“preceded by seminars in which he will discuss his ideas”

One more snippet of Secretary of State for Wales etc related news, this time on his ongoing campaign for the next job. The Guardian tells us that Peter Hain is to appoint a high profile campaign manager [where can I apply? – Ed] next week after that deadline and that his campaign is to include an interactive website.. [Slugger? – Ed]From The Guardian

Mr Hain’s supporters said the decision not to get involved in face to face debates at this stage did not preclude a full debate after the May local elections. They said it was vital to concentrate on the real enemy. They also said it would be legitimate for candidates to set out their positions in the next few months.

Mr Hain wrote to all MPs last week arguing that he was the kind of figure that could put together the coalition that helped Labour win the 1997 and 2001 landslides. He is due to appoint a high profile campaign manager next week after the deadline for the next stage of setting up the Northern Ireland assembly has passed and plans a series of speeches between now and the main campaigning moratorium ahead of the May elections. The speeches, backed by an interactive website, will be preceded by seminars in which he will discuss his ideas.

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  • joeCanuck

    Oh no! Now he’s going to be attemting to juggle
    3 balls. Expect more mishaps.

  • offer it up

    Word from Westminster has it that his campaign manager is to be Martin Linton, the MP for Battersea who very nearly lost his seat in 2005.

  • Pete Baker


    Does he qualify as ‘high profile’?

  • offer it up


    Not in my opinion. On saying that, he is well regarded in the PLP and the most important thing at this stage is guaranteeing the 44 signatures required to get on the ballot. He is a good organiser and should be able to do taht.