Tis the Season: Irish News Exclusive

Bimpe Fatogun secured a rare interview with Santa’s chief elf in the run up to Christmas. Christmas temps -brought in from Reindeerland under, one imagines, special work permits – are toiling in the Royal Mail’s Tomb Street building, having completely taken over one whole room. Did you know that Belfast is where all Santa’s letters from children in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales go? Now you do. Chief Elf, Elfis (no word on whether Elfis prefers the early style or the more gaudy, bloated era), explains: “Some children do photocopy pages out of the Argos book to send in, or tell us what catalogue to find things in, with the page numbers and item numbers copied out and everything,” Elfis said.
“They can be very organised.
“But Santa also gets letters from children telling him that they don’t mind what they get or even asking for a present for their mother and father too.
“It doesn’t really matter how you ask. Santa always knows what girls and boys want and gets it for them.”
“We do have a few adults writing in,” Elfis revealed.
“Some have asked for Ferraris. If an adult gives a return address they get a reply from Santa too. He always writes back if he can, no matter how old you are.”

So get writing. Send your letter before December 13th to:
Santa’s Grotto,
Reindeerland. SAN TA1.

(Children writing to Santa need to make sure that each letter has a stamp and a return address so his elves can help him reply.)