Memo to Peter Hain

When a High Court judge has ruled that you “failed in your duty of candour to the court”, that you had “approve[d] and sanction[ed] the swearing and filing of an affidavit” that “was ambiguous and failed to disclose all the relevant material pertaining to the appointment” and that your course of action was such that “The inference to be drawn is that the respondent (Mr Hain) was attempting to divert attention from the true course of events.” it’s probably not a good idea when responding to criticism based on that ruling to continue to attempt to divert attention from the true course of events.From the Belfast Telegraph

Speaking earlier to Welsh parliamentary journalists, Mr Hain said he was looking at the “consequences” of the judgement.

He said: “I think the people of Wales should look at the facts on the ground. Those facts on the ground were that we had to do important preparatory work to deal with the problem of thousands of victims of the Troubles of Northern Ireland.

“I think the victims of the Troubles have been neglected for far too long. The preparatory work which was done on an interim basis has been leading up to that.

“Obviously we are studying the judgement carefully and we are looking at the consequences of that but the big picture is that I was acting on behalf of victims and will continue to do so.”

And from the BBC report on the delay of the High Court hearing to further consider what action to take.

“What I think is when this report from Bertha McDougall on a way forward for victims, when that comes to me, I think it will be an important report that will show the way forward and I think that the decision I made will be seen to be the right one,” he said.

Let’s study that judgement again shall we?

Fionnuala O’Connor tackled Hain and his cavalier attitude in today’s Irish Times[subs req]

The North has seen a gradual, piecemeal creation of systems of fairness. It has taken more than three decades to establish a culture of balance and openness about making public appointments. Parades, troublesome since the 18th century, have become less problematic with the ebbing of violence, the painstaking implementation of rules and the directions of the Parades Commission.

There is nothing safe and settled about this fledgling culture of fairness: it must have official respect as well as compliance. At a delicate moment, Mr Justice Girvan’s eloquence on the necessity for vigilance in the matter of public appointments struck a blow for the concept of the judiciary as guardian of what is fair and just.

Mr Hain has invested much energy in trying to line up the job of deputy prime minister, post-Blair.

He knows well that the Northern Ireland post attracts more sympathy than scrutiny in Westminster. But whatever his next job, he should have learned in Belfast that some corners are too important to be cut.

We can only hope he doesn’t do too much more damage before he leaves.

It’s, possibly, already too late…

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  • Ian

    I could have sworn I saw an article about this subject in yesterday’s Irish News by Newton Emerson.

    I only saw the first paragraph next to the link as I don’t have subs to their website, so I was looking forward to reading it today on Newshound.

    However, it’s not on Newshound today and looking back at the Irish News site it seems to have disappeared? (there’s an ‘Eye of Newt’ column from last week still up there called ‘Generation Game’, which is more a series of snippets one of which mentions the issue, but doesn’t he do a more comprehensive article on a Thursday?)

    It could be my memory playing tricks on me – does anybody have a paper copy of yesterday’s Irish News?

  • nmc

    Anyone catch Hain last night on BBC news? Noel Thompson grilled the shit out of him, it was the best interview he’s ever done, (IMO).

  • My, nmc, you are a busy so-and-so.

    When I raised this matter on the Open Thread, you made sure it got nowhere by redirecting interest back to the trash which had ruined it to start with.

    Now when Peter Baker makes a separate thread about the appointment of Bertha McDougall, you are Johnny-on-the-spot to make sure that the substance of the matter – the illegality of her appointment to be Victims’ Commissioner after her husband Lindsay was killed during the war between the INLA and the British securocats after Airey Naeve’s assassination – gets nowhere.

    Just let me know where you are hanging out, so I can make sure to avoid you.

  • ciaran damery

    [Removed – ciaran, you are a very naughty boy]

  • Intelligence Insider

    So “Trowbridge H. Ford” is still alive! lol. Next thing he will tell us about is the attempt to kill him by “securocats” (sic). What a guy! roflmao.

    To get to the point, Hain is the worst S.O.S. we or Wales have ever had to suffer under, the judicial process has as good as caled him a liar, if he had any respect for his office he would resign immediately and if Blair had any balls he would sack him.

