Another interview, another policing precondition?

On Hearts and Minds, Gerry Kelly appeared to add another precondition (to the existing three) before Sinn Fein will sign up for policing:

Noel Thompson: Will you, if and when you come on board policing, will you say we don’t want to investigate anything that has been before…
Gerry Kelly: Yes. Yes.
Noel Thompson: …this is a new beginning?
Gerry Kelly: I have said it before a new beginning is a new beginning.

This mirrors Aengus O Snodaigh’s conditional support for the Garda. However where does such a position leave republican demands by the likes of Ogra Shinn Fein, An Fhrinne, New Lodge Six campaign, Pat Finucance Centre and Relatives for Justice for inquires into the activities of others? Also the ministerial oath of office about encouraging co-operation with the police has no time clause either (see below)?

“We believe that the essential elements of support for law and order include endorsing fully the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the criminal justice system, actively encouraging everyone in the community to co-operate fully with the PSNI in tackling crime in all areas and actively supporting all the policing and criminal justice institutions, including the Policing Board.”

  • joeCanuck

    Fair Deal

    Sadly, with a very heavy heart, I have to agree that a clean break has to be made with all of the past. Yes, it will leave a lot of people on both sides with no “closure”. But we desperately need a new start where we can move forward and share together for the short time that this planet seems to have left for the human race.
    there are huge worldwide problems to be solved. perhaps we can concentrate our energies on those.

  • páid

    SF will eventually sign up.

    But, like the “cessation”, Articles 2 & 3, and “decommissioning”, a price will be exacted.

  • Over at the editors desk Martin believes that whats needed is further investigations into collusion that even the Gardai had a hand in.

    “What’s needed is an investigation into Garda co-operation with the RUC at a time when that force was up to its necks in running loyalist agents who were murdering nationalists and republicans. The Gibraltar Three would be a good place to start. Did the Garda provide the intelligence which enabled the Brits to murder Dan McCann, Mairead Farrell and Sean Savage on the Rock in 1988? How many Garda files were used by Brits engaged in shoot-to-kill and how many Garda files provided to the RUC were then provided to Billy Wright and his chums to enable them to target republicans? Uncomfortable territory but then peace processes are all about going into unchartered waters. And, despite the pious proclamations, successive Irish Governments and Garda chiefs provided information to the RUC at a time when, as we now know, it was a murderous conspiracy against the nationalist community.”

  • joeCanuck


    We have to put it all, ALL, behind us.
    Not forget the loved ones on all sides who were murdered, but move forward.

  • McGrath

    The water will never clear if the mud keeps getting dredged up.

    Various victims of the troubles will have the heaviest burden to bear in a new future. Somehow there has to be an acknowledgement that parties in whom trust was placed, conspired to do harm. However the search for justice will cost us that new future.

    Like Joe said, a clean break. It will be a very painful clean break.

  • fair_deal

    I personally think either you look at it all (where the victims families wish it) or not at all. I doubt whether knowing everything reduces mistrust and anger as not knowing.

  • ingram

    The truth is Sinn Fein and HMG have never wanted the truth about the past to made public, I wonder what the Finucane family say about this Republican position?.

    Gerry Kelly one day will have to account for his role, That I promise him.