Economical with the actualité

Peter Hain has not, yet, deigned to comment on yesterday’s High Court ruling that his appointment of Mrs McDougall was “in breach of the Ministerial Code of Practice” and that the Secretary of State “approve[d] and sanction[ed] the swearing and filing of an affidavit” that “was ambiguous and failed to disclose all the relevant material pertaining to the appointment”, a course of action that resulted in Mr Justice Girvan ruling that “the respondent [Hain] failed in his duty of candour to the court.” But he may have other things on his mind.. including, as the Belfast Telegraph reports, the House of Lords decision to grant a hearing of an appeal of an earlier court ruling [one he did deign to comment on – Ed] on his appointments to the Parades Commission. Updated here


  • Pete

    Well, if your Peter Hain you can move the goal posts easier than those placed on a subbuteo table and, to be quite frank, I don’t really think he gives a damn.

    Lets hope this decision can actually make him sit up and take notice; but, as someone who has previously be known to run around cricket pitches and the likes, undertaking activities in contrast to the rule of law, this judgement may just be another feather in his cap of political stunts.

  • bog warrior

    Just struck me looking at Hain on the news this evening he’s a dead ringer for Tommy Cooper. Think you might need a separated at birth slot Mick. I think we should be told!