Big run on George Best banknotes…

Clare Regan with a particular brand of Ulster Bank fivers that are in world wide demand. It seems to be doing a roaring trade, though the asking price seems to have dropped radically since Clare put the piece together.


  • Penelope

    how very cool that Best’s sister and father were given notes with the first and last serial numbers of the limited run 🙂

    sure… it’s to be expected that the limited edition fivers would end up on eBay… but also the application forms for it??? wow

    no worries… I’ve got my fiver lined up…
    I know someone who works for Ulster Bank & they’re bought a note & are holding onto it for me until I return to Belfast for Christmas 🙂

  • Padraig Óg

    The Provos did it

    Oh sorry wrong thread

  • nmc

    Most people can’t afford to hang onto money for collectability. You’ll be getting them in your change in no time, just thankful that they aren’t made of plastic.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Brings to mind the (very) slightly related story about Jack Charlton, a frequent visitor to the west of Ireland who, in his heyday as the Republic’s manager (allegedly) used to ask pubowners to cash a cheque for him. The pub owners were happy to oblige but framed the cheque instead and put it on the wall as a memento of his visit & JC’s bank balance was never troubled.

  • Brendan

    For fecks sake.
    Its hard enough to spend your nordy sterling in Britain – have you ever tried using your monopoly money to buy anything. Nobody at the NEC Bike show last year would take any of it and the queue for the cash machines was incredible.
    Now you have gone and put a footballer on your notes – well they are officially the world’s most unusable currency outside the 6 counties now !

  • The Devil

    An absolute disgrace, who the hell came up with the idea of trying to sanitise a liver stealing, woman beating drunk.
    This disgusting thing from the dark past is better forgotten about, for it can only be remembered as an embarrassment to every decent human being that ever originated out of this place.

    How was this thing more deserving than the following.

    Joey Dunlop
    Seamus Heaney
    Pat Jennings
    The Black Santa
    Tom Heron
    Rinty Monaghan
    Dawson Stelfox
    Mary Peters

    Sure if they are not caring about people that are offended by such a decision then why not the following,

    Ian Paisley
    Gerry Adams
    Michael Stone
    Billy Wright
    Bobby Sands
    Dominic McGlinchey
    The Orange Order
    The Christian Brothers
    Steak-knife (he loved fivers by the bundle)

  • fair dinkum

    One side uses money to celebrate their culture. The other side use money to buy armalites and semtex. I saw copies of NB 20s in money changing offices in Manila, so the infamy of Ulster’s Catholics has spread even to that remote outpost.

  • mark

    A fiver? Surely you should be able to buy at least a bottle vodka with one?

  • mark

    I get it now:

    The George Best fiver the only fiver you can get ten quids worth of drink with.

  • Yer Woman

    Post 7: That comment is a bit a out of order don’t you think? ‘The infamy of Ulster’s Catholics’?

    If I was to make a similar comment about Ulster’s protestants in the context of Holy Cross and the Quinn murders i’m sure the moderators would have had my post well censored in a nano-second.

  • Ulster Young Unionist

    This week saw the release of the ‘George Best’ £5 notes. Personally i feel that there are many other people in this country that deserve their face on the note. No dont take me wrong, George Best was an amazing athlete, but so are many others such as David Beckham, but then, why his not the new face of the fiver? Should we be praising the actions of a man who drank himself to death, who threw away his second chance of life when he was given another liver?

    What about Joey?? Where is his face on the £5? If we want to give praise to a single individual who has made a huge impact in Northern Ireland, then why not Joey Dunlop.He has achieved great things in his life. He has won countless racing titles and earned the respect of nearly every single decent man or woman in both the North and the South of Ireland, if not the entire United Kingdom, but yet where is his note????

  • rapunsel

    So what if he drank himself to death — it was his choice and as for the liver– well everyone deserves a chance. The beef that I have is that people here don’t know where to stop — murals, airports, money, trust funds what will it be for George next — a park perhaps, a football pitch. the fivers look like shite to me but better the fivers than the airport renaming