A reminder of a wondrous detour

As it seems to be a relatively quiet day [*ahem* – Ed] here’s a quick reminder, for those who might have missed the original memo on it, that the doors to the Royal Society’s digital archive remain open – a collection that contains every paper ever published in the Royal Society’s journals all the way back to the first volume of Philosophical Transactions in 1665 – and all can freely pass through until the end of December.As previously mentioned

Spanning nearly 350 years of continuous publishing, the archive of nearly 60,000 articles includes ground-breaking research and discovery from many renowned scientists including: Bohr, Boyle, Bragg, Cajal, Cavendish, Chandrasekhar, Crick, Dalton, Darwin, Davy, Dirac, Faraday, Fermi, Fleming, Florey, Fox Talbot, Franklin (pictured), Halley, Hawking, Heisenberg, Herschel, Hodgkin, Hooke, Huxley, Joule, Kelvin, Krebs, Liebnitz, Linnaeus, Lister, Mantell, Marconi, Maxwell, Newton, Pauling, Pavlov, Pepys, Priestley, Raman, Rutherford, Schrodinger, Turing, van Leeuwenhoek, Volta, Watt, Wren, and many, many more influential science thinkers up to the present day.

All those guys are in there.