Waving someone else’s big stick.. for a change..

With reports of a paramilitary attack on a police station in Keady, County Armagh – the not-online report claimed local residents also heard an explosion and the two police officers staffing the station did not leave the station, but instead phoned local residents for information – and an 18 year-old shot in the leg in west Belfast, and an ongoing security alert following an explosive device found near Rosslea, County Fermanagh [deep breath – Ed], it might seem a strange time for Peter Hain to declare that the NIO have estimated the financial cost of attacks by Republican splinter groups to exceed £25million… but, sometimes, the level of threat from micro-organisations might just be utilised to promote another agenda.. just saying..

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  • Mark


    You are the only person ‘claiming’ the SoS is using violent attacks to influence opinion on the St Andrew’s Agreeement.

    You are connecting A with B and claiming C with no substantiation

    Like to deny you are spinning news stories?

    It’s getting tedious.

    ‘Just saying’? Some call it bullshitting.

    (Slugger’s tries to get people to vote for many awards, when do we get to vote for spinner or bullshitter of the year?)

  • aquifer

    Yes our DUP masters are awfully anxious to excuse themselves from their responsibilities.

    They are going to get into government and reclaim their MLA salaries, or have to listen to Ian Paisley preaching at them and roaring in a green field for ever.

    I’m all for live entertainment, but I know which I would chose.

  • Pete is only suggesting that maybe, just maybe, Government manipulates events in pursuit of its own agenda. Is that too much for some to take?

  • joeCanuck

    You know Pete,

    I sometimes find it hard to decide whether you are being your usual cynical self, are disingenuous or merely trying to stir the pot.
    There was bad news and good news in this story.
    Bad that there are still some people discharging firearms at the police but Good that the police have lines of communication with the local citizenry to find out what’s going on. That’s real progress.

  • Pete Baker


    That’s one element to the story, I was more concerned at the lack of back-up and access to information on what was going on available to the police in the station.

    On Mark’s claim, the scepticism in the post is directed at the statement on the estimated cost of the earlier attacks, which Peter Hain points out will be met by Northern Ireland tax-payers, and the timing of that statement.

  • joecanuck
    good analysis, if only there were more who could raise their heads up and above pettiness, to find the balance and the spirit-level.
    Sadly there are still both miserable hoodlums and media bloggers who don’t want peace in this land.
    The latter should know better!

  • Concerned Loyalist

    but, sometimes, the level of threat from micro-organisations might just be utilised to promote another agenda.. just saying…

    What agenda? Elaborate…

  • Pete Baker


    A quick link-up of the issues –

    The NIO’s estimated cost of Republican splinter groups’ attacks..

    Hain’s pointing to NI tax payers meeting that estimated cost..

    Hain’s exhortation that “Politics must succeed”.