Deal will come when SF takes Provo boot off Short Strand?

Chris may think it all spin, but Jim Allister was not exactly pulling tightly against the party line this evening. “Ian Paisley did say that he could do certain things, upon delivery. There has be delivery by the Republican movement, tested and proved over a credible period of time. And it is very clear that they haven’t even started the clock on any of this, because they only start the clock whenever they call the Ard Fheis”. Later: “Sinn Fein has stalled, procrastinated, bowled short, and now, quite clearly, they would have to be tested in other ways. Are they going to take the Provo boot off the neck of the people in Short Strand and let them come forward to give evidence in the horrendous killing of Robert McCartney?”

Adds: Check out the second item on the 18.30 Newsline, (Sound file, 7 mins in).