Hyland jumps before final push

The deselection of Davy Hyland and Pat O’Rawe by Sinn Féin in the Newry and Armagh constituency has yet to be ratified by the party leadership but Davy Hyland, MLA, isn’t waiting for that final cut. According to the BBC report he has resigned from the party and is still deciding whether to run as an independent. Adds PA report with quotes below.From the PA report

Mr Hyland, who was de-selected just before Christmas, said he had reluctantly concluded there was no longer a place for him in Sinn Fein.

He claimed there was a limited timeframe for the public to have its say on policing.

“There`s been some discussion within Sinn Fein, but I don`t think the wider community, the people who actually elect Sinn Fein representatives, I don`t think they have been consulted enough,” he told BBC radio Ulster.

Mr Hyland added: “When I joined it (Sinn Fein) in 1981 it certainly was a very democratic party.

“Perhaps as time goes on maybe power becomes too centralised and individuals are given too much power.”

And from the updated BBC report

Mr Hyland, who represented Newry and Armagh, said he was saddened at being “de-selected by text”.

“I leave Sinn Fein secure in the knowledge that I have remained true to my republican principles,” he said.

He said that there was disquiet locally about the policing issue and said there should be more debate and consultation with the community.

“You need a full, frank and open discussion on this matter because it has massive implications for everyone on this island,” he said.