the party wants a declaration that the commission’s reports are void..

The long-running attempt by Sinn Féin to have the IMC decommissioned hits the High Court in London today where they will be seeking “a declaration that the establishment of the commission was unlawful and falls outside the remit of the Good Friday Agreement.” And with the next report due in March 2007, and despite the enthusiasm shown by both the Irish and British governments for the more recent reports

If successful, the party wants a declaration that the commission’s reports are void, the financial penalties against Sinn Fein illegal and its findings lack any application of proof.

Update via UTV reportAccording to the report, the QC representing Sinn Féin has argued that the Secretary of State had “erred in law” [Quiet at the back! – Ed]

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  • Yokel

    Will be interesting but i doubt it’ll fly…

  • ingram

    I believe Sinn Fein and it`s masters ( HMG) have some merit in their argument, it certainly was not envisaged in GFA and no provision was made. It would make the path way clear in the coming months for both HMG and Sinn Fein.

    I would not be surprised if this application is successful,Sinn Fein need a sweetner prior to the Ard Fheis and HMG would not want an “observation unit” maintaining surveilance at a very, very sennsitive time.


  • ingram


    Just noticed this little gem.

    Quote Sinn Fein Barrister “As the province moved towards normalisation and peace it was “of critical importance that decisions that detrimentally affect one party or another result, and are seen to result, from a scrupulously fair process.”

    Sinn Fein making reference to the PROVINCE in their argument! I suppose we should not be that surprised after all as Ian Paisley Jnr stated recently in an e mail quote”A republican who accepts the police is no longer a republican, he says.

    Well I never, surely not Ian.

    Are Sinn Fein a Republican party or not, the Sinn Fein web site says clearly they are,perhaps we should take a closer looks at these claims in the new Year.LOL

    Merry Christmas

  • joeCanuck

    hehehe Pete.
    The secretary of State for Wales etc couldn’t be so stupid, could he?
    If the court perchance does find in SF’s favour, I guess the said Secretary will be seeking new employment and he can lay off those prominent party members trying to help his advancement.

  • Pete Baker

    Well.. it’s not necessarily the same Secretary of State’s fault, joe.. although the latest incumbent seems to have perfected the role..