SF MLA Davy Hyland deselected for assembly election

SF MLA for Newry and Armagh Davy Hyland has been deselected by the party for the next assembly election. He’s been commenting on the move on BBC TalkBack[should still be online, late in the programme] referencing the ongoing policing discussions and he also mentioned being “forced to stand down” previously as a councillor for Newry Town. He said he would be considering his position within the party and, interestingly, when asked if he would now stand as an independent candidate he replied that he had been left with no choice but to consider that route. Update BBC reportFrom the BBC report

Sinn Fein MLA Davy Hyland has said he is surprised and saddened at being de-selected as a candidate for the forthcoming Assembly election.

Mr Hyland, who represents Newry and Armagh, said he was now considering whether to stand as an independent.

He said he had disagreements on local issues with Sinn Fein and accused them of moving too quickly on policing.

“It’s difficult for us to get our heads round some of the things being requested of us,” he said.

“Meetings with Hugh Orde in Stormont still seem maybe a step too far for many people.”

Mr Hyland said more discussion was needed on the issue.

“My experience and my family’s experience of policing in the north hasn’t been a very good one, like many other republicans,” he said.

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  • Joe Romhar

    Sean Og, that’s the point. Sinn Fein are the worst private sector employers.

  • Joe Romhar

    Auld Pat in the frame himself now for doing a Widgery on Scap

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    no problem, it was a bit confusing.

    I believe that the wishes of local organisations should be respected and acted upon. Though how that is married to the obvious need of the ruling AC to oversee the party as best they can will create friction.

    One scenario is when a party takes a decision on positive discrimination in the promotion of female candidates for eg ( I don’t know if that is going on here), in that respect the AC should have the right to overturn decisions that runs against party policy
    Another scenario would be if a local organisation somehow became estranged from the AC, ie failure to select candidates etc, the AC should be alowed to come in to impose candidates in order to ring fence existing support and attempt to ensure it is not lost to other parties.

    As far as I can see that is not the case here, as stated earlier the whole matter of the holiday, date of convention etc and the clash of times does need clarification.

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    I suspect that all you know about Scap comes from the likes of Ingram and a collection of the usual cabel of journalists. Indeed your comments at 7.40 pm yesterday bear this out.

    I always wonder what is the point of the ramblings of Ingram and then i realise he still hopes to influence gullable fools like yourself.

    If Ingram is a yardstick to be used as evidence (and poor old Paddy Fox also encouraged him to keep on doing his work) then what is out there as an alternative to SF is in a pretty poor shape indeed. You are more to be pitied than despised

  • Joe Romhar

    Pat, what you suspect isn’t all that important any more. If you don’t know Freddie Scap is a tout then your ability to comment on any political matters is undermined. More likely and sinister is your cover up for a tout. If you are not working for the Brits you have reduced the distance between you and them to the point of insignificance. I won’t say I know Freddie Scap as well as you know your wife. I do know him a helluva lot better than you know some of your neighbours. I am so glad to be a gullible fool in your eyes, the eyes that can’t see Freddie as a tout.

  • Crataegus


    There is enough evil in this world without me adding to it. It is your view of the world that lacks any breadth. I have no reason to like the British establishment, or the PSNI, and am quite able to have a healthy cynicism as to motives and purpose, but you have to keep these views in balance. All evil and all wrong does not belong at the feet of the British ‘establishment’ and that establishment is not a monolith.

    Do you not consider, just once in awhile, that what you support may be deeply wrong? That the methodology may be counterproductive to your avowed aim?

    I have seen some truly horrible things in my life and in my opinion violence seldom solves any problem. It can only be justified in association with self defence or oppression, but oppression has to be a lot more than merely I don’t like the established order. It has to be real, tangible, substantial and extreme. Also if you go down such a road and oppose oppression you must ensure that the targets are indeed those responsible and not someone, anyone, out shopping or going about their life. How does anyone justify randomly killing and maiming totally innocent people? It just isn’t good enough to say the British Establishment is bad and therefore what I’m doing is OK. That’s a cop out. If you kill or injure anyone it is you that are responsible and there cannot be excuse for murder, not for me, you or the likes of Blair. No one should be above the law.

    Also how do you win friends and help bring people together if you butcher them. For generations they are going to hate you and what you stand for.

    If you want to experience real oppression try North Korea or parts of Sudan. If you want real and terrible problems try some of the places that have famine. Famine is humbling and puts much else in perspective very fast. As for terror lots of places to chose but there is something about child soldiers that unhinges me. Also consider that but for the British there could have been a real and terrible civil war in the North. This place could easily have gone down a road similar to Rwanda. Once violence starts it can be hard to contain.

    I am no Unionist and I don’t see myself as British or Irish and my background isn’t Christian. If anything I am European but am a right old mongrel. I would plead with you and people like you to reconsider your approach or even if you have the necessary skills simply spend a bit of time abroad doing voluntary work. Do a bit of good. And widen your perspective.

  • fuiseog

    DK wrote

    You accuse me of not trying to understand people and their motives. Based on what?

    The fact that you knee jerked in your assumptions about me, where Ive been and where Im coming from. You clearly are acting out some kind of script for yourself and arent even taking in what I say. We are almost having two conversations. For example you state I challenge everything that I was brought up with. Do you do the same? Didnt I tell you that my parents were both ‘protestants’? Erm could active republicanism ‘be’ more apart from that background? I ask in my best Chandler Bing Friends tome of voice.

    Im the same as Im so busy trying to get my spoke in that Im not particularily listening for potency in what you are writing. Maybe thats part of the problem too here we talk at each other instead of with each other.

    Another is that we have made assumptions about each other, you actually seem quite progressive and politicaly mature. You’ve likely been round a few corners, you see the good in a man like David Ervine, as do I. I used to know Kirks too that were from around the Larne area. Loyalists.

    We agree that people make choices, I did I have and I do, it is my responsibility and I face up to it willingly. Deeming the British establishment as an enemy is hardly using them as an excuse for my choices they are specifically the reason d’etre of them. I must be missing the point you are making there.

    We agree that murder is morally wrong, in general terms someone who hasnt killed may well be morally superior to someone who has. Thats an interesting debate. Your view is as valid as mine or anyone elses. Yet As an active republican Im compelled to adapt and survive and respond to the circumstances I finding myself in.

    To be blunt in all conscience as a soldier I have no qualms and no hestitation about taking action against the state, specifically the military forces of that state. Civilians, non combatants, innocents, protestants? Absolutely not, full stop, no discussion, positively no way, never on ANY day for ANY reason !!!

    DK wrote Still waiting the answer to why the Brits are here? Specifically, what is their selfish interest? After all, your whole justification of yourself is based on fighting that selfish interest.

    Take your pick Mr Kirk, imperialism, last vestiges of an empire, John Bull arogance? An inherited mess which no establishment body has the moral fortitude to resolve? An accident of history? Right through to callous indifference, to an unholy real time training ground for their spook and military, who can say? Why is Scotland still part of the union? Wales even? Why is Canada part of the commonwealth or Austrailia a reluctant member?

    What I do know is that they are here, no amount of speculation of why each section of the establishment deems to remain in Ireland will somehow make them vanish. Nor will any fluffy idea or intuition that that they dont want to be here or are keen to leave actually make it happen.

    The reality is, taking a historical perspective that they are staying until such times as the losses outweight the gains to them … such as they are?

    In my view the time is right and opportune for a significant third front to be opened up again here in their backyard. There are enough people of a like mind to enforce a low intensity military campaign, there’s enough high quality, enthusiastic new blood who with guidance, direction and training could make a significant impact on their resources and efforts to remain in Ireland in the long term (decades)untenable.

    This struggle isnt over Mr Kirk, Gerry and Ian are simply sideshow Bobs for doesnt resistance come in waves and cycles, 10 years is a fair enough wind for politics to work, they havent, the Britis have no intention of leaving, just look at the topics recently here on slugger alone their malignant influence and powerplays corrupts us all.

    I say time is on our side. For just as it was in the begining so it will be in the end ….

    Is mise