No Irish entries in the World Stupidity Awards?

Joseph McManus just can’t believe it! Couldda, shouldda been a clean sweep for the top three places!!

Your nominations please?!

  • Greenflag


    1)Ian ‘the Pope is the whore of Babylon but Bishop Brady and Bertie Ahern are my friends and I’m no lundy either ‘ Paisley .

    2) Ayatollah Paisley of Eastbannistan -capital city Ballymeana -and he means it.

    3) Dr No alias Dr Strangehate the enemy of all things Irish and lover of anything dressed in a crown and robes that does’nt drive around in a popemobile .

    4) Dr Maybe -formerly Dr No and a.k.a Dr Strangehate . Elected chief beggar of Unionism and defender of the faith of Free Presbyterians as opposed to those Presbyterians who remain unfree and remain on the shelves in your local garden centre.

    Poor McManus – Can’t he see that Dustin the builder has been too busy this year erecting 100,000 new homes to be bothered entering .

    A joint DUP/SF entry would probably win the competition in perpetuity for their posterity 🙁

  • Dalek

    Reg Empey duly nominated for his sterling work in political implosion, party disintegration and invisibility.

    Oh just realised he hasn’t noticed he’s Irish so probably wouldn’t except this most deserving of awards as an Irish entrant so still no Irish entries.

    He would however have no problem excepting a stupidity award on the strict basis that he accepts it as a true Ulster British idiot. Its the only vote he’s ever likely to win.

  • Crataegus

    Rooker’s no Brainer followed by his Planning Policy for Rural Areas by Ministerial whim must be up there with the best.

    Local politicians love for procedural naval gazing coupled with their inability to grasp simple economics and formulate an effectively and robust position on matters economic is breathtaking. The ease with which Brown can out flank them and sell them a pup neatly illustrates the problem. Lads a bit of advice, if you are going in to sort out a business you need to look at the balance sheet, income and costs, and follow the money trails. Westminster is preparing for asset stripping and that is surely not to the advantage of either Republicans or Unionists.

    Republican’s failure to grasp that a United Ireland is not united if there isn’t cross community support and their inability to portray the benefits without threatening, sneering and jeering. Truly asinine.

    The in fights in Unionism, who exactly benefits?

  • South Belfast

    I blame all ’em foreigners coming here and taking all our stupidy up, like. That’s why we can’t get a luk in any more – ‘snot fair you know.