Too many ‘official’ sites still stuck in the ‘push’ era…

Ireland Offline has a detailed analysis of a poor performance in rolling out broadband in the Republic. It comes at the same time as a highly critical report from Red Cardinal on the accessibility of government websites. Richard elaborates on his blog.It is clear that government websites in Ireland have not even begun to seriously recognise, never mind engage, with the read write revolution. Too few use even the most neutral of interactive tools like RSS which have been standard new build tools for four or five years now.

But, here’s a thing. Only three party sites (it’s actually five including SF and the Socialists) in the south use it. In Northern Ireland, the Greens the UUs and Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland all allow open syndication of their PR output. The Alliance might, but at the time of posting the site was too busy to check.

The truth is that the net is not about aggressively pushing key messages. In fact it’s been about allowing others to pull for quite some time – see James Gleick back in 1997. For those of you still lingering on the starting line – get a move on and get with the project!!

: The Alliance has some funky tools, but I could not find an RSS feed.