  • Sure am alive, Intelligence Insider, as my articles about the Reddaways and Mossad ‘false flag’ operations on cryptome,, conspiracy planet, etc. will demonostrate.

    They are about how MI6 helped the Mossad assassinate Serbia’s Zoran Djindjic, Dr.David Kelly, etc.

    You must be some Intelligence Insider!

    And when it comes to Peter Hain, how about attacking his temporary appointment of Bertha McDougall to be the Victims’ Commissioner rather than the man himself with charges that he is the worst S. O. B., it seems, to have ever held the post?

    You cannot even follow the posting rules!

  • Intelligence Insider

    Those “securocats” (sic) must be pretty bad! lol. As for your claims, well, they carry about as much weight as Adam’s claim not to have been a member of the IRA!

    By the way, I said worst S.O.S., you really need to work on getting your facts right! When you have got your facts straight I might consider taking you seriously. If you drop that ridiculous nonsense about someone trying to kill you I might even get to the point of taking your views seriously!

  • BTW, Intelligence Insider, you said that Hain, the worst S.O.S. the province ever had, was a liar who should either quit or Blair have the balls to fire when he was just doing the PM’s business in trying to sneak Bertha McDougall, the DUP’s candidate to be the Victims Commissioner, through.

    And have you ever read about what Roy Mason and Humphrey Atkins did while they were S.O.S.?

    And if this doesn’t make Hain an S.O.B., in your mind, I don’t know what will.

    And, as for giving up my on claim that the CIA agent in Lisbon Michael Thomas – with help from the Portuguese SIS, Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, DCI George Tenet et al. – tried to have me killed, that’s the last claim I would give up on, as it almost killed me on many occasions.

    On a cyclical pattern, over a period of four years, thanks to the ricin they had a local restaurant put in my body when I had dinner there, in most small quantities, over a period of a year, they almost pulled it off without naive me even suspecting what they were attempting.

    It’s just amazing if I had gone to the hospital then, like Alexander Litvinenko is doing now, and claimed that the Russians had tried to kill me, a former CIC operative, it would have been all over the news. But if our killers target one of their own troublemakers, like Clinton’s former security chief Luther ‘Buddy’ Parks, or attorney Paul Wilcher, one would be crazy to think so even though they ended up dead.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Trow, keep taking the tablets.

    PS, in my view Mason was the best S.O.S we ever had, and that’s saying a lot from a Conservative & Unionist!

  • I have never taken any tables, Intelligence Insider, if you mean by this prescribed medication to deal with mental disorders.

    The only serious, systemic mental problems I ever had was the cyclical seizures I had because of the ricin I ingested in a restaurant in Caldas da Rahina during 1995-6 which lasted until 1999 here in Sweden, thanks to a plot the CIA arranged which included President Clinton, former DCI Richard Helms, current one George Tenet, Agency operator Michael Thomas, Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley, Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease of Probe magazine, Jim Marrs the author of Crossfire, and several others.

    And it is hardly surprising that you consider Mason to be the best S.O.S. since he did almost everything that Tory Unionist Airey Neave suggested, especially extra-judicial killings of the Provo ‘gangsters’, resulting in his assassination by unknown members of the INLA who have still never been caught. If such policies had continued, The Troubles would still be going flat out.

  • Now Lord Goldsmith, the Attorney General, has agreed to investigate Judge Girvan’s 67 questions about Hain’s appointment of Bertha McDougall – widow of Lindsay McDougall who was murdered by the INLA in retaliation for the assassinations of Operation Ranc – to be Victims Commissioner. If Hain is found guilty of obstructing justice, that’s the political end of him.

    While this does no credit to the S.O.S., it is still far fairer than the assassination campaign that his predecessor, Humphrey Atkins, was mounting in retaliation for Airey Neave’s killing by the INLA.

  • DK

    Clinton tried to kill you? Are you sure you’re not just barking?

  • Yes, DK, Clinton tried to have me killed. If you want to read about it in detail, I suggest to consult my articles about being an American exile, and more confessions about Washington’s plot to kill me in the Trowbridge Archive at

    People in America and Britain are just in total denial about what their governments have done, and are currently involved in.

    And if you are not one of them, I urge you to contact Clinton, and to urge him go to court about any apparent libel.