PSNI tells Adams of death threat…

We’re getting news that the PSNI have informed Gerry Adams of a death threat aimed at him. At this stage it is not clear whether it comes from a dissident Republican group, or from Michael Stone.

Update: Here’s the link to the PA Report.

  • deadmanonleave

    Scarey stuff… Could it have come from the Republicans who haven’t taken a single life since they split from the PRM except for Omagh which they claim was a set up by dark forces, the RSM which have been on a verified cessation since 1998, loylists who are struggling to intimidate Catholic families out of homes let alone their ex-comrades? I’d doubt any of these…but with PSF’s move toward accommodation with occupation the most likely, though still unlikely imho, potential culprit is one of their own disenchanted community.

  • Yokel

    Scary? Nah.

    A death threat from Michael Stone? I’m not sure that would have the cops turning up to Gerrys house, unless Stone is feeding the cops lots of stories.

    This could be absolutely legit, it could be anorther conspiracy for political purposes. There appears to have been so many that you just can’t tell anymore. That is the worst thing.

  • listen to me

    Adams strangely gets these threats all the time, and the strange thing is that he always gets them when he is in trouble within Sinn Fein…. stangely these threats help him a great deal with the sympathy vote…

    strangely the PSNI help him out with threats which are only figments of the imagination and cheap scare tactics….

    strange that Adams can get them to do that…. who does he know in the “know” and why would they help him

  • Is it at all significant that the threat was communicated to Sinn Fein by the PSNI? I’m not sure if it’s happened before, but could this be symbolic posturing to suggest to the DUP that Sinn Fein are taking the police service seriously now, and so are ready to fully recognise them?

    (not a conspiracy theory, I honestly don’t know if that angle of it is signifcant or not…)

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Same old ….same old. Let see who this helps. Gerry adams wants to be in gov’t so badly he can taste it…but he is getting alot of grass root unhappiness because to get into government (or the promise once again by the brits) he has to have the republicans sign up to the police and admit that the british courts are the rule of law for the Catholic Irish…adams has to spit in the face of the memory of the hunger strikers and all who suffered at the hands of british law.
    Now…to appear to be the suffering republican and not someone who has sold the republican movement down the stream and adams as the person who criminalized the IRA….adams gets a death threat in the attempt to have republicans think…ahhhh poor gerry…
    He’s no Michael Collins and any good republican will let adams live out a long lonely life where no one wants to hear what he has to say….

  • GlemTaisie

    Some Republicans have opposed Adams and his strategy these include Ruairi OBradaigh,Jim Lynagh
    Mairead Farrell, Davy Morley, Brendan Hughes Anthony McIntyre, James McCarry the list could go on.

    Peter King still sipports him (and the war in Iraq)