Stone’s early release licence revoked

As the BBC have reported, the Secretary of State for Wales etc, Peter Hain has revoked Michael Stone’s early release licence, following yesterday’s attempted attack at Stormont, [technically NIO Minister Paul Goggins signed the order – Ed], which will mean that, if Lord Chief Justice Sir Brian Kerr accepts the minimum recommended tariff from Stone’s original sentence, he will serve at least a further 18 years in prison.From the NIO statement

Mr Hain said: “Following Michael Stone’s actions of yesterday he has been charged with a number of very serious offences. As he is in clear breach of the conditions of his release I have suspended his ‘early’ release licence with immediate effect.

I will not hesitate to act to suspend the licence of any prisoner who was released under the early release scheme (the Northern Ireland Sentences) Act 1998), introduced following the signing of the Good-Friday Agreement, if they present a risk to the safety of others.[added emphasis]

“My priority is public safety and the interests of the whole community and I cannot permit freedom to any individual intent on abusing the opportunity they have been given to benefit from the early release scheme.”

That is, he will not hestitate unless other considerations come into play..