sunday (which I don’t think anyone is disputing was beyong belief, hence the new inquiry)as a reference point to the Troubles.
    When you do, you’ll realise that comparing members of the Irish Collie Club – who were incinerated while out enjoying their annual dinner dance – to Nazis is a bit silly.
    I’m not having a go, just asking you to widen your scope a little, and maybe order a copy of Lost Lives on Amazon.com
    Anyhoo, back to the thread……

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    The point that a lot of people seem to have missed is that had Davy Hyland been selected as a candidate he would have fought the coming election on the SF manifesto.
    Before being de-selected by his party colleagues he gave no indication at all of having any fundamental differences with Adams et al.

    He may have left SF but attempts at revisionism at such an early stage simply won’t wash. A fit of pique by someone who wanted a seat for life, he was obviously in the wrong party.

  • darth rumsfeld

    it really makes me sick to read all this sub-Stalinist posting from shinners about “good” republicans being oh so unfortunate to lose out in a jolly fine selection contest , and oh how we’ll miss them when they’re gone. What’s wrong with you people? if you’ve forgotten how to have a feud, look at slugger durinjg the Ulster Unionist spats of 2000 onwards. They could show you how to have a proper split, and they don’t even have any semtex!

    Why not just be honest, and split into the “only good Prod is a dead Prod” faction(see the pathetic comments of Kathy-c)and the “only good prod is a useful dupe who we can keep on board as we seek to get into power and then we can pay them back for six million years of disrimination” faction , or as we know it , the leadership.
    I mean, just get on with it, and split,preferably with a great deal of internecine violence


    I never thought I’d say it, but I agree with Chris Donnelly. If Hyland puts his hat in the ring in an attempt to hurt PSF, he’ll have the opposite effect.

    There’s no chance of him taking a seat, but he would act effectively as a 4th PSF candidate, which, with the SDLP only running 2, could go a long way towards protecting that 3rd PSF seat.

    But then again, was strategy really ever Davy’s thing?

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    hi all,
    Cratageus, I’m part German as well and my grandmother’s cousin a German Catholic priest was sent to a concentration camp where he died. The fact that we are both part German doesn’t answer my question…was it murder for the british soldiers to shoot down Irish civilians in cold blood at bloody sunday?

    Pat McLarnon, you are using one of the oldest political tricks in the book…you have turned the issue around questioning the motives and intrigity of Davy Hyland but leaving the motives of sinn fein and it’s leaders alone. The fact that Mr. Hyland was contacted -not in person for a face to face— he was contacted by sinn fein in a texted message. Sinn fein took the cowards way to contact Mr. Hyland…. But I do agree, Mr. Hyland was in the wrong party because Mr. Hyland is a Republican who wants to break the yoke of british oppression and sinn fein no longer does.

  • For fecks sake Kathy, Davy was on holiday when the convention was held. What were SF supposed to do, fly out to the Canaries or wherever to give him the result in person?

    Or wait until he got back to Ireland to tell him, by which time he’d most likely have heard from someone else anyway … and no doubt you would be on here saying “those cowardly Shinners didn’t even bother to tell him he was deselected, he had to find out from someone else” …

  • darth rumsfeld

    kathy c may be madder than a bag of snakes,but even she deserves enlightenment, so here goes-

    kathy, the sovereign in the United Kingdom is, and always has been a catholic. So what else do you need to hang your hat on?

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    kathy c

    Davy was told 21 days in advance about the convention, he chose not to attend preferring a family holiday.

    He did not resign on any point of principle at all. On anything to do with policing or his allegation of non consultation by the leadership. He allowed his name to go forward and if he had been selected he would have fought on a SF ticket supposedly because he believed it to be a republican party. He resigned simply because he wasn’t selected

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    hi all,

    Wednesday-the answer is simple. Sinn fein should have called Mr.Hyland on the phone if he was unavailable for a ‘face to face’. To text message him was a cowards way and sinn fein looks bad.

    Pat McLarnon, people are leaving sinn fein in record numbers….and sinn fein and those who support sinn fein keep making allll these excuses as to why…and of course it is never sinn feins fault—-it is always the fault of the person who decides to leave the party. Sinn fein is playing everyone as stupid…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that sinn fein has problems big time problems and people are jumping ship because they don’t want to be assocaiated with them anymore.