Racist attack in Culleybackey…

The PSNI are considering racism as the motive for an attempt at arson on a house in Culleybackey near Ballymena


  • Frustrated Democrat

    It is time all the local politicians in Ballymena, from all parties, took an even stronger lead on this. Some of them apparently have been very vocal in their condemnation of sectarianism and racism others less so.

    Immigrant workers (I understand 2000+) are a very important part of the economy in Ballymena and now need a lot support, after one of them was charged with the murder of a local girl.

    So let us see if they can have a plan to integrate them into the community. I think Ballymena needs some good news………….

  • Rubicon

    FD – You are a greater optimist than me! I hope for change – but know that racism runs rife in Irish society.

    Racism here is not a divide – both parts of the community harbour ‘purity’ as part of their identity. We can’t get on with our next door neighbours – why expect a better response to immigrants?

    It seems NI is unprepared for a European Union that recognises and respects other identities – but we’re happy to take its money.

    Is now the time to ask what cost our politicians want us to pay? Is, “sorry – no white Anglo-Saxon / Irish doctor for your heart op. – you’ll have to wait” acceptable?

    It is the same old story – as long as we’re not asked to shift our arse and do something we’ll have an opinion on everything!

    I see little action from NI politicians to counter the sick racists that we are. They need elected and YOU elect them.

    In all but words – both sides have a very long way to go before accepting diversity.

    Most people want to hand on a better society to their children – but not here. Somehow Prods think they can still give the finger to Whitehall while S(h)inners couldn’t advise a Pole to ask direction if it involved a policeman.

    Fair enough – but we don’t pay for this impasse.

    NI’s hatred of anything foreign has been made very clear – even when “foreign” is only agreed to be “black”, “a black bastard”, “nigger” or “plastic paddy”.

    But – “our betters” know better and don’t vote.

  • aquifer

    By their failure to welcome others into their community ‘loyalists’ guarantee their own political eclipse. So much for all equal under the crown.

    These sad attacks seem predictable enough for the police to do a few set-ups to bring these knuckle-draggers out from the shadows and into a cell.

  • neill armstrong

    What happened to these people was wrong utterly wrong,we need to help these people to intergate into ballymena society as they can only benefit ballymena society.

  • GrassyNoel

    …Near Ballymena?? What a surprise!!!

  • Rory

    Internationalism is certainly taking root everywhere. Whenever I see a headline reading :”Racial attacks in Culleybackey I think it can’t be long before: “Old Firm riot in Bora Bora”.

    I suspect this fear and suspicion over East European immigrants sneaking into the country springs from a misreading of Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a book of history. That is if they can read in Culleybackey – they can, can’t they?

  • nmc

    This is obviously a revenge attack brought about by the conviction of a Polish man over the murder of Shirley Finlay.

    It’s a shame that one evil twisted man can bring the whole group trouble like this. I have worked with several Eastern Europeans in Ballymena and find them to be great people and hard workers. They actually make a contribution, which I suspect is more than can be said of the arseholes who perpetrate these acts.

    Just typical Ballymena though, I lived there for most of my life, and find the place and the people determined to get you down and keep you there.

  • Rory – Cullybackey High School taught me to read nicely, thank you very much. So much so, I can even spell “Cullybackey” ;P
    The people responsible are – obviously – tossers, BTW.

  • Token Dissent

    This sickening attack highlights once more that there is a significant problem regarding racism in Ballymena and surrounding villages. More local representatives – especially in the DUP – have to pronounce loudly not only opposition to racism, but also acknowledge the contribution that immigrants make to the area.

    It is however tiresome that this post has developed into a patronising attack on the area. As a native I too despair on as the results roll in on election days and the DUP cement their hegemony, but don’t fall into the trap of dismissing all the DUP voters as mindless reactionary cretins. Also please acknowledge that there is a diversity of opinion, even within the “unread” electorate of our wee town.

    Oh and as CaveCanem says its “Cullybackey”.

  • Alan Law

    Unfortunately so many of our indigenous population seem to view work as an interruption to the routine of watching Jeremy Kyle and Trisha etc
    It’s mind boggling that these lazy, useless, fools can’t fully appreciate that we they need immigrant workers to pay tax to fund their benefit.

  • losingmymind

    Perhaps if the PSNI concentrated their efforts in detecting and preventing real crime then these racists would be deterred from such vicious acts.
    Last week, having a senior moment, I left a local (Antrim) petrol station without paying for £5 of diesel. Later that night I had a visit from 2 Ballymena based cops, both very polite and helpful, solved the “crime”. I still can’t work out how 2 cops for over 30mins, to follow up a £5 “crime” is a wise and resourceful use of public funds. But then racists throwing petrol bombs are harder to detect and proscecute.

  • Wikipedia, describes Ballmena thus…”…It is also severely afflicted with heroin addiction; half of the registered heroin addicts in Northern Ireland are in the town, with approximately one person out of 60 in the town a heroin user”.

    I’ve never been there… guess I’m not missing much.

  • losingmymind, how old are you ?

  • DK

    “That is if they can read in Culleybackey – they can, can’t they?” – How ironic, an example of racism to go into a blog about racism! (or is it sectarianism – depends on the Rory’s background I suppose).

    To the heady pot of racism, there is probably also a sectarian motive – after all, most Poles are catholic, so it seems likely that this was the driving motive rather than racism – Poles are white. I’d bet that if Poland was protestant this attack would not have happened.

  • losingmymind

    DK – I think you are giving these fools more credit than they are due, I doubt if they would care if they were protestant or catholic, the problem seems to be only that they are different.

    Anonymous – no where near old enough to credibly use the excuse of old age – (34).

  • Ziznivy

    A despicable attack undoubtedly. Not an attack unique or even particularly prevelant in th Ballymena area though. This could have happened anywhere in the world, particularly where a member of a relatively recently arrived community has been seen to commit a heinous offence on a local. Idiots take it upon themselves to blame and attack an entire national group. Moronic, but it is human nature. Always has been, always will be.

    Ironically if the “community” had paid more attention to Shirley Finlay in the first place she might not have been left completely alone, uncared for and vulnerable